Do The Obama & Bush Administrations have much in common with the way they treat education for Native American Children ?

Beatrice L. Woodward and Elouise Cobell have these things in common.

  1. Interior can not provide all documents showing the proper accounting for fiduciary receipts or personnel actions.
  2. Interior does not provide adequate training, staffing or supervision.
  3. Closing internet connections and issuing employee gag orders.
  4. The BIA refuses to comment (NEDRA DARLING) why ?

It is obvious that Assistant Secretary Echohawk, like the previous assistant Secretaries (check out the tenure for each) is either not listening to the complaints AND lawsuits to determine that where there is smoke….something rotten is burning or he has no support from Salazar and Obama.

Does this mean that the Obama administration and the Bush administration have that much in common?

Does this mean that in an era of No Child Left Behind, we really mean, except for First Nations Children? We couldn’t assimilate them, so perhaps if we just keep providing them with less than adequate educations then perhaps the gaps will widen and they will end up losing again.

Education is an expense ticket for BIA/BIA. The Honorable Mr. Salazar should look at the complaints that are very public and ask for a Justice Department investigation into the hiring practices. This type of investigation doesn’t begin with the Directors of Agencies (Skenandore, Stevens, & company are off the hook). This type of investigation begins with a look at the paperwork filed by first line managers and interviews with staffing specialists–not the bosses.

In an organization that specializes in reprisal (see the details of the Woodward lawsuit), how does one even begin to ask questions?

Why doesn’t the current administration do what they are letting their managers do…..why don’t they put the Skenandores (collective for his unqualified management team) on administrative leave while they ask questions. They are running around spending money on travel to sports events aka management meetings, so it’s not like they are doing any real work anyway.

Mr. Salazar, just ask who went to these junkets. Congressmen get fried for using public monies for personal entertainment, shouldn’t public servants have the same standards? It’s still not their money. Do you really think that Lakota kids benefit from a management meeting in Seattle that coincides with a Seahawk game? Sure, what you do on your own time is your own business. Sure, government officials go off the clock at 5pm and can spend their hours sitting in sports bars; sure they are not required to given up their personal lives. But is it asking too much that they actually go to a government school and see how the Native kids are doing? Maybe spend the night in the dorms. You could talk to people who actually like working with kids and try to listen to them.

AND EVEN if you didn’t want to do that….you could get out of the way of the people who do want to work instead of threatening them with their jobs and making examples of employees who speak up.

Interview anyone who has left the BIE in the last five years…..if personnel hasn’t lost their files they could provide the names.


On 09/17/2009 a directive was put out from Stephanie Birdwell of  The Bureau of Indian Education Washington D.C. ordering Federal Native American Employees of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute including both Presidents of those two schools not to speak to the press, as of 09/30/209 this directive still has not been lifted.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT BIE STAFF ARE NOT TO RESPOND TO ANY PRESS OR MEDIA INQUIRIES MADE TO YOUR OFFICES. Stephanie E. Birdwell Bureau of Indian Education Deputy Director Policy, Evaluation & Post Secondary Education 1849 C St. NW MIB MS-3618 Washington, D.C. (202) 208-4397 (desk)

Is Haskell a University or a Boarding School ?

Stephanie Birdwell you should be fired for letting this go on, and if you didn’t know about it then you should have. Native students rights are being abused. BIE take notice . Boarding school at Haskell should have ended along time ago.

Back in the day when Haskell was a boarding school for small children they had something called room checks. The dorm staff went around every night shining flash lights in the faces of sleeping children to make sure they were in their beds.

Well times are a changing but Haskell seems to be having a hard time changing with them. Yes in the year 2009 Haskell is still doing room checks, though they no longer come in at night and shine flashlights in the faces of sleeping students ( although it wasn’t that long ago when they finally stopped that ! ) now once a week the dorm staff goes through each student’s room to make sure they are clean !

Problem number one : These are college students, here to get an education not to make sure their rooms are cleaned once a week when some dorm staff comes in to check them.

Students are at Haskell  to study not clean. Does anyone know if KU does this to their students ? Doubtful ?

Problem number two : Is this even legal ?? To me it sounds like an invasion of privacy !

Problem number three : The staff goes in at their convenience, so a lot of times the student isn’t even in their own room during these so called room checks..image if you will someone coming into your home once a week to make sure it is clean and if it isn’t they write you up and threatened you with eviction.

Problem number four : Who to complain to ? Who is the President of Haskell today ? Can’t remember…..


Judith Gipp is the director of The Haskell Red Center. The Red Center help’s make Haskell the University that it is today. From The Haskell Web Site : The RED Center created by University President Dr. Linda Sue Warner was designed and developed for the purpose of promoting and building capacity in the area of indigenous research. It is the culmination of efforts generated by former Presidents Gerald E. Gipp, Robert Martin, and Karen Gayton Swisher, transitioning Haskell from a junior college to a baccalaureate degree offering institution.

The Center will serve to enhance the role the indigenous researcher plays in self-determination. By becoming the centerpiece for research, a repository for indigenous research by and about indigenous people, and the clearinghouse for contemporary thinking about native ways of knowing, the Center will disseminate research results widely. Academic focus include education, business, environmental studies, and health.

Capacity to engage in research opportunities is enhanced through the efforts of RED Center Advisory Board members who possess expertise in their specific area of study. Advisors include professors from Carnegie Research 1 institutions, the general academy, Federal Agencies, Corporations, and Indigenous Communities. Their role is to provide and create new knowledge and understanding of current and best research practices, contribute to policy planning and development, support indigenous knowledge and native ways of knowing, and offer insight on potential funding sources to aid research capacity building.

The RED Center will be a major source for ethical and equitable research relevant to indigenous people, serving to establish and to promote partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous entities. By attending to the guiding principle of developing alternative ways of engaging in responsible and valued research to enhance lifelong learning opportunities, the RED Center will support Haskell’s core values of accountability, respect, cooperation, and honesty.


I am a Mormon student attending Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

A school that Mr. LarryEchohawk of The BIE is in charge of.

It is also a school that is full of corruption.
That is until we got a President by the name of Dr.Linda Sue Warner.

It is my understanding that she is now being detailed to Sipi in New Mexico.
Mr.Echohawk is vowing to clean up the corruption in Indian Country.

Mr.Echohawk is allowing the one person of integrity at Haskell Dr.Warner to be detailed by her boss Stephanie Birdwell to New Mexico.
Of course employees complain about Dr.Warner she holds them accountable.

Dr.Warner is well credentialed holds a Ph.D, while Stephanie Birdwell holds a masters in social work that Stephanie would be Dr.Warner’s boss doesn’t even make sense.
And Haskell’s Board of Regents don’t hold BA’s yet they are trying to guide a school full of students who are trying to obtain their BA’s !
As a Native and a member of The LDS church I ask Mr.Echohawk to please look at this situation immediately.

Dr.Warner is not the problem at Haskell. She is the person who has been cleaning it up !!!

Stephanie Birdwell of Washington D.C.’s BIE MAKES WRONG CHOICE

I don’t know who thought this up but Mr.Larry Echohawk of The BIE in Washington D.C. please look into it. Why would you allow The Haskell President to be detailed ANYWHERE ? Dr.Warner has worked hard to make Haskell a UNIVERSITY and has held employees to some actual standards and made it SUCH a better place for our students doing what the below memo proposes makes no sense at all !!!

United States Dept of The Interior
Bureau of Indian Education
Washington D.C.
Sept 15, 2009
To: Haskell Indian Nation University
All Faculty Personnel Contract Personnel

From : Stephanie Birdwell
Deputy Director

Subject : Administrative Detail

This memorandum serves to inform you of administrative action regarding The Haskell Nations University President. Dr. Linda Sue Warner. Effective Sept 21, 2009, Dr.Warner will begin a 120 day assignment to the campus of The Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, N.M. This detail assignment is necessary to assist the SIPI administration with it’s upcoming accreditation evaluation process, as well as with other strategic planning for the institute. Dr.Warner is scheduled to return to Haskell following the end of her detail assignment on January 21, 2010. During the initial 30 days of Dr.Warner’s absence, Mr.Chris Redman will serve as Acting President, and is scheduled to arrive on campus Tuesday, Sept 29,2009. Following Mr.Redman’s 30 day period at Haskell, I will either assign another Indian Affairs Manager, or extend Mr.Redman’s appointment as necessary.
CC : Haskell Indian National Board of Regents
Haskell Indian Nations Faculty Senate

Dr.Linda Sue Warner help’s Haskell with WINHEC accreditation

And so I ask Mr.Larry Echohawk and Stephanie Birdwell and whoever else in Washington D.C. who thought it a good idea to spend The Haskell President, Dr.Linda Sue Warner to SIPI to help with their accreditation process when we need her at Haskell to help with ours! She is one of the few people on our campus who is qualified enough to get it done !!!!

The WINHEC accreditation process began in March 2008 with a letter of intent to AIHEC. Before initializing the process a team from Haskell attended a workshop on WINHEC sponsored by AIHEC. From this workshop it was determined that the campus should determine the focus for accreditation. The results were to have the university as a whole undergo the process. The next step was to coordinate the Eligibility application and the self-study.

In preparing for our self-study, we collected information to address the standards and criterion. One valuable source of information was a report completed on Cultural Assessment by faculty from English/Communication Studies. In addition, the survey conducted last fall to staff was also included in the report. Therefore, the self-study is a compilation of various reports, including our HLC/NCA self-study, Regents reports, and IPEDS data aligned in the characteristics for WINHEC indigenous higher education programs.

To recap, this accreditation is in addition to our accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission. We could join Ft. Peck College as the only the second tribal college to receive WINHEC accreditation. Our accreditation would then be two tiered by having regional accreditation through Higher Learning Commission and international accreditation through WINHEC. Obtaining an endorsement from a global organization would expand the outreach for Haskell and provide our students, faculty, and staff additional resources and opportunities and lend support to WINHEC.

Special thanks to Gary Tanner and Josh Arce for providing the leadership for the process.

You will find attached the schedule for the visit this week. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Tanner, Mr. Arce or the President’s office.

Onward Haskell,

Linda Sue Warner, President


Healthier Haskell and The Jim Thorpe Fitness Center are the brain children of Haskell’s President Dr. Linda Sue Warner’s. They have both become increasingly popular with The Haskell Students, Faculty and the Lawrence Community at large. The purpose behind both is wellness. There is a variety of events for all ages to enjoy and there are both individual and team events. Here are a sample of some, there are many more : Three On Three on 09/10/09 behind Ok Hall. The Second Anniversary of The Jim Thorpe Fitness Center ( Second Mile Fun Run ) @ 5:15 p.m. on 10/20/09. The Second Healthier Haskell Kids Camp on 01/23/10. The Second Self Defense Demonstration @ Tecumseh Hall on 02/19/10. Have a question ? You may contact Al Gipp at or go to The Haskell Website under Outreach and click on Healthier Haskell for the following overview of the program : Information on The Jim Thorpe Fitness Center. Diabetes Prevention Program. Calendar of Events. Photo Gallery. Instructions for participants. Forms and Registration. FAQ’s and Contact us information.


Mr.Larry Echohawk and The Washington D.C. BIE take a look at this please:

Here are a few interesting facts about Dr.Linda Sue Warner :

Dr.Warner is a Member of The Comanche Tribe and holds a PH.D. in General Administration from The University of Oklahoma. She is a mother of two grown boys and a grandmother of three, two girls and a boy. Both of her sons and her mother attended Haskell. Dr.Warner was Haskell’s Director of Admissions and during that time she also served as a co-sponsor for The Navajo Club.

Dr.Warner is a quiet and humble person, but, well credentialed. She is probably The Most Credentialed President that Haskell has ever had.

She has taught elementary through graduate school at such places as Apache, AZ, Wingate, NM, Sitka, AK and Columbia, Mo. Some of her many accompaniments include having Eight Books , Four Book Reviews , Eight Book Chapters , Seventeen Technical Reports and Nineteen Professional Journals Published. She has given Twenty-Nine Paper Presentations, has been invited to give over Twenty Speaking Addresses including Urban Indian Education and Research Imperatives for The National Education Association : Native American Issues in Education Panel, Washington D.C. with an Additional Twenty Four Publications Including ” I am Forever ” Journal of Qualitative Studies. ” Dr.Warner has also worked on Twenty One Extra Mural Funded Projects including American Indian Education Collaborative with The Navajo Nation and The American Indian Education Collaborative for The National Science Foundation. Has been given Seventeen Outstanding Honors including National Advisory Council American Indian Education ( White House Appointment ). She has served on Seven Editorial Boards including Indigenous Philosophies of the Americas as Assistant Editor.

Dr.Warner founded The Red Center, Healthier Haskell, has pushed for more BA programs and put in place initiatives such as The ARCH : Accountability, Respect, Cooperation and Honesty, here at Haskell. Dr.Warner’s accomplishments were way too extensive to list in this short article, and her work at Haskell is not easy.


Here’s something Mr. Larry EchoHawk and our BIE in Washington D.C. should take a look at:

This year Dr.Warner came up with a new concept for Haskell. Bring in the first time students a week earlier then the other other students so that they would have a chance to get to know about Haskell and get use to the environment of a University, before the onslaught of the other students arrived.

It apparently was a success. Haskell’s enrollment is up this semester and drop outs for this time of year are down.

According to Registrar Manny King at this time of the year Haskell’s normal student drop out rate is twenty eight. However, so far this year only seven students have withdrawn. A few of the students that were here for New Student Orientation Week shared their views about it.

Rashel Edward, Chicksaw from Bixby, Oklahoma said ” I liked getting to know the other students we formed close bonds during that time that we still have. The orientation was very informative and I don’t feel out of the loop. “

Brenda Hyder, Quapaw from Nevada, Oklahoma said ” I liked the tour of Haskell and the peer facilitators they really helped us and we are still friends with some of them. I also liked all the walking around campus we did, it helped me to lose weight. All of us form ed a strong bond and I love that. “

Kyle Berryhill, Creek from Watonga, Oklahoma said ” I liked all of the free snacks that we got from The Eagle’s Nest in between classes and I it gave me extra time to find a church I really like, it’s the one across the street from Haskell, Morris Baptist Church and I liked the extra time that I got with my Aunt Tina Coachman who works at Blalock Hall.”

Billie Newman, Osage from Skiatook, Oklahoma said ” I liked learning about my dorm Pokie and the history of it and of Haskell. I also really enjoyed the comedy show and all of the learning activities that we did, they really worked and I learned about Healthier Haskell, I use Jim Thorpe everyday, literally everyday . I also formed lasting friendships during that week.”

New student orientation seems to have been a hit and maybe the one over riding theme of forming strong friendships during that first week has helped the drop out rate to be much lower, as Native Americans a strong support system is what we are use to and having good friends can help us make it through the tough times. Good luck to all of our new students and welcome to Haskell.