Healthier Haskell and The Jim Thorpe Fitness Center are the brain children of Haskell’s President Dr. Linda Sue Warner’s. They have both become increasingly popular with The Haskell Students, Faculty and the Lawrence Community at large. The purpose behind both is wellness. There is a variety of events for all ages to enjoy and there are both individual and team events. Here are a sample of some, there are many more : Three On Three on 09/10/09 behind Ok Hall. The Second Anniversary of The Jim Thorpe Fitness Center ( Second Mile Fun Run ) @ 5:15 p.m. on 10/20/09. The Second Healthier Haskell Kids Camp on 01/23/10. The Second Self Defense Demonstration @ Tecumseh Hall on 02/19/10. Have a question ? You may contact Al Gipp at agipp@haskell.edu or go to The Haskell Website under Outreach and click on Healthier Haskell for the following overview of the program : Information on The Jim Thorpe Fitness Center. Diabetes Prevention Program. Calendar of Events. Photo Gallery. Instructions for participants. Forms and Registration. FAQ’s and Contact us information.



  1. Haskellnews posting for Irish

    I am glad to see this happening. It takes a lot of work to make it succeed. It would be wonderful to reach these students and persuade them they need to have a healthy lifestyle now so they will have a good old age.
    So many people gain weight, and have high blood pressure, and then try desperately to lose it.
    There should be a lot more in the paper about what is going on at Haskell. This blog is an excellent idea.

  2. Yes, you are right it does take a lot of work to make something like Healthier Haskell a success, especially to the point where this has succeeded. That just goes to show how dedicated Dr.Warner is to her students, staff and the Lawrence community as a whole. She is so humble about her accomplishments that had I not done a story on Healthier Haskell I would have never known that she was the one who started it. In the long run maybe as you say because of this program Native Americans who have used Healthier Haskell can have a healthy lifestyle as they age.
    Thanks goes to Dr.Warner.

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog !

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