Stephanie Birdwell of Washington D.C.’s BIE MAKES WRONG CHOICE

I don’t know who thought this up but Mr.Larry Echohawk of The BIE in Washington D.C. please look into it. Why would you allow The Haskell President to be detailed ANYWHERE ? Dr.Warner has worked hard to make Haskell a UNIVERSITY and has held employees to some actual standards and made it SUCH a better place for our students doing what the below memo proposes makes no sense at all !!!

United States Dept of The Interior
Bureau of Indian Education
Washington D.C.
Sept 15, 2009
To: Haskell Indian Nation University
All Faculty Personnel Contract Personnel

From : Stephanie Birdwell
Deputy Director

Subject : Administrative Detail

This memorandum serves to inform you of administrative action regarding The Haskell Nations University President. Dr. Linda Sue Warner. Effective Sept 21, 2009, Dr.Warner will begin a 120 day assignment to the campus of The Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, N.M. This detail assignment is necessary to assist the SIPI administration with it’s upcoming accreditation evaluation process, as well as with other strategic planning for the institute. Dr.Warner is scheduled to return to Haskell following the end of her detail assignment on January 21, 2010. During the initial 30 days of Dr.Warner’s absence, Mr.Chris Redman will serve as Acting President, and is scheduled to arrive on campus Tuesday, Sept 29,2009. Following Mr.Redman’s 30 day period at Haskell, I will either assign another Indian Affairs Manager, or extend Mr.Redman’s appointment as necessary.
CC : Haskell Indian National Board of Regents
Haskell Indian Nations Faculty Senate


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