Letter from Senator Pat Roberts ( Kansas) to Haskell News

Letter from Senator Pat Roberts ( Kansas) to Haskell News

FROM SENATOR PAT ROBERTS :CC LARRY ECHOHAWK, STEPHANIE BIRDWELL. Stephanie Birdwell was told that Haskell students were traveling to Palestine and yet she did nothing to stop them, guess Native American Student lives aren’t that important : This is what Senator Pat Roberts had to say about it :

Three years ago, Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip. Not long after, members of the Palestinian organization Hamas, which is currently designated as a terrorist group by the United States, won control of Parliament in the Palestinian Authority. Soon after this change in control, representatives of the Palestinian territories split in a violent battle for the territory with Hamas retaining control of the Gaza Strip and Fatah the West Bank. Since Israel’s withdraw, over 6,000 rockets and mortars have been fired from Gaza into Israeli territory. These rockets threaten the lives of civilians on a daily basis. Only advances security efforts by Israel’s defense forces keep Hamas from successfully killing hundreds of Israelis. Hamas does nothing to protect Palestinian civilians. Rather, the Iranian supported terrorist organization smuggles weapons into the territory illegally, then usese its civilians as cover. In fact, both Hamas and the United Nations have admitted that militants internationally put the Palestinian population at risk by storing guns and seeking refuge in hospitals and schools. The UN has recently retracted its claim regarding Israeli destruction of a school in Gaza, and has accused Hamas policeman of stealing emergency aid meant for the needy. Hamas’ antagonistic behavior is the source of many breakdowns in the peace process ans its continued commitment to the destruction of the Israel is the source is the source of endless strife for civilians on both sides. It is clear that a permanent ceasefire must be reached that allows Israel to live without fear of daily attacks and that allows Palestinians to prosper.This must include the cessation of all rocket attacks by Hamas, which that organization continues to fire into Israel despite its withdrawal from Gaza. As the Senate continues to address this issue, I will keep your thoughts in mind. With every best wish, Sincerley, United States Senator from Kansas, Pat Roberts


2 responses to “Letter from Senator Pat Roberts ( Kansas) to Haskell News

  1. Haskellnews posting for Jettie

    Did the Haskell students follow the Haskell club guidelines for this sort of a trip ?
    And when it was bought to the attention of Stephanie Birdwell of the BIE she did nothing ? !!!
    I wonder if she ever told her boss Larry Echohawk ? With such a strongly worded letter from Senator Pat Roberts looks likes a teacher and Stephanie Birdwell’s jobs should be on the line.
    I wouldn’t want to be encouraging students at a government school to go to Palestine !!
    Not with that kind of a letter from Senator Pat Roberts!!!! Wake up Stephanie Birdwell where should we send them next Korea maybe….ask Laura Ling that was fun..not !!!

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