Do The Obama & Bush Administrations have much in common with the way they treat education for Native American Children ?

Beatrice L. Woodward and Elouise Cobell have these things in common.

  1. Interior can not provide all documents showing the proper accounting for fiduciary receipts or personnel actions.
  2. Interior does not provide adequate training, staffing or supervision.
  3. Closing internet connections and issuing employee gag orders.
  4. The BIA refuses to comment (NEDRA DARLING) why ?

It is obvious that Assistant Secretary Echohawk, like the previous assistant Secretaries (check out the tenure for each) is either not listening to the complaints AND lawsuits to determine that where there is smoke….something rotten is burning or he has no support from Salazar and Obama.

Does this mean that the Obama administration and the Bush administration have that much in common?

Does this mean that in an era of No Child Left Behind, we really mean, except for First Nations Children? We couldn’t assimilate them, so perhaps if we just keep providing them with less than adequate educations then perhaps the gaps will widen and they will end up losing again.

Education is an expense ticket for BIA/BIA. The Honorable Mr. Salazar should look at the complaints that are very public and ask for a Justice Department investigation into the hiring practices. This type of investigation doesn’t begin with the Directors of Agencies (Skenandore, Stevens, & company are off the hook). This type of investigation begins with a look at the paperwork filed by first line managers and interviews with staffing specialists–not the bosses.

In an organization that specializes in reprisal (see the details of the Woodward lawsuit), how does one even begin to ask questions?

Why doesn’t the current administration do what they are letting their managers do…..why don’t they put the Skenandores (collective for his unqualified management team) on administrative leave while they ask questions. They are running around spending money on travel to sports events aka management meetings, so it’s not like they are doing any real work anyway.

Mr. Salazar, just ask who went to these junkets. Congressmen get fried for using public monies for personal entertainment, shouldn’t public servants have the same standards? It’s still not their money. Do you really think that Lakota kids benefit from a management meeting in Seattle that coincides with a Seahawk game? Sure, what you do on your own time is your own business. Sure, government officials go off the clock at 5pm and can spend their hours sitting in sports bars; sure they are not required to given up their personal lives. But is it asking too much that they actually go to a government school and see how the Native kids are doing? Maybe spend the night in the dorms. You could talk to people who actually like working with kids and try to listen to them.

AND EVEN if you didn’t want to do that….you could get out of the way of the people who do want to work instead of threatening them with their jobs and making examples of employees who speak up.

Interview anyone who has left the BIE in the last five years…..if personnel hasn’t lost their files they could provide the names.


One response to “Do The Obama & Bush Administrations have much in common with the way they treat education for Native American Children ?

  1. Haskellnews posting for snowing

    So this is why there is never any money at THE Bureau of Indian Schools ? The Bureau employees are sitting around at sports bars and going to SeaHawk games !!!! That makes me sick and then they put a social worker in charge of the Native Schools and sent the PH.D President of Haskell off to Sipi in New Mexico, something is really really wrong here. Can putting someone who has a Master’s in social work even be in charge of an entire school system be legal ??

    I am saddened by it all, first of all Bush failed us ( well we didn’t expect much out of him ) and now Obama ? I am bitterly disappointed…. but most of all sorry for our Native Students. They struggle so hard for every little thing they have, including their educations.

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