A quality education at Haskell ? Ask Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn.

A quality education at Haskell ? Ask Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn.

Some of us not so long ago heard Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn refer to Haskell as a premier university: Some of us also almost fell out of our seats. A premier university Haskell?

Well it should be and could be, but it never will be until:

A. A person (Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn) with a master’s degree in social work isn’t running Haskell any longer.

B. Employees who work at Haskell have real credentials (okay some do, but few).

C. Haskell is no longer just a junior college going by the name of university.

D. Haskell get’s a new board of regents who actually do their job and GO lobby for funding, so the student fees do not have to be raised in order for the school to survive.

E. Haskell employee’s job descriptions are very specific and employees are held to those job descriptions.

F. A full out and out investigation of The Haskell finance department is done. Has that EVER been done?

G. The buildings are no longer in such poor shape that students do not have to move out in the middle of the semester so that bathrooms can be repaired.

H. Someone gets a full inspection of how Curtis Hall (Haskell’s kitchen) is being run. We have heard sooo many complaints about that kitchen lately it should probably be closed down until someone investigates just what is going on there.

I. Lately we have been wondering are there any instructors or upper level personnel who say they are Native but really aren’t? We don’t care if you work at Haskell and are Native or Non-Native but we do care if you tell or give the impression to Haskell students that you are someone you are not. That would also go for any instructor who gives the impression that they are oh say an attorney when they are not.

J. Haskell instructors would also need to stop sleeping with their students, start publishing some of their works, ( Venita Chenault since you just finished up an entire year at KU, we can’t wait to see yours ) show up for classes with new materials and hey maybe try teaching somewhere besides Haskell and see if you make the grade there.

K. All Haskell employees need to be drug tested and no drinking on the job.

We tried to look up Haskell’s ranking in US World News and World Report, unfornately it ranks so low that the ranking doesn’t even show, so then we decided to see when Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn had last attended or even worked at Haskell she had not, apparently finding NSU and SES more to her likening.

Is Haskell a premier university? Not while a social worker named Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn is in charge.


What Is Dr. Linda Sue Warner Doing Wrong ?

What Is Dr. Linda Sue Warner Doing Wrong ?

We were thinking of all the things that Dr.Warner is doing wrong and we came up with this list, she may want to rethink it..right Mr.Echohawk ? ? ?


Gave Haskell Healthier Haskell…how dare she try to improve the lives of Haskell students and faulty ? ? ?

Gave Haskell The Jim Thorpe Fitness Center…again how dare she try to improve the lives of Haskell students and faulty ? ? ?

Told the kitchen staff (Curtis Hall ) that they would no longer lock the students out of the cafeteria and that they would serve the students healthy meals …..how dare she stand up for her students ! ! !

Told facilities that they would work and keep the campus up to par and looking nice…how dare she not want dilapidated buildings and grounds that are not kept ???

Told the teaching staff that like other universities they would teach more classes, so that students could be offered more selections, graduate and move on with their lives…..how dare she ! ! !

Told the teaching staff that they had to bring their curriculum’s up to date and not use the same materials and tests they have been using for the past 10 or 15 years….how could she ? ? ?

Told the housing staff that they needed to be at their work stations ( not at Wal-Mart, etc ) and actually be interacting with the Haskell students….what ? ? ?

She’s trying to implement two new BA programs…aren’t four in about 12 years enough ? ? ?

In other words Dr.Warner is trying to raise the bar and make Haskell a REAL university not just in name only…..HOW COULD SHE ?? RIGHT STEPHANIE BIRDWELL-BIGHORN ! ! !

Obama Promised Change.Was Native Education Included ?

Obama Promised Change.Was Native Education Included ?

President Obama promised change.

What type of changes have the Obama administration given to Native American Education ?

To Haskell Indian Nations University they gave Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn.

A forty some year old with a master’s degree in social work and no experience in education or the running of any schools as far as that goes. So what to do ? Put her in charge of all federal Native schools.

Obama administration don’t worry about supporting the Presidents of Haskell and Sipi, after all they both hold doctorates and have the required experience to run those two schools.

Obama administration let Haskell’s proposed two new degrees fall by the way side. Never up the budgets for Haskell or Sipi so that you have both presidents trying to come up with enough money in the budget to actually run those two schools.

Maybe it’s time for President Obama to give the changes he has promised and turn both of those schools over to the tribes to run.

Fully run by the tribes.

It’s time for the Bureau of Indian Education not just Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn to go. Now that would be changes President Obama.

Haskell Indian Nations u from The Washington Post & The New York Times

Indian College President Faces Backlash on Tuition
Published: October 23, 2009
Filed at 3:52 p.m. ET

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Linda Sue Warner had big ambitions when she arrived in 2007 as president of Haskell Indian Nation University, the only four-year college operated by the federal government for American Indians. Now she wonders whether those ambitions could cost her the job.

She envisioned major campus improvements and an expansion of the college’s programs. But she also proposed to increase the extremely small fees paid by Haskell’s roughly 1,050 students — $215 per semester, including room and board — to $1,000.

And that was where she ran headlong into the belief among many Haskell students and alumni that the government owes them a free or nearly free education, both by treaty and as compensation for generations of cultural oppression.

Students protested, and members of the Board of Regents called for Warner’s ouster.

”I feel strongly that these kids shouldn’t have to pay to go to school here,” said Haskell alumnus and Kickapoo tribal chairman Russell Bradley.

In September, amid the furor, Warner was sent to New Mexico on what the government ( Stephanie Birdwell ) said was a temporary assignment.

Warner and other Haskell employees have been ordered not to speak with reporters. Interior Department spokeswoman Nedra Darling portrayed the ban as an effort to keep track of media inquiries. ”It wasn’t muzzling by any means,” Darling said.

Darling said there are no plans to replace Warner, who is scheduled to return to Kansas in January.

As for the proposed fee increase, which would be subject to government approval, it is all but dead.

Haskell was founded in 1884 as an Indian boarding school, created to purge all traces of native culture from its students, who were often forcibly removed from their families at ages 5 to 7. They wore military uniforms and followed a spartan regimen. Some died of exposure or malnutrition.

The school became a junior college in 1970 and a four-year school in 1994, and now attracts students from more than 130 tribes. They can earn degrees in business, education, environmental sciences and American Indian studies.

Haskell is one of three dozen tribal colleges in the country, most of them scattered across the Midwest and the West. Unlike Haskell, most are run by the tribes themselves and admit non-tribal members.

Haskell’s extremely low cost reflects the U.S. government’s treaty obligation to tribal members, said Bob Musgrove, a former Haskell business school dean.

The college receives about $14 million a year from the government. Congress approved a revised formula several years ago that would provide the school with more money but has never appropriated the extra dollars.

Warner, a member of the Comanche tribe and a former professor of education at the University of Missouri, the University of Kansas and Penn State, had envisioned graduate programs, including an online doctorate in tribal leadership, and perhaps an undergraduate degree in accounting to help students land jobs.

”We should be the center of Indian education in this country,” she said in an interview before she was barred from talking to the media.

When Warner proposed raising fees — citing dilapidated classrooms, unhealthy dining hall food, inadequate computers and a host of other basic needs — the federal Bureau of Indian Education stood behind her. So did several influential campus leaders.

But soon came a backlash from students, faculty members, parents and alumni. Students began a petition drive to get Warner fired.

Travis Brown, a 32-year-old senior from Dallas, said students are not opposed outright to paying more, but first they want more accountability from administrators and a greater say in campus policies.

”It’s not that students don’t want to pay tuition, we just want to see more results,” he said.

According to the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, yearly tuition — without room and board — at the 34 other tribal colleges averages $2,317 and ranges from $720 at Dine College in Arizona to $6,800 at Wind River Tribal College in Wyoming.

American Indian students account for only 1 percent of total college enrollment in the U.S.

The six-year graduation rate for American Indian college students is about 39 percent, compared with 56 percent overall in the U.S. The success rate at Haskell is even lower: a 26 percent graduation rate for students who entered in the fall of 2002.

Still, Haskell teachers and students describe a close-knit campus where individuals are not allowed to fall through the cracks.

”They come here with a lot of baggage,” said registrar Manny King, a mentor to many students. ”Alcoholism, single parents, drug use, high poverty, really no direction and no support.”

Freda Gipp, a Warner assistant and Haskell parent, said the debate over tuition is simply a sign of growing pains, not dysfunction: ”Even though we’ve been around for 125 years, it’s still early in the game for us as a college.”

Tragedy hits Haskell Indian Nations University Community

Tragedy hit all of the Haskell Indian Nations University’s Community when we learned one of our own had been the driver of the car that hit and ultimately caused the death of Rachel Leeks.

With this newest and latest tragedy it is our hope that Mr.Larry Echohawk will have Stephanie Birdwell Bighorn order Dr.Warner back to Haskell so that once again the school will have leadership and someone who truly cares about the students as she does, back at the helm to see Haskell through these very types of situations. Again we ask who was the Haskell President this past weekend and were they available in this tragic situation ?

In the mean time we are hoping that there are counselors available for any of our students who knew Rachel and or her family.

It is a tragic situation any way you choose to look at, a young woman, Rachel Leeks, with a bright future lost her life and all those who loved her lost their daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend and Wheatfields lost a vauled worker. We are truly sorry.

The young Haskell man also with a bright future who drove the car that night… well his life is forever changed as is his families also. While we certainly do not condone his actions that night, he is young and was probably afraid. Let this be a lesson to young people everywhere, split second decisions can change your life and possibly others forever.

Our prayers go out to all concerned.

The haskellnews.

Mr.Larry Echohawk announced last week….

Mr. Larry Echohawk announced last week that he was premature in his reorganization.

Wow, a federal official who actually admits when he makes a mistake.

Do you think a democratic Mr. Larry Echohawk could teach that to a Republican Stephanie Birdwell – Bighorn ? He probably doesn’t have time to clean up all of the previous administration’s mistakes, but he could start with that one.

If you even glanced at Dr. Ted Wright’s letter, you would have to know that Mr. Larry Echohawk needs to send someone in to look at the post- secondary institutions (there are 37) to see how much can be salvaged.

Mr.Larry Echohawk, You might want to see who the reviewing officials on personnel files are, because in a group of such tightly knit “guys” in the current bunch, just who sorts through the personnel files and what type of filing system is used to review these files ?

We don’t have to remind you that the logic of hiring an unqualified social worker over a Harvard PH.D just seems to boggle the mind. You don’t even have to have a PH.D to think that’s ridiculous.

Oh yes, and while most individuals think that ANY ONE would be a better director of The Bureau of Indian Education than the one there now, apparently NCAI doesn’t like any of the finalists.

Since some of the finalists left before the interviews (after checking out the organization) it makes you wonder who would want the job. Probably the good ones run away.

Qualifications aside (since it doesn’t seem to matter ), someone needs to take a close look at the mis-management.

Mr. Larry Echohawk, Can you admit that leaving Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn in place is a mistake too?

Easily enough remedied, put her back in social work.

That way, both of you can be a success.


Some obvious facts to most people who live in a college town:

A University President is typically someone who has been a faculty
member, who has contributed to the knowledge base in their field,
has performed service to the profession, and who has supervised
faculty….after about 10 to 15 years of that, the individual then
moves through the professional ranks in administration.

Haskell President/s NOW:
Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn (believes she is President of : Bureau of Indian Education school Haskell Indian Nations University): Master’s degree in Social work; insider (by virtue of being married to Bureau of Indian Education dispute resolution specialist) in central office Bureau of Indian Education.

No experience as a faculty member on any level, for any length of
time; can’t identify a syllabus or curriculum unless labeled; sad excuse for an someone in the United States Senior Executive Service ( SES ).
We are still confused how Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn joined the ranks of the SES whose ranks are above GS15.

Chris Redman: Nice Okie, just trying to do what he was ordered to do by Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn (we’ve said it before )…GO SON AND BE HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY’S PRESIDENT even THOUGH YOU ARE NOT QUAIFIED and HAVE NO EXPERIENCE.

RUNNNING A UNIVERSITY. ( Hey Mr.Redman we have an idea for you won’t don’t we join SES ? ) Poor guy.

Dan Wildcat: Self-established expert on indigenous perspectives of
climate change probably unable / willing to teach anywhere except Haskell because his doctorate’s is in unrelated field of what he claims is his teaching expertise (is that allowed in other universities—can you just proclaim yourself an expert in the field of your choice after you get
a degree in something totally unrelated ) ?

Venida Chenault: Doctorate in social work (pretty much says it
all). We are waiting to read all the new publications now that she should now have published after on working as a KU “scholar ” on Haskell’s dime for an entire year. …..We know the students who have been in her classes are anxious to get her back.

Karen Gillis: Previous experience running a dorm, sorta. Need we say more ?

Okay, Mr. Salazar, Mr. Echohawk,
Stop ignoring what sloppy management is doing to post secondary native education. These Native Americans are your students too. Would you add another lawyer to your team who hasn’t ever passed the bar anywhere ?

Would personnel let you do that? Why is it okay to hire people in
these positions who have no comparable qualifications? Why is it
okay to shuffle these guys around ?

Oh yes, where was the acting Haskell President Mr.Chris Redman this past week ?