Exactly What IS Dialogue From Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and The BIE ?

Dialogue From Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and The BIE ?

We thought the standard definition meant that there was two-way

communication; or multi-directional communication. BIE education

post-secondary director Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn redefines

“dialogue” to mean, what can I think of to spend money on that will

give my guys something to do ?

Echohawk supports dialogue sessions (but Birdwell-Bighorn is quick

to point out that it is not consultation ).

What is the difference, you ask?

Consultation is a legal term that means they (BIE) is

actually supposed to listen to WHAT INDIANS say; dialogue means

they can bore you death reading powerpoints and never make a point.

So, who is paying for this travel? Who decides who gets to travel?

Where is the information

gathered going? How is it impacting the

decisions at Haskell ? We can guess it is appropriated funds, so

whose budget is it? We hear the Haskell finance officer can find

money for his pet projects.

The Haskell Board of Regents aren’t complaining (they get paid

travel for themselves and their friends ).

Seems like The BIE is spending money on everyone except the students.

Case in point :

Haskell Instructor Mike Tosee was given a year off from Haskell to finish

his PH.D and given grant money of $30k. This was so Haskell students

could have a better and more quantified instructor. Did he finish

his PH.D ? NO!

But he did sent his wife to Montana where she

attended a “dialogue session” and wanted to know why things are in

such disarray. ( Good question after that rape at Haskell last weekend )

We are sure Haskell students would like to know the

same thing when $30k is given to an instructor to finish his PH.D

and he never does! So what happens to the money ? Does Mr.Tosee have to

give it back ? Get to keep it what ?

There are a lot of Haskell Students who could use that money….once again students

stand last in line. Everyone else from The BIE on down is spending

their funds ! Students don’t have enough to buy a winter coat or go home

for Thanksgiving ? Thanks to a social worker turned BIE employee

Ms.Birdwell-Bighorn decisions. No one seems to care.

The BIE did after all put a person with a degree in social work and NOT even a Ph.D in charge of your Native

American University, just hope she doesn’t destroy the whole thing before the BIE finally catches on and

let’s her go. Would she not be better suited for a job with Indian Child Welfare? Oh sorry I forgot doesn’t

matter to The BIE. Just go sit in which ever office you want, for a year and it can be your’s ! Funny

sounds like Indian land squatting to me, only this is apparently Indian job squatting !

Hopefully Haskell’s new Board of Regents actually intend to try to

change the Board by believing they should be doing something



3 responses to “Exactly What IS Dialogue From Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and The BIE ?

  1. haskellnews posting for

    ssakcaj says…

    If you ever had taken his class you would realize it doesn’t make a difference who is teaching it anyway. The guy is so lazy he uses the same tests and handouts from 20 years ago. And when I say same, I mean exact same. One of the other students in a class I took with him had tests and handouts from 1992, and they were the exact same as the ones we were handed out last year. Mike Tosee, now there is a hardly working man.

  2. haskellnews posting for

    sypeccary (Anonymous) says…

    Another AIS lecturer was given time off and money to complete her PhD at KU and she did not finish it. Look at the results of her teaching and you could say it doesn’t matter who teaches her classes either.

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