Secretary Salazar, have you ever heard of the BIE? It lies hidden
in Echohawk’s backyard.

Inside it are 60K students in K-12 and
another 20K in higher education. In the past ten years, the only
time Interior has been embarrassed enough to INVESTIGATE issues is
the result of class action suits.

Last spring, I saw a picture of Haskell faculty and students
protesting and begging Echohawk to “fix” Haskell. I agree. Go to
Haskell’s campus. Talk to the six people in the picture and their
children who were marching around (attempting to disrupt graduation
ceremonies of about 150 kids who earned a degree ) and the other
250 who work there and get some answers.

Ask questions like, why are people employed in an organization when they clearly work against students?

Example: I couldn’t possibly teach 5 classes with 100 students.

Why do you support a Board of Regents who attempts to disrupt the school and sabotage new programs?

Don’t you understand they need to travel to Haskell more and to places like Palm Springs, because if they are ever
in the vicinity of a congressman, they might actually try to lobby ?

Why do you think someone whose only qualification and vast
inexperience is running your tribal college program? Social
workers…. How is it possible that so many people lack credentials
found in the rest of western civilization in similar organizations?

When you end up giving the K-12 system to the states, do you expect
to close the post-secondarys? That’s about $30 million in savings;
that’s at least one new road and a bridge in a national park.




  1. haskellnews posting for

    geekin_topekan says…

    If I may be so bold:

    These blogs are interesting and extremely eye opening but they are not new charges and they certainly will not go away any time soon without continued exposure.
    My question is simple. Has anyone taken the initiative to inform the student body how they are impacted by these allegations and invited them to speak up? Serve the students with fact based examples of how they are being discarded while the people you are accusing of misconduct are utilizing money and privileges intended for them (the students), for their own use?

    If the food is so terrible, why do they not boycott or create an independent food source, (which would be a form of protest)? Invite a nutritionist to eat at Curtis for a week as your personal guest. Ask for some feedback and make a report to Washington or local authorities as you have already suggested. Publish the report in the school’s paper.

    As you have suggested in an earlier title, Haskell in NOT a boarding school anymore. The students have the right to speak up without backlash from the administration and they do have a say in all things relating their experience at Haskell. Where is the student senate while all this is going on? Tabling the most important issues while holding kangaroo court for the trivial?(eh hem, coughcough)

    Above all, as Haskellnews continues with these blogs PLEASE keep them based on verifiable facts and not speculative, because any bozo can speculate. I know that in indian country, speculation is all that is necessary most of the time.

  2. haskellnews posting for

    Practicality says…

    Why not write a blog concerning the poor academic quality of Haskell University? I have, on numerous occasions, witnessed the low expectations of the professors concerning the studies of their students. In fact, for many, the only criteria for the student to pass is the strict attendance policy. IMHO, the academic quality of Haskell has to be raised significantly in order for many of the needed changes to take place. Even if over half of the student body flunks out.

  3. haskellnews posting for
    snowing ) says…
    Students are afraid to speak up, because even now there is backlash from everyone from the kitchen staff to the dorm staff to the teachers.
    I am glad Haskell news is putting this out, it’s time for Washington to investigate and be honest with the students about what is going on.
    The quality of academics can probably not be raised at Haskell when people like Dr.Warner are shipped out.
    Not to mention Haskell needs to raise requirements for their board members sounds like, start with don’t sit on the Haskell board unless you have a masters or above and want to pay your own way and you actually report back to let’s say Haskell’s President about what you are doing for the students.
    As for academics wasn’t that what Dr.Warner was trying to do ? Raise the bar and didn’t that sent Haskell’s instructors running to their union ? Haskell is going to have to get some more educated faculty in there to keep their doors open and their students competitive.
    I what where the accreditation board thinks of all of this ?
    P.S. Even now you have people like Stephanie Birdwell trying to hunt down the people who are running this blog you don’t think that’s not backlash ?

  4. haskellnews posting fo

    geekin_topekan says…

    IMHO= In My Honest Opinion.

    I believe that Haskell has a new major offering in English as of this year. The department’s highest accreditation in school history. I am sure I read that somewhere.

  5. haskellnews posting for
    snowing says…
    Yea doesn’t look like that will be going anywhere. I heard the woman in charge of it gave a presentation to the Haskell Board after they made her stand around for two days and right before she spoke I guess George Tiger said now we haven’t approved this yet.
    I believe however, they did last May and I don’t think they have to approve anything as they are only an advisory board. George Tiger apparently was talking about getting Haskell some sort of two year certificates ( Universities don’t have those ) anyway when the woman was done speaking about the new 4 yr. liberal arts degree the board said nothing ! Didn’t ask one question at least that’s what I heard.
    We NEED Dr.Warner back asap before Haskell is no longer a University !!! Shame on you Stephanie Birdwell.

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