Plans to turn Haskell into A BIA training facility ?

Haskell Regents , Social worker, Stephanie Birdwell, and Finance Officer, Mike Lewis appear to have plans to turn Haskell into a training facility for BIA.

Lewis plans to turn Haskell into a training facility for BIA
operations. (Doesn’t the BIA have a training facility in
Albuquerque they have contracted with for years). Social Worker
Stephanie Birdwell will likely talk them into changing the name into Haskell Institute again; it worked before.

Certificates in realty and accounting are more important to Haskell current and potential students than University Degrees, right ? After all Haskell Students are Native Americans who should be happy with anything that they can get.

Next week in Washington DC :
Birdwell, Lewis, and Herrin will meet with BIA Realty officials to
finalize plans. If you are a current university student, you might
want to transfer before you end up in a GS-03 job in Washington….or
worse, working for Mike Lewis where you can join the group of
employees who try weekly to transfer to other divisions so they
don’t have to listen to him spout regulations that are in direct
contradiction to those found in the federal finance system.

When Echohawk gets around to responding to Salazar’s request for
some answers, perhaps Tsosie will look at truth in reporting, and see
if Mr. Lewis gets a passing grade.

Lewis might need to seek a career change to realty or social work (I hear the latter has potential ).


3 responses to “Plans to turn Haskell into A BIA training facility ?

  1. haskellnews posting for

    larryville49 says…

    This is news. what is this accounting and realty plan. Has the business faculty sent this forward? Or is it yet another top-down deal?

  2. haskellnews posting for

    snowing says…
    Sounds like a top-down deal to me, I don’t think the business faculty has anything to do with it.
    Be interesting to see if Mike Lewis is in Washington D.C. next week or if plans had been made for him to be there. I don’t trust him. He’s sneaky and so is Stephanie Birdwell, why do you think she is trying to gag order everything. Now we see why they wanted Dr.Warner out of Haskell she was the only one at the top who was honest !

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