SES : Where all of their dreams come true. Isn’t that right Stephanie Birdwell ?

Ses ? ( Senior Executive Service ) Bureau of Indian Education’s answer to….giving Native American children the poorest education they can receive, while giving apparently people in the forties ( or there about ) high paying jobs without the real qualifications to hold them. For the employees who have these jobs ( which by the way smack of age discrimination to us ) it must be like landing in a real life Disney World..where all of their dreams come true. Isn’t that right Stephanie Birdwell ?

For the Native American Students whose hands their futures lay in, it is like living in the real life version ” Annie “…it’s a hard knocks life. Isn’t that right Haskell Students who have no choice but to eat at Curtis ?

We are just putting the information out there…you decide.

Hey anyone out there need a job ? There’s even a PLUM BOOK that comes with this one !

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“What is the SES?” The Senior Executive Service (SES) is comprised of the men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of our government. This dedicated corps of executives shares a commitment to public service and a set of democratic values grounded in the fundamental ideals of the Constitution. As the leaders of our Federal civilian workforce, Senior Executives strive each day to create a more citizen centered, result oriented Federal Government.

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One response to “SES : Where all of their dreams come true. Isn’t that right Stephanie Birdwell ?

  1. haskellnews posting for
    snowing (Anonymous) says…
    This program is such a good idea let’s turn it over the United States Public school system and see how well they like it.
    Native Americans are all about our elders so who is the oldest employee in this program ? How old are they ? And is there more then one person over the age of let’s say 49 in it SES ?

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