Haskell Indian Nations University Federation of Indian Service Employees………

Does The Haskell Indian Nations University Federation of Indian Service Employees………

These questions were recently posed to us, inquiring Minds want to know….


Does The Haskell Indian Nations University Federation of Indian Service Employees ( FISE ) promote native cultural awareness using traditional dispute resolution steps?

In a multi-tribal institution is it more important to have an organization that supports employees or students?

Do employees understand and sanction the idea of a “closed shop?” Meaning they can be represented by the union without their knowledge or consent?

What are the primary benefits of a union in an educating setting?

At Haskell Indian Nations University, FISE Union Stewards:

Leroy Kelly, Lorraine Williams, Mike Tosee, Sonja Bonga, and Andy Yellowhair are elected representatives of the DUES paying membership of FISE.

Their job is to represent their constituency–FULL TIME federal employees in their bargaining unit.

They are allowed by negotiated contract a finite number of hours to represent the people who elect them. They are not full time FISE employees and if one of them uses the total allotted time one month, then an employee must go to a different steward.

What happens if they all use their allotted time and you, the dues paying member, have an issue, do you have to wait until next month?

Well, we know people pay dues to be represented, we know these stewards are supposed to know who they represent, and so…. why would FISE stewards worry, file complaints, and generally spend their limited number of hours trying to figure out the employment status of temporary, term, or emergency employees WHOM they do NOT represent.

Would it be because they covet the job? Not likely because they are all full time and they would not want to take a term limited position that ends (unless they use previous supervisor as a role model) and also these jobs are not GS11 like most of the stewards.

Would it be because they want one of their close relatives hired in the term position? That would be nepotism, only we recall one steward holding a sign about that just a few months after he insisted that Haskell hire his wife as his adjunct. So, unless he wanted her hired at a lower grade, it probably isn’t that reason.

As a dues paying voting member (or for that matter a voting, non- dues paying member who might need help) we seriously question the rationale for worrying about jobs outside the direct purview of FISE. Too bad these folks don’t get the whole ethics concept either.

And we hope we don’t need their help when they are busying writing grievances over issues that are not within their scope of responsibility.


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