Mr. Larry Echohawk this train is on a fast track to crashing if it isn’t stopped soon.

Take off your boots and hang up your guitar if you were planning to go to the dialogue session in Nashville, TN. It has been cancelled.

I guess the South Eastern United States isn’t important, or perhaps Ms. Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn has learned from prior DIALOGUES that not that many people are interested in watching her power point presentation.

In a convention of over 2,000 Indian educators in Milwaukee, only half a dozen showed for that dialogue session and four of them were sent by Haskell.

Maybe they should have stayed home and hashed out whatever innovative ideas they wanted to propose.

Of course we won’t know what they would have proposed because there is not a report/evaluation/follow-up to the spending of Haskell’s appropriated dollars on a Washington D.C. initiative.

Is this the brainchild of the same social worker who preaches communication to her post-secondary presidents? Too bad the Deputy Assistant Post Secondary Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn isn’t a communications major instead of a social worker….she might have asked them OR their boards how to get input into programs.

They might have suggested academic dialogues, not power point presentations to show the need for a realty certificate to train a GS 3 Realty Officer at Haskell Indian Nations University or General Education Diplomas at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

Mr. Larry Echohawk this train is on a fast track to crashing if it isn’t stopped soon.


3 responses to “Mr. Larry Echohawk this train is on a fast track to crashing if it isn’t stopped soon.

  1. haskellnews posting for

    Irish (Irish Swearingen) says…

    I am glad to see that Haskell has a blog on the paper. It needs to be a more visible presence in our community.
    I have a couple of questions for you so this is a rather lengthy comment.
    1.What is a post-secondary president?
    2. Do you think Haskell is living up to the committments it has made on the web site?
    The president is Dr. Linda Sue Warner. Doesn’t she have the right to speak to Ms. Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn if she thinks something is amiss at Haskell.
    I have attempted to do some research on the Net about this, but I have to tell you I can’t make heads or tails of it.

    Vision 2008
    Haskell Indian Nations University, the premier national intertribal university, empowers American Indian and Alaska Native scholars for leadership and service to sovereign first nations and the world by virtue of its excellent academic programs and research, creative activities, and culturally diverse student experiences.
    University Mission Statement

    The mission of Haskell Indian Nations University, a land grant institution, is to serve members of federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native nations as authorized by Congress and in partial fulfillment of treaty and trust obligations. With student learning as its focus, Haskell embraces the principles of sovereignty and self-determination through a culturally based holistic lifelong learning environment that promotes and upholds respect, rights, and responsibility.
    Strategic Plan Initiatives 2003-2008

    I. Haskell will develop and maintain high quality baccalaureate degrees in AIS, Science, Business, Education, and one new area, Liberal Studies; and an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies.

    II. Haskell will significantly improve student advancement and graduation rates.

    III. By 2008, overall institutional funding will be at least $20 million from appropriated funds and external sources (which includes grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, partnerships, foundations and tribes/nations).

    IV. Haskell will provide specific opportunities for faculty and staff that encourage, support and reward professional development and provide leadership capacity and experiences for faculty, staff and students.

    V. Haskell will capitalize on opportunities to maintain state of the art information technology that enhances communication and meets Haskell’s educational needs. A well-developed Distance Education program will help expand Haskell’s student base and provide quality educational experiences to students not on campus.

    VI. Haskell will provide and maintain a safe, secure and accessible campus with facilities conducive to effective learning and teaching, and meeting the social needs of AI/AN students.

    VII. The environment at Haskell will encourage, support and reward academic research, interdisciplinary research and other creative activities that advance knowledge.

    Does it, or doesn’t it?

  2. haskellnews posting for

    larryville49 (Anonymous) says…

    Teachers arrive late, leave early, moonlight, & miss classes. They don’t care about strategic plans. A strong president has to take unpopular stands, like insisting federal employees account for 40 hr. work weeks and dorm staff must cover busy times. Nothing works when employees go over their bosses heads to higher-ups and get their way all the time.

  3. haskellnews posting for

    Irish (Irish Swearingen) says…

    Do enough students care about this to do something about it? I guess that answers my question. Who hires and fires the teachers? Doesn’t anyone think that Haskell deserves better and must have better if it is to produce graduates of quality who will go on to good jobs and lives and bring honor to the school?

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