Manager of Haskell Indian Nations University Curtis no longer holds ARCH values .

In the shadow of the Nation’s largest ARCH (the St.Louis ARCH), Haskell Indian Nations University men’s cross county proved that the spirit of ARCH can endure…as they successfully represented Haskell in a conference meet.

Lucky for the students there, they didn’t hear the Haskell Curtis manager announcing that no one has to be ARCH anymore now that Dr.Warner is gone.

The really werid part of this is …. why would replacing ANY Haskell Indian Nations University president cause a 125 year institution to change it’s core values? Those were at Haskell long before Dr.Warner showed up.

Of course to that Haskell Curtis manager, ARCH stood for ” acquire, remove, collect and hoard “. So it shouldn’t matter who’s on first with that manager’s style.

Why has she not been investigated? Hello! Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn.


2 responses to “Manager of Haskell Indian Nations University Curtis no longer holds ARCH values .

  1. haskellnews posting for

    littlebird (Anonymous) says…

    By who? This is the same person that set up an outside bank account with Douglas County Bank and deposted funds intended for the Food Service Department. Where else in the private sector would an employee take company money and deposit it in their own account and this be considered okay. This isn’t some sort of confidential information either. She admitted that she did it. The only investigation was one of Mike Lewis’s casual, “Did you do this? No, okay. Thanks,” type of investigations. In the private sector this is called embezzlement, in the Federal sector I guess this is called smart money management.

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