Dr. Sherry Allison deserves this job and she deserves to be left alone to do it right.

Presidents are making the news today.

The Bureau of Indian Education(B.I.E.) announced today that Dr. Sherry Allison is to fill the vacant position as President of Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute(Sipi), while President Obama addresses the nation tonight about wars.

The announcement should have been made by Director in absentia Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn who as of last Friday is working at home.

We suspect others beside Joy Martin wonder how that is possible for one employee and not all employees to get medical leave to work at home.

In other words, how do some employees get privileged treatment. Perhaps that is a Kay Hayes or Larry Echohawk question.

Maybe the announcement today is not one that Birdwell-Bighorn concurred with given her tendency to shy away from having conversations with qualified people; the selection was made over a week ago, so why the wait?

This division (Post-Secondary) is fast becoming the “also ran” full of employees who can’t get a job anywhere else and seem to be taken under Birdwell-Bighorn’s accommodating wing to mentor.

Birdwell-Bighorn is enough of a bureaucrat to name Dr.Sherry Allison herself, actually that is her only qualification, that she would have done whatever Paul Tsosie and Larry Echohawk told her to do in spite of her own misgivings.

So, how does Birdwell-Bighorn play this card. She might start by ordering one or both of her assistants to SIPI during the accreditation visit next week so that they can totally screw that up and then blame Dr. Sherry Allison.

While at SIPI, these guys might explain why the BIE calls this division “when the entire education” world refers to it as “higher education” and that includes Higher Learning Commission.

This division was reconstituted with Stephanie’s senior executive service position within the past year and yet Personnel still can’t get the position description name right (oops, we can’t blame personnel when Ms. Birdwell-Bighorn wrote her own position description and she doesn’t know enough to use the correct name).

Well, there are all sorts of interferences to be run now. Dr. Sherry Allison deserves this job and she deserves to be left alone to do it right.

Back on the home front, Haskell Indian Nations University’s teacher education program is likely to drop its accreditation.

It appears as if the Vice Presidents (The esteemed Dr.Dan Wildcat and the balanced Dr. Venita Chenault) have moved from sabotaging the two new degrees to ensuring that teacher education is dropped after Dr. Blackbird leaves this semester.

We wonder if they have a calendar of items to get through before January, or if they know something the rest of us don’t.

While Obama gives his war talk; the Indian wars and the students who end up being the collateral damage remain ignored.

Mr. Larry Echohawk promised change, but we wonder if he intended that Haskell take a huge step backwards. If he is directing this mismanagement, perhaps we should rethink whether his initiatives on global climate change and economic development need to replace quality education initiatives.


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