Whatever happened to Haskell Indian Nations University’s Dr.Ted Wright?

Whatever happened to Dr.Ted Wright?

The Alaska Native has returned to the north west and stunned Interior and Congress with a request for a totally independent investigation of Haskell Indian Nations University human resouses and finance department.

That request could be broadened to The Bureau of Indian Education in general if anyone in Congress has the desire to look.

Dr.Ted Wright has had over thirty responses from congressmen.

He has had NO response from Dr. Salazar or Larry Echohawk to date, but based on his conversations with legislative aides, this will not go away soon.

Nor should it.

We are as anxious as Dr.Ted Wright for a Office of Personnel Management review and Office of Budget and Management Review; not a Bureau of Indian Affairs/Bureau of Indian Education review.

Been there/done that.

We want to know why people who actively work against students can not be fired.

The range of allegations (from sleeping with students to mismanagement of money through 501(c)3s to general incompetence) sounds like a shotgun approach. It sounds like it, but what if any, some, most of it is true.

Why are there policies if no one has to follow them? Why have procedures if only a select few know them or use them?

Dr.Ted Wright is now a whistle blower; we are hoping Dr.Russell Blackbird stands up next since he announced his retirement.

Then as soon as they fire Dr.Linda Sue Warner, we’ll have a wealth of information.

Salazar and Echohawk, this will not go away; do the investigation.

Fire the misfits and take control of that school while you still have a chance.


One response to “Whatever happened to Haskell Indian Nations University’s Dr.Ted Wright?

  1. haskelnews posting for
    luckycharmz (Anonymous) says…

    I hope Dr.Wright get’s his investigation,if he does it will probably close Haskell down,sounds like that what should happen anyway. The government is spending way too much money on this place.

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