Why won’t The Bureau of Indian Education answer Congressman’s Pat Roberts questions about Haskell Indian Nations University?

Here we are almost at the end of 2009 and Haskell Indian Nations University seems to be an out of control avalanche heading towards itself and so we pose the following questions.

1.Why in the 17 years since becoming a university does Haskell Indian Nations University only have four Bachelors programs with one tittering on the brink?

2.Why is Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn who only holds a master’s degree in social work in charge of Haskell Indian Nations University and other Bureau of Indian Education Schools when Dr. Linda Sue Warner is so much more qualified?

3.Why is Dr. Warner being detailed to Oklahoma? Maybe she and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn should change places. That is probably Haskell’s only hope of surviving.

4.Why did Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn order Dr. Warner and Sipi’s Dr. Allison NOT to spend monies from a bequest clearly meant to be spend on things for the students like new furniture or summer school or new computers etc?

5.Why is Haskell’s employees union allowed to hold protest…these are clearly ILLEGAL even when you TRY to call them by a different name like informational protest.

6.Why were Haskell Indian Nations University students who stood on that picket line (with the nine employees and their children) (while graduation ceremonies were going on) given extra credit in some of their classes for picketing?

7.Why does Haskell Indian Nations University have instructors who sleep with their students? Even getting some of them pregnant while other employees simply turn their heads?

8.Why is Dan Wildcat allowed to cancel Haskell Indian Nations University’s two new BA programs on the days that he IS ACTING PRESIDENT? Why were they allowed to be canceled at all?

9.Why is Haskell Indian Nation’s school cafeteria not being sourced out? This would be what is best for the students, better food and more cost effective. Plus run hopefully by a staff who treats students with some respect. Aren’t President Obama and his wife Michelle all about good nutrition? They had better take a quick look at Haskell’s Curtis Hall.

10.Why are Haskell Indian Nations University’s Board of Regents allowed to sit on the board for years? With the president of that board George Tiger sitting on it for 24 years? Why haven’t they done their job as far as lobbying monies for Haskell so THEY DON’T put HASKELL STUDENTS AT RISK FOR PAYING HIGHER FEES?

11.Why is there no OMB audit of Haskell Indian Nations University and Mr. Mike Lewis…high time there is.

12.Why were students told to leave their dorm by noon last Friday? Why were there no Friday exams? Because Haskell instructors do not want to teach on Fridays? Time for Haskell instructors to jump into the real world and teach their 15 hours, we know that some of you do BUT all of you need to.

13.Why is Venita Chenault allowed to have so many of her relatives working on campus? On the days she is acting president she is their direct boss….illegal, illegal.

14.Why is that pot of money (40K) from the Creek Nation still sitting at Haskell Indian Nations unused FIVE years after it was given to the school and we are not talking about the money they gave to student clubs.

15.Why is Haskell’s finance director Mr. Mike Lewis now in charge of Haskell’s gift shop and snack bar? Conflict of interest.

16.Why is there a person allowed to be a Haskell Indian Nations University instructor who clearly speaks out against the US government and recruited students against the will of Senator Pat Roberts to Palestine last summer? Why would this person chose to teach (or be allowed to teach) at a government school? This is the same instructor who gave blogging as a classroom room assignment!

17.Were the student athletes who had to stay on campus past last Friday fed? We hope so.

18.Why are ALL the students and staff coming back on January 3rd? That makes no sense. Why is not staff returning earlier to make sure everything is ready for the students? How can staff possibly check all students In on ONE DAY? By making them stand in long line after long line? Maybe Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn can call down again this coming semester and change the course offerings, that way the students can stand in even longer lines and NOT get the classes they need.

There are so many problems at Haskell Indian Nations University right now we doubt that the institution can last much longer. Most of its problems have been brought on by lazy and dishonest staff and their union. Who used their work time and government office equipment to file frivolous after frivolous complaint against Dr.Warner. Isn’t this illegal?

What is really troubling here is why a U.S. Congressman Pat Roberts cannot get any answers out of THE BUREAU OF INDIAN EDUCATION. Red Flags are everywhere.

The BUREAU OF INDIAN EDUCATION needs to get OUT of the education business.


3 responses to “Why won’t The Bureau of Indian Education answer Congressman’s Pat Roberts questions about Haskell Indian Nations University?

  1. haskellnews posting for
    anon1958 (Anonymous) says…


    1. HINU has been chronically and severely underfunded and mismanaged.

    2. There is a culture among the faculty and staff at HINU that accepts mediocrity and is very resistant to change.

    3. Anything within seven degrees relatedness of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is at an automatic handicap.

    4. Historically the critical need to hire Native American faculty to serve as role models has not been balanced by also hiring top faculty and administrators of any ethnic background when the talent pool of Native American candidates was thin.

    5. The very real social and political obstacles that Native Americans face has reinforced a bunker mentality at HINU that amplifies the insular tendencies of all institutions of higher education.

    There are many dedicated faculty and instructors at HINU and my experience teaching the students for 5+ years was very rewarding. However, there are instructors at HINU that are not even remotely qualified to teach at any level. I observed faculty that were territorial to such an extreme degree that they were causing real harm to their degree program.

    I will go so far as to say that I know of at least two HINU instructors that appear to have significant mental health issues that are emergent as personality disorders.

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