Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and Dr.Dan Wildcat play God with Haskell Indian Nations University students futures.

So here it is folks in black and white straight off of the Higher Learning Commission wed site Dan Wildcat listed as:

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: Dr. Daniel R. Wildcat, Acting President of Haskell Indian Nations University. Really? No formal announcement has been made by Haskell. In contrast it was announced that Mr.Chris Redman was to be acting president while Dr.Warner was gone.

Maybe it’s a secret club made up of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Dr.Dan Wildcat, Dr.Venita Chenault, and a hand full of others, certainly not the students nor the general public.One has to wonder if Chris Redman is in on it too?

Dan Wildcat did not call the Higher Learning Commission(HLC) and cancel Haskell’s accreditation visit on his own nor title himself CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER .

One thing is for sure all of this did not happen without the knowledge and consent of one Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn.

This once again shows Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn has no business what so ever in the education business.

If Dan Wildcat and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and whoever else thinks that they can pull a quick one over on The Haskell Indian Nations University students they are sadly mistaken, this blog is 100% behind them even if it means they should all pull out of Haskell in order to be where the faculty and staff are up front with them, give them degree choices and treat them with the respect and customer service that they should be getting, but apparently are not receiving at Haskell.

The only way Haskell Indian Nations University has a chance in—- of surviving now is if Dr.Linda Sue Warner comes back, but this is a big mess to ask her to come back to. Her two new BA programs are now all but gone with no HLC visit rescheduled (Other Visits Scheduled:NONE).

The BA in education without Dr.Blackbird isn’t looking too good either, if it goes that leaves Haskell with three count them three BA programs. SInce 1993 Haskell has only had a total of four BA programs.

No one not even Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn or Dan Wildcat had the right to take these programs from Haskell Indian Nations University students and trying to hide it just made it worse. Bureau of Indian Education needs to get out of the education business and we offer the following to prove our point.

Oglala Lakota College( NOT a BIE school) Web Site:

From its initial status as a community college, Oglala Lakota has grown to now offer Baccalaureate degrees and a Master’s degree in Lakota Leadership along with certificates and A.A. degrees. This last semester we saw a large increase in enrollment from 1,100-1,400 students to1,400 students with a full-time equivalency of 900 students per semester. Oglala Lakota College is a North Central Accredited college and its credits transfer to any college depending on each institution’s particular method of how it accepts transfer credit.


Master of Arts:
Lakota Leadership/Management Graduate Studies
Secondary/Middle/Elementary Educational Administration Emphasis
Graduate Studies
Bachelor of Arts:
Lakota Studies Lakota Studies
History Humanities
Bachelor of Science:
Accounting Applied Science and Technology
Business Administration Applied Science and Technology
Business Education Applied Science and Technology
Human Services Human Services
K-8 Elementary Education Education
ACED Elementary/Special Education Education
General Agriculture Agriculture and Natural Resources
Information Technology Information Technology
Lakota Studies Education Lakota Studies
Interdisciplinary Environmental Science Math & Science
Secondary Education Physical Science Math & Science
Associate of Arts:
Accounting Applied Science and Technology
Agriculture Agriculture and Natural Resources
Art Humanities
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education Education
General Business Applied Science and Technology
General Studies Humanities
Interdisciplinary Environmental Science Math & Science
Information Technology Information Technology
Lakota Studies Lakota Studies
Natural Resources Management Agriculture and Natural Resources
Nursing Nursing
Mathematics & Science Math & Science
Tribal Management Applied Science and Technology
Life Science Math & Science
Associate of Applied Science:
Office Automation, Customer Relations Mgmt., MIS, Bus. Computer Sci.,
Entrepreneurship, Office Technology, TV Production
Applied Science & Technology
Organic Gardening, Agri-Business Agriculture & National Resources
Human Services Human Services
Additional Programs:
Secondary Education Certification (Business, Lakota Studies), Lakota
Language Certification, One Year Certificates in all AAS degrees
(except Agri-Business), plus one year certificates in General
Construction, Electrical Technology, Carpentry, Heating, Ventilation,
& Air Conditioning, TV Production, Graduate Courses – offered through
all departments. Special Education K-12 endorsement certificate.
HLC Home arrow Affiliated Institutions: Higher Learning Commission Web Site Currently or Previously Affiliated Institutions – 12/06/2009 — Back to Institution Directory — Information provided on the Statement of Affiliation Status reflects the most recent actions of the Commission. The Commission has a multi-level decision process. Any institutional changes that are currently under review are not made public until final action has been taken. Haskell Indian Nations University 155 Indian Avenue Lawrence, KS 66046-4800 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: Dr. Daniel R. Wildcat, Acting President of Haskell Indian Nations University
Name change notes: Haskell Indian Junior College to Haskell Indian Nations University (5/8/93) HLC Institution ID: 1778 Current Accreditation Status: Accredited Candidacy Date(s): 1972* Pre-accreditation notes: Pre-accreditation status: Correspondent (1972); Candidate for Accreditation under new policy (1973) Accreditation Date(s): (1979- .) Commission Participation: PEAQ PARTICIPANT Year of Last PEAQ Comprehensive Evaluation: 2004 – 2005 Year of Next PEAQ Comprehensive Evaluation: 2014 – 2015 Last Action: 06/24/2005 Legal Status: Public Degrees Awarded (details below): A, B Stipulations on Affiliation Status: Accreditation at the Bachelor’s level is limited to programs in Elementary Education, American Indian Studies, Business Administration, and Environmental Science. No additional programs at the baccalaureate level may be introduced without prior approval from the Commission. Course offerings within and outside the State of Kansas are limited to those that meet the needs of the institution’s national tribal constituency and the needs of other agencies. Approval of New Degree Sites: Prior Commission approval required. Approval of Distance Education Degrees: Prior Commission approval required. Reports Required: None. Other Visits Scheduled: None. Enrollment Headcount (last updated: 04/07/2009) Full-Time Part-Time Undergraduate: 926 70 Graduate: 0 0 Post-baccalaureate First Professional: 0 0 Other Headcounts (last updated: 04/07/2009)
Non-Credit headcount: 1
Dual enrollment (high school) programs: 0
Degree Programs (last updated: 04/07/2009) Programs Offered Degrees Awarded in Last Reported Year Associate Degrees 14 106 Bachelors Degrees 4 55 Masters Degrees 0 0 Specialist Degrees 0 0 First Professional Degrees 0 0 Doctoral Degrees 0 0 Certificate Programs (last updated: 04/07/2009) Programs Offered Certificates Awarded in Last Reported Year Certificates 0 0


22 responses to “Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and Dr.Dan Wildcat play God with Haskell Indian Nations University students futures.

  1. haskellnews posting for
    bluerain (Anonymous) says…

    Sounds like Native students seeking a higher education might be better off staying close to home. The tribal community colleges seem to be doing a lot more more for their own tribal members within their own communities than Haskell is doing for Native students who travel great distances to obtain a degree at Haskell. The monies that are being allocated to Haskell should be redirected to the tribal community colleges who are in far better position to be educators of Native people than Haskell. It’s time for Haskell to become the historical site that it is and for all those employees who have taken advantage of receiving a big paycheck for little if any work to move back to Oklahoma.

  2. haskellnews posting for
    bluerain (Anonymous) says…

    I wonder why Ms. Chenault and her tribe, Potawatomie, have not made an effort to establish a community college on the Potawatomie reservation.

  3. haskellnews posting for
    number3of5 (Anonymous) says…

    Say, why don’t some of you smart folks attend college at HINU for your education. It appears you need some. Students should not run the college. They should be offered choices. When I attended there were many choices, even reciprocity ones with KU. How’s that for choices.

  4. haskellnews posting for
    snowing (Anonymous) says…

    Four BA’s is NOT enough.Time for Haskell to shut it’s doors, 900 Native students at the beginning of a term is not enough to justify the cost. Native students have more and better choices close to home now. Haskell’s lime light days are over. I wonder how many students actually finished out this term? Can anyone find that out?

  5. haskellnews posting for
    luckycharmz (Anonymous) says…

    Why do students attend Haskell anyway, sounds like they are getting a cut rate education there. Why not attend their tribal colleges? If Haskell had something to offer them it would be different but it sounds like they have or are in the process of running off all of their educated employees and their two new BA programs along with them. Students if you only have 4 BA programs to choose from I say look else where. Is the money that comes into Haskell really to educate the (800 or so) students or is it going to 250 employees salaries? If it is the latter then it’s ridiculous tax payers work too hard for their money to be supporting something like this. If the Haskell Board of Regents or any of the tribes truly cared about Haskell why would they let it get into such a mess? Why did everyone just stand around while a social worker got the job of overseeing a university. There is more to this. It just does not add up.

  6. haskellnews posting for
    luckycharmz (Anonymous) says…

    According to the HLC web site Haskell had (as of 04/07/2009) 926 full time students out of that 55 students received a Bachelors Degree and 106 received an Associate Degree. Total of 161 students receiving degrees out of 926. Really bad numbers.

  7. haskellnews posting for
    patrickfreeland (Patrick Freeland) says…

    161 students recieving a degree is never a bad number.

    I’m proud of my classmates who have worked hard to earn a degree.

    Peace and Love

  8. haskellnews posting for
    luckycharmz (Anonymous) says…

    Everyone is proud of them. However it get’s down to looking at cost and percentages and the percentages aren’t good, no government official would beable to justify the cost of keeping Haskell open any longer, the numbers just are not there. Haskell did not keep up with the times. Look at Roe Cloud Dorm 6 maybe 7 working computers for 300 students, most of Haskell’s monies appear to be going to give employees jobs NOT students their degrees.

  9. haskellnews posting for
    ndnjoe (Anonymous) says…

    I remember deciding to take my time and stay in school for a extra semester or two just because I wanted to. Who knows if that isn’t contributing to the reason why the numbers don’t add up to luckycharms satisfaction. Also, when I attended Haskell, there were many of my classmates who were not that fond of going back home and also made the choice to extend their wonderful stay at such a great institution. And then there were just those way too many students who would refuse to abide by the rules and kept getting kicked out and let back in and played a role in the lack of progress of students who were used as a head count, however, were not getting their degress very quick. And I would say, that getting a four year degree still takes time regardless if it is earned at Haskell, Baker University, or Washburn! Is the glass half full or half empty? One degree in a Native Americans hand is something I am proud of.

    I once was involved with some reasearch about the drop out rate at the Universtiy of New Mexico, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State. For freshman students who declared as being Native American, 68%, 65%, and 56% did not return to become Sophomores. So there is more than just issues of Indian Education than with the leadership at Haskell. It just seems that Haskell is the one you are focused on.

  10. haskellnews posting for
    KansasPerson (Anonymous) says…

    “The BA in education without Dr.Blackbird isn’t looking too good either”

    What happened? Is Dr. Blackbird not there anymore?

  11. haskellnews posting for
    larrylocal (Anonymous) says…

    I admit I do not have an ivy league education…but i am educated, with a college degree, and not from Haskell…but, what do you mean by “faulty and students”…are the students faulty? I don’t get it? I mean I assume you can spell so obviously you didn’t mean faculty…I mean I can only hope so…

  12. haskellnews posting for
    ndnjoe (Anonymous) says…

    I do understand the concern of lack of BA degree plans at Haskell if it is called a University. However, like Larrylocal, I don’t have a Ivy League education either, but I can read. If I were to want to get a PHD at the University of Michigan in the area of micro-biology, and they don’t offer the program, I don’t enroll there. So if students who enroll at Haskell want a BA degree in a area that is not listed as a BA degree plan, or even AA for that matter, then don’t go there and complain that there are only four degree plans. It should surprise anyone that the wheels of the BIA turns slowly, regardless if it is Dr Warner in charge or Eddie Haskell. Much like the Day care center at SIPI. It was posted on the website for over a year that students would get the use of it and it would open soon, so bring your kids and enroll at SIPI with free daycare…..ha, it sat closed for two years even though it was physically finished and the paint had dried. (It hadn’t passed a inspection was the last I heard why it didn’t open)

    For the most part, I am proud the the haskellnews person(s) have a voice and express it. Although I am not going as far as to say that some things they may have posted have not always turned out as the entire truth, but it does shed some light on issues that even I get informed about for the first time. I just then do my own research on the topic and make my own informed thought process on the topic. And they seem to at least have some very good and factual tid bits of information that I think is important we at least have the opportunity to know is/could be happening.

    These are tough times ahead for tribal nations and the students at SIPI. Keep your head high and keep moving forward.

  13. haskellnews posting for
    geekin_topekan (Anonymous) says…

    “For the most part, I am proud the the haskellnews person(s) have a voice and express it.”
    I am very grateful that there are people like haskellnews that are willing to take the initiative to bring these issues to light. I also appreciate that fact that this blog is being published in major political and social networks for the world to see. Got to get the news out there and way to go!!

    Indians and free gov’t money is a volatile mixture and has been the source of unrest for many moons. The issues presented by HN need to be addressed by the people in power. Not the bie or the agencies that are self-governed, but by the people who provide the funds in the first place, the American taxpayer. I am sure that they would be interested and demanding to know who is stashing that cash and would like to see it returned to its intended beneficiaries and those who would squander, to face the music.

  14. haskellnews posting for
    1029 (Anonymous) says…

    Did haskellnews go to Haskell? He/she writes like a high school freshman. “Hand full”, “faulty and staff”, all the misplaced/missing punctuation—this was just painful to read. I can’t imagine that it does any good for Haskell’s reputation if an apparent Haskell student (?) writes at this level.
    ….so I guess I say go ahead and close Haskell. I didn’t really have any feelings toward the school until I started following haskellnews’ blogs, but he/she has made a good argument that people aren’t being educated there and that the school should be shut down.

  15. haskellnews posting for
    ndnjoe (Anonymous) says…

    1029: Does it take a person to have great writing skills to get their point across? Would the art of knowing i before e be more of a succes story than knowing right from wrong?

    I do understand your point. However, I also know that many colleges have moved towards accepting students who they feel have college success potential, but might need some pre-college language arts, math, reading, and communication skills to brush up on before they are allowed into higher level courses. Personally, I am glad schools finally realized this so that they can keep students from dropping out early because they are thrown in over their head from the start.

    Maybe Haskellnews is a tribal member that speaks their native language. Much like Spanish kids don’t have issues with speaking the English language, but do have a tougher time picking up the rules of English in their writing.

    At one time my writing was so much worse than it is now. Even after having completed college, I am still working hard at writing better. To be honest, in college I could care less about my grades in communications, oral communication and the language arts, but did a great job in the subjects of my major.

    Now to take your side. Haskellnews at some time should make the effort to get better at those skills if in fact they are working towards a college degree.

    It will be very well documented that I take the middle road on many of these issues. I hope to show that the issues that Haskellnews brings about are great to be enlightend about, but there are issue like this everywhere in all walks of life, both public and privite, and Indian and non-Indian.

    At times I will have personal opinions, but based on well informed information

  16. haskellnews posting for
    samurai_5 (Anonymous) says…

    The person responsible for writing these articles is a person who is related to Dr. Linda Warner, and everyone on campus and in the native community knows exactly who she is. She is doing her best to undermine Haskell every chance she gets. Linda Warner was detailed out to SIPI, and since then the author of this blog (haskellnews) has had to leave campus. No more meal ticket status for you. She taken my comments out of context in a sad attempt to try and make me look like non-native. Her never ending personal attacks on the instructors and staff at haskell makes me convinced that her objective is to turn the Lawrence community against the school itself. The native community in Lawrence knows who you are Haskellnews, and we know exactly what you are up to. If I were you, I’d be more worried about a lawsuit for slander.

  17. haskellnews posting for
    ndnjoe (Anonymous) says…

    Samurai….I find only one flaw that I can comment on in your post. You say Dr. Warner was detailed to SIPI. That would mean she was actually there and maybe did something. Quite the puzzle to those who never seen her and often found notes on her door of other places she was at, but not on campus. In fact, even while her detail was still active, she was in Lawrence where is currently at right now.

  18. haskellnews posting for
    samurai_5 (Anonymous) says…

    hey if you are at SIPI and you know something that I don’t about her being there then great. All I know is that for whatever reason she was sent to SIPI by her supervisors, which isn’t a good sign in a federal job. I wouldn’t be shocked one bit if what your saying is true.

  19. haskellnews posting for
    sypeccary (Anonymous) says…

    Warner asked to go on leave. Stop trying to make it appear that she was messing up and is being punished. You people are clueless.

    samurai there are more than a few people who should be afraid of a slander suit.

  20. haskellnews posting for
    samurai_5 (Anonymous) says…

    Perhaps I should clarify, yes there are more than a few people who should be afraid of a slander suit. However, I stand behind all the things I have posted on this site. Warner was messing up. With the work load that warner has been dealing with at haskell, I find it hard to believe that she would want to take on another school and their work load.

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