Incompetence or Malicious Intent at Haskell Indian Nations University?

As haskellnews Commentary reviews the year of 2009, the events that unfolded need to be explained with rational, logical, ethical, and legal substance; these explanations would provide Indian Country and Haskell with the accountability, respect, cooperation and honesty that Dr.Warner advocated in her brief tenure on campus. One almost wonders if ARCH can survive.

So, if you are the BIE official in charge (and we’re not sure you can find anyone willing to claim they are), is it better to claim you are incompetent or inexperienced or that you are on a power trip.

Some examples:

1.Cancelling two new degree programs that were established by faculty in those departments, reviewed by faculty senate, approved by University Council, and the President (even voted on by the Board of Regents) and scheduled for team review in December by North Central. Two programs where no additional costs would be born by the university (hey, the faculty for the Liberal Arts degree are already in place and UKMC partnered with Haskell) what could be the intent?

2.Removing personnel and finance from direct reports to the president. Not even SIPI has this stipulation and they are a much smaller enterprise, enrolling only about 300 students per trimester. Does any organization this size anywhere in the universe handicap its administration this way. Anywhere? let alone one that is supposed to be TEACHING people..

3.Allowing individuals who have pending SERIOUS personnel actions to operate the organization. Okay, we’ll answer that one ourselves; it’s malicious.

4.What about this rhetoric about being transparent and working together? Is it inexperience or incompetence that has produced the nagging fear on campus, I mean really you can’t trust anything they say in media releases and BIE has published these as much as a week before notice on campus of impending personnel changes. Many staff are reading this blog to find out “who’s on first.”
The one thing we are sure of is that Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn needs to be replaced.


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