Haskell Indian Nation’s University Acting President Venida Chenault makes no sense during Haskell’s Student Senate meeting or University Council meeting.

Haskell Indian Nations’ University’s Acting President Venida Chenault rambled on at the Haskell Student Senate meeting last week.
Telling students the two new BA programs had not been canceled….excuse us ???

Oh, yes, they had been and by Dan Wildcat.

We know, we called the Higher Learning Commission as did others.

Dan Wildcat canceled those accreditation visits and scheduled no other visits the intonation of his letter to THLC made it clear he did not plan to reschedule.

Venida Chenault showed up at the Haskell Student Senate meeting last
Tuesday night unannounced and uninvited ( someone say Roberts Rules of Order) to say that those two programs just needed to follow the correct steps and approvals!

Hello! while Ms. Chenault was up on the hill ( KU ) last year those two
programs did follow the correct steps and approvals.

No way should Acting V.P. Dan Wildcat be canceling any visits by The
Higher Learning Commission.

Is it because Wildcat and Chenault have taken so much heat over this
that they had to find a way to save themselves ( and take credit for
something that Dr.Warner had already put in place) a long with Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn?… Veinda Chenault announced a review of the new BA programs schuduled for March the 2, 2010.

By whom may we ask?

Not, The Higher Leaning Commission we called them once again, no such visit by them can be confirmed.

Also during the student senate meeting Ms.Chenault said that students are saying that Haskell Indian Nations University itself is not

Wakey, Wakey, Ms. Chenault the Haskell students are not saying that.

What they are saying is that they are upset about their new BA
programs not being accredited. Which has made some of them transfer, some of them placed themselves on hold and some of them simply caved in and went to one of the four BA programs that Haskell currently offers, but ones that they didn’t want.

And just like Vendia Chenault didn’t make much sense at Haskell’s
Student Senate Meeting, she made even less sense at Haskell Indian
Nations University’s Council Meeting.

A couple of things we would like to bring to our readers attention:

1. Where was Student Senate President Janice Mendez? She always
attended U.V. last year? Could be because out of the clear blue sky
the days of the meetings were changed with no notice to Janice..making it impossible for her to attend? Janice represents the most important group of people on Haskell’s campus… the students…..to leave her out can not be good for Haskell students.

2. Where has speaking of The ARCH gone? Did someone think that Dr.
Warner made it up and so they should now do away with it? Dr .Warner
did not make it, it was well in place before she got to Haskell. And in
case people need to be reminded Dr Warner is still the President of Haskell Indian Nations University.

2. Another interesting thing we noticed is that now that the schedule
of U.C. has been changed and Janice Mendez cannot attend, it appears that Julia Goodfox can…..didn’t see her there last year…..isn’t she planning a trip to Palestine this summer? Maybe she should go work on that. Or is she once again just sending the Haskell students, while she herself stays in the good olde U.S.of A.?

University Council – January 26, 2010

Regents Room/Navarre Hall

In attendance: Andy Yellowhair, Gary Tanner, Julia Goodfox, Mona Gonzales, Karen Gillis, Deb Thompson, Mike Lewis, Barbara Stumblingbear, Karla Van Noy, Joshua Arce, Judith Gipp, Carlene Morris, Jim Tucker, Joni Murphy, Venida Chenault, Mari Russell, Ted Juneau, Joshua Mihesuah, Lee Pahcoddy, Manny King, Thor Crabb, Gary Goombi, Steve LaCour, Freda Gipp

Opening Prayer – Andy Yellowhair


Review of action items/notes
Dr. Karen Gillis: Expressed her appreciation that her comments at the last meeting regarding the webpage‐ administration listing had been corrected.

Safety: Debra Thompson
The memorandum issued by Assistant Secretary Echohawk was sent by campus email. A copy was provided for discussions on campus as to what and why we do the driver’s license check. The forms are due this Friday and if this is not received the costs may be attributed to the department or driver. Please review the memo carefully (memo attached). A monthly report is submitted to Central office to advise them of eligible drivers. Ms. Thompson reviewed the memo and discussed the critical items as related to employees. This year, all employees eligible to drive will have to complete the online training by February 19 and provide to supervisors, who will then send forward to the Safety Office. Questions on the memo, GSA Form 3607, please contact Ms. Thompson at ext. 608.

In regards to your driver’s form (GSA=3607), Supervisors – please check the appropriate box in Section IV and signatures for both employee and supervisor are required.

Question: Dr. Chenault‐ Can you remind us of the reporting requirements regarding suspensions and DUI’s?

Response: The employee should report the incident the next business day to their supervisor and to Human Resources and the Safety Office. The Safety Office initiates updating the eligible drivers list and sends to appropriate individuals. Human Resources will then monitor and track through court date and disposition of the incident. (D. Thompson)

CAMS Conversion: Manny King and Josh Arce( Venida Chenault’s son )
It was reported that all data has been converted. Mr. King has sent out sample rosters to faculty using the new system. A meeting was held Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 9 a.m. to discuss the conversion. The system is in place and working on using the new system and utilizing CAMS enterprise.

There is a
learning curve, but it is just a matter of using it and getting everyone to use the new system, per Mr. Arce. Mr. King requested the campus be patient during this transition.

Unofficially we have 971, but we have not done our 20 day headcount as there are still some individuals that need to be checked. This number will change. February 3 is the 20th day for our census count. Mr. Gillespie completes a report and it will be reported campus‐wide.

Rosters were sent out at the start of classes. However, Mr. King states they have not updated since January 19, and has sent out some sample rosters using CAMS Enterprise. The response from the faculty has been good on the new system.

Over a dozen individuals attended the training and these individuals will be called forth to assist in training the campus. This CAMS has the capacity to follow a student from prospective students to alumni. It has the capacity to improve student services and more accuracy in reporting. This will include the assignment of rooms, improve fee payment, and eventually apply online. Ms. Hara will also be assisting in this process.

Question: What is the schedule for training for CAMS Enterprise? March – per Mr. Arce

Student Advancement: Dr Chenault
Planning for summer and fall schedules underway. The intent is to have the schedules ready by pre‐enrollment the first week in April. A draft of the schedules is expected by the first of March for review. Please keep in mind that if a course does not have enough enrollment then it may be replaced with a higher demand course.

NCA Higher Learning Commission
Question: Will Haskell send representatives to the annual NCA meeting this spring?

Dr. Chenault indicated there will be multiple individuals that should attend this meeting.
Human Resources (HR): Mona Gonzales

February 2‐3, 2010, the Office of Personnel Security will be on campus for training. The training schedule is still in progress. Ms. Gonzales will provide further details as they are completed.

Federal ID: Employees should not call for appointments to Kansas City to schedule for your ID badge, unless your background has been cleared. Edie Benson, HR/ABQ will be working with Haskell on this and further details are forthcoming. In the meantime, the email with the basic information will be sent out again by Ms. Gonzales.

Non‐ Pay Dates: Ms. Gonzales reminded supervisors the memo for non‐pay dates for summer is approaching. Ms. Gonzales will email supervisors as to when the memo is due to HR to ensure the 30 day notice to FISE is met.

Student worker: Denison Dugi has been hired in HR.

Question: Haskell badges – do we still need them here or will the new badges replace them?

Response: We should keep for student workers and adjuncts. Dr. Chenault further stated that we will clarify with HR and may need to revise existing policy.

Listing for home phone number for employees needs to be updated and received to HR. Supervisors should visit with their staff and submit this information to Ms. Gonzales as soon as possible.

Question: By next meeting will we have a date for requests for non‐pay dates?

Response: This information will be sent out by HR. The non‐pay dates for summer are impacted by summer school. The first week in April is pre‐enrollment and classes will be determined. Summer school will begin the week after graduation to reduce travel costs for students, with summer school beginning the Thursday following graduation (May 13). Additional information will be issued on the official start date.
Budget/Procurement: Mike Lewis

Audit sampling: An email from finance to selected individuals identifying those who will undergo a charge card audit. The person that will be notifying you is Theresa Battese.

Student Bank: Mr. Lewis issued a reminder that all sponsors should turn in receipts within the prescribe time frame or accounts will be frozen. This was outlined at the sponsor meeting last fall. Those attending received a copy and acknowledged by their signature the receipt of guidelines. If a sponsor did not attend, they should stop by and visit with Jeri Sledd to receive a copy of the guidelines and discuss any questions.

Plan of operations: These need to be updated every two years. Ms. Sledd would contact you if this needs to occur.


Employee Benefits: Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) is 1.5% but adjusted for cost of locality it will be 1.77%.

Clarification of duties: Dr. Chenault was detailed as Acting President on January 4, 2010 for 120 days. Dr. Chenault will serve in this capacity and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Wildcat will be serving as Vice President for University Services until the position is filled. The position for university services is closed and we anticipate a certificate of eligible applicants soon. Dr. Wildcat will serve in an administrative capacity.
Dr. Chenault is the signatory approval authority for academic affairs and the Office of the President. Dr. Wildcat is completing performance evaluations and the mid year review for academic affairs. , Patty Battese is the point of contact for academics, and Lenora Goombi is the point of contact for University
Dr. Wildcat and Dr. Chenault have been wrapping up projects started, such as performance appraisals, but will be relocating for the positions they will be serving in.
Question: What is the status of the org chart?

Dr. Chenault indicated the organization chart is under review and there are areas that will need to be modified, such as the majority of faculty not having a Dean.

This has to be corrected and these kinds of issues are being looked at. There have been some discussion with multiple groups and input from campus which will be pulled together so that recommendations on changes can be considered.

The intent is to identify changes to fit Haskell within the parameters of the org chart. It’s being approached from a functional organization approach and areas we’ve identified as priorities. For example, at what point do we start building in functions organizationally, such as retention and student success. Based on the input solicited we will get information out soon for campus input.

Question: What about strategic planning?

Dr. Chenault stated a contract for facilitation of strategic planning at Haskell is set to go out for bid. Optimistic that contract will be done and we’re working to begin the process this semester. The time span identified in our prior strategic plan has ended and we need to evaluate whether we accomplished everything we set out to. Is there anything in the prior plan that we need to continue, are there major gaps?

Where do we see Haskell ten years from now?

Presently, both SIPI and Haskell are preparing for strategic planning.

New Employee: Dr. Russell – I encourage you to stop by and meet Beverly Fortner, our new librarian. Also, thanks to Josh Arce and Kern Marketing in getting up new website for the library.

End of meeting. 9:41 a.m.

Mr.Larry Echohawk may we kindly suggest that people quit worrying about where Haskell Indian Nations University will be at in ten years from now, because if you don’t start getting rid of people like Venida Chenault, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Julia Goodfox, Mike Tosse, Dan Wildcat and Julia Goodfox and bring back Dr.Warner there is not going to be a Haskell Indian Nations University.

haskellnews commentary January 31, 2010

Haskell Indian Nations University Acting President Venida Chenault say’s no to Haskell’s Student Senate President attending this years AHIEC conference.

Haskell Indian Nations University Acting President Venida Chenault say’s no to Haskell’s Student Senate President attending this years AHIEC conference.

Well enough is about enough as far as how Venida Chenault is treating Haskell Indian Nations University Student Senate President, Janice Mendez this year.

First of all Venida takes away the student senate building, then their funding and now she is refusing to let the student senate president Janice Mendez attend this years American Indian Higher Education Consortium, 2010 Winter Meeting in Washington D.C.

Instead the vice president of student senate is on the agenda to go.

Come on as we said before there must be someone with enough power out there to help the student senate president.

If there is please step forward, you can find her most days on The Haskell campus (just ask around) or try her office in Stidham ( so far Venida Chenault hasn’t taken that yet..)

The AHIEC conference is scheduled for Feb 8 -11th so there is still time for Haskell’s student senate president to go and the vice president to stay in Lawrence.

Come on people someone step forward with a ticket and expense money for her, or at least make sure Haskell is taking her, they should be by all rights and like we just said the vice president by all rights needs to stay in Lawrence.

Venida Chenault you should be ashamed treating The Haskell student senate president this way..just because you don’t want her in this position!

If you see her on campus give her your support, she needs it !

Larry Echohawk, Stephanie Birdwell are you reading this????

Readers ask us if we are expanding the blog we are. At this time we are also at haskellnews.wordpress.com just scroll to the bottom of that page the click on haskellnews/blog.

haskellnews commentary 1/2910

You’re the Man, Sister at Haskell Indian Nations University.

Haskellnews commentary is interested in this whole argument proposed by Julia Goodfox, Mike Tosee, Dan Wildcat and Venida Chenault about decolonization.

From students’ interpretations of classroom discussions, it appears that other than proposing that we all stand up against decolonization, there doesn’t appear to be much logic or common sense behind these statements.

For example, we are not sure they can explain it, because the students don’t seem to be able to explain it.

You don’t have to ask current students, you can ask the graduate students in : Geographic Names Information System at University of Kansas who were taught at Haskell Indian Nations University. Or better yet, ask their Kansas University professors if any of Haskell’s students had a remote idea about the definition of decolonization or even how to find the definition.

Many legitimate activists propose that we stand up, as Native American people, and do not let the government dictate to them, but those legitimate activists are not FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, on the dole from Uncle Sam. Those activists actually believe that you should actualize self-determination.

They work in grassroots organizations ON TRIBAL LAND and IN TRIBAL COMMUNITIES in THIS country and they work for Native American people. We are guessing they consider such hypocrisy a serious weakening of the argument. Haskell American Indian Studies faculty are the poster children for illogical, half-baked unable to defend arguments.

All we need in Indian Country is a few dozen more students who turn into graduates without any skills and who take federal jobs so they can afford to criticize the federal government.

Haskell Indian Nations University Employees if you don’t like the federal government, the alternative is to find a job outside.

Does anyone believe that Venida Chenault can find someone to pay her $100K+ to complain besides Uncle Sam?

Or can anyone besides Uncle Sam pay you to pretend to write a disseration for….how many years. It’s almost like saying that Native Americans who get that far are too stupid to finish in the normal amount of time.

Another kudo for Haskell’s faculty; apparently time off to work on your degree and FINISH it works for other tribal colleges.

But then again, those other employees probably aren’t taking courses to teach decolonization.

haskellnews commentary 1/28/2010
By haskellnews

Haskell Indian Nations University’s Acting President Venita Chenault gives away student rooms and feeds them food that is not worth eating.

Haskell Indian Nations University’s Acting President Venita Chenault gives away student rooms and feeds them food that is not worth eating.


redcrow (Anonymous) says…

My problem is that when I came to Haskell Indian Nations University, I was told about how great the American Indian Studies Program was and all the other stuff.

And then I get to Haskell and am taking my classes and they were like little kid classes and half the students don’t even go to class and still get grades.

One of the boys in one of my classes never went to princess crazy hairs(Julia Goodfox)class and just showed up for the final and got a B.

Okay maybe he did so great on the final it got him the B.

I’m not good at math but I do know that if the final is half your grade and you only take the final its still an F.

So I have to sit in this class the whole semester listening to Julia Goodfox talking about how we need rise up and help Palestine or Hezbollah or whatever, how Native Americans should throw off the yolk of the federal government, and how we should organize and protest about Dr.Warner making the teachers teach 15 hours a semester.

I was glad when Dr.Warner left just so Julia Goodfox would shut up barking about her every class.

What did I learn from Julia Goodfox’s class, nothing. Only to try and not take crazy hair( Julia Goodfox) again.

We had to go to convocation for a grade and had to listen to Dan Wildcat and Venita Chenault slobber all over each other and dry hump each other for 20 minutes.

Most students once you knew you could get credit for going just left.

I think the truth is no one cares about us Haskell students.

When we moved in at the beginning of the semester about 100 students who preassigned had their rooms given away the first day because they didn’t show up that day.

No one told us we had to be there on the first day especially with the snow storm.

I was lucky because my mom told me to out before we got snowed in.

The student RA said all but one person preassigned showed up, like 220 people.

So if we all showed up, why give students rooms away.

Like I said no one cares about the Haskell Indian Nations University students.

If I hadn’t already taken so many classes now, I would just transfer.

Kind of like when you are driving and running out of gas, too far to turn back and just have to hope their is a gas station ahead.

My gas station is graduation and getting out of Haskell and making sure I tell everyone back home, to stay far away it.


redcrow (Anonymous) says…

Shut up Patrick Freeland.

You just cry all the time.

QQ You are so far up Chenault, Wildcat and Goodfox that every time they fart you feel the breeze. If you want to be Student Senate President then why don’t you run instead of stabbing Janice in the back and trying to play both sides.

Maybe your auntie Venita will hire you since you already act like all the other Haskell employees.

Am I mad, yes I am. You know what they gave me for lunch yesterday. A wienie. Yeah, a wienie. No bun, nothing else.

The lunch lady, really was the lunch dude now that I think of it, put a wienie on my plate. I asked where the bun was and he said he didn’t know and that there was bread over there if I just had to have it. If I just had to have it? wtf!

Then when I go to dinner to eat their dog food on a plate I look over in the leftover bins and see what looked like tater tots ground up in barbecued brisket and the wienies from lunch.

And this is what almost made me throw my plate at the dude. The had packages and packages of buns!

I asked him why we didn’t have the buns at lunch and he said no one wanted to go back and get them. That is some bull. Even when I worked at the king, if we would have done something like that, they would have fired me.

Then I am all happy because I think we are going to have taco salad for lunch and when I get there there is this big line and they scan my card and I am like 57 in line.

Before I even get my food, they tell us they ran out of the taco shells for the salad. How can you run out before you even give 57 (me) people a taco salad?

Did you only think 30 people were going to show up?

I hate Fast Eddie and think he was one of the meanest RAs and the meanest student conduct dude in the world but at least when he was cruzing through Curtis we had some food man.

We had steaks, fish, shrimp, spaghetti, and tons of other good stuff. we had steak and lobster for spring break and the graduation meal was off the hook.

Now I get a wienie with no bun, and taco salad with no taco and no salad.

That is just wrong…

Hello Larry Echohawk, let’s get rid of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and the rest of these people before Haskell Indian Nations University is no longer.

haskellnews commentary January 22, 2010.

Larry Echohawk /Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn….Realty certificates are not what Haskell Indian Nations University is for.

As Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas struggles to retain it’s title after having two of it’s new forth coming BA programs ( Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences and Liberal Arts) accreditation visit by The Higher Learning Commission canceled by “acting” Dan Wildcat with the blessings of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and Haskell’s four year education degree wobbles on after the sudden resignation of Dr. Russell Blackbird in December, we can only imagine what the thoughts of Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn are as she tries to put in place realty certificates for the Haskell students.

That’s right we said realty certificates.

Where would the money come from for this program?

Apparently The Department of The Interior needs people in those low end paying jobs(or do they?)and who better to try and sneak in on then some Native American students..after all should they be grateful to walk out of Haskell with something.. right?

Except that these students are at a University not a two year college.

They made the decision to attend a four year university in hopes of getting a four year degree and right now Haskell only offers four of those (we really don’t know why Haskell even offers AA degrees any longer, other four year universities don’t … Kansas University for example) and then acting as if the continuing students are not already there they are made to reapply to one of it’s four year degree programs.

Now there is a new twist…what about those students who were(are)taking the classes to get into one of the new BA programs? We would like to hear from them.

It is hard to understand why these certificates would not be offered at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute a two year Native American College in Albuquerque, New Mexico or better yet online or what about The National Indian Programs Training Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico? The United States tax payers spend millions of dollars on that facility….might as well use it.

Certificates are just that and while they may serve a purpose they do not belong at Haskell Indian Nations University.

Haskell needs those two BA programs accreditation visit put back into place and The Bureau of Indian Education needs to start serving the needs of it’s Haskell students.

haskellnews commentary January 21, 2010.

How long will it take for Larry Echohawk’s people to answer questions from the Kansas senators (U.S. Sen.Roberts, U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback and U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins)?

And from our comments section:

goldpurple6 (Anonymous) says…

Nothing is going to be done unless Larry Echohawk (Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs) owns up to the fact that the people in charge of the Bureau of Indian Education, Washington D.C.and Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas are not qualified.

How long will it take for Larry Echohawk’s people to answer questions from the Kansas senators (U.S. Sen.Roberts, U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback and U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins)?

I cannot understand how Larry Echohawk’s staff ( Stephanie Birdwell,Kevin Skenadore and now the actings at Haskell) are given authority to destroy opportunities for students, current and future and make the campus more chaotic and creating a hostile work environment.

If you are in an acting position, how much authority are you given?

Aren’t actings only suppose to be keeping things afloat?

Trying to “save face” meaning trying to save their reputations and getting revenge is what is is all about and American Indian people are good at that and that is what the people in charge are doing.

Shame on you administrators with MSWs (Masters in Social Work) , you took a code of ethics and should be living up to those codes and what about the ethics you are suppose to be abiding by as a Federal employee?

haskellnews commentary 20, 2010

Haskell Indian Nations University has instructors getting time off with pay to finish their Ph.D’s.. so why aren’t they finished?

Once again we felt a comment was so good we have made it our blog entry.

sypeccary (Anonymous) says…

Haskellnews now that you’re on the topic of Goodfox (actually she’s always been right in the mix) whatever happened to the Indigenous Nations Studies Journal that she was in charge of?

And what happened to the American Indian and Alaskan Native Professors Association conference that her KU buddy YellowBird put her in charge of when she was his student?

And did she ever get the PhD that Warner allowed her to work on with full pay?

Is it true the Union is comprised of members from AIS faculty (the same ones who have not provided actual facts to students about issues on campus)

Its obvious they don’t provide facts about issues on campus, but the content of her AIS class is lacking more than a few facts too. Can you post the outline of the course?

To question # 1 We believe you will find this link helpful: Stating that Ms. Goodfox is currently on the Indigenous Nations Studies Today Editorial Board from 2006 – present . You may find this link helpful. http://www.linkedin.com/in/juliagoodfox

To question # 2 We found nothing for the conference past 2005, however there may be more information out there and we welcome that information to be posted on our blog. You may find this link helpful we did, it list Venita Chenault and Karen Swisher however there was nothing listed on it for Ms. Goodfox. https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/michael/www/nativeprofs/conferenceinfo/index.htm

To question # 3 No Ms. Goodfox does not have a Ph.D nor does her fellow faulty AIS instructor Mike Tosee, however, they were both given time off with pay to finish their Ph.D’s by Dr. Warner . At this time Teresa Milk has been hired to teach for Mike Tosee while he is given more time off to finish his Ph.D. You may find this link helpful: http://www.haskell.edu

To question # 4 We do not know the answer as to Haskell employees who comprised their union. However we do know that the Haskell Union is a closed shop and Haskell employees can be represented by that particular union without their knowledge or consent. We invite anyone with more information on this question to post it to our blog.

To question # 5 Good question, however, we could not find any course outline posted for Ms.Goodfox classes. Again we invite anyone with more information on this question to post it to our blog. Ms. Goodfox does currently have a blog that you may find helpful: lastwoman.wordpress.com and also say’s about herself on Tweeter that she “acts up on the side”, we found that statement disturbing for for Haskell Indian Nations University faulty member to say. You may may find this link helpful: twitter.com/goodfox

haskellnews commentary January 18, 2010.