Haskell Indian Nations University’s 2009 New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions (we think Bureau of Indian Education should make)


Individual should resolve to resign who fall in these categories: any BIE individual with valid “hostile work environment” findings; any individual with more than six IG investigations; any convicted felons still working for BIE; any individual who engages in behavior defined as unethical, illegal, or immoral, any individual grossly unqualified for the rank of SES. (Okay, we think BIE could fire these guys and it would meet our 2010 resolution.

The FBI should resolve to take action against: All former FBI employees who terrorize colleagues by having their former FBI colleagues pretend to investigate people; these individuals should be held to the same standard now that they are out of the service as they were while they were in….of course that’s probably why they are not still pursuing that career.

State’s Attorney General should resolve to investigate all claims of unemployement filed by employees who had grants and were paid grants, stipends, or honorarium while taking unemployment. They should investigate why personnel DID not report this as well.

Board of Regents at Haskell should resolve that the first question they ask when stepping on campus is now “How can I help students?” instead of the usual, “where’s my check?”

Someone in Finance should resolve to do a forensic audit of the student bank and the federal finance system.

Interior (officials remain unnamed) should resolve to hire a Director for Bureau of Indian Education who actually knows education in the hopes that he will set a standard for the Deputy Directors. Okay that ship has sailed, but maybe the Deputy Directors could resolve not to promote the status quo by undermining the new director.

Personnel officials could resolve to actually hire people who meet university standards so accreditation does not suffer instead of “time in grade” required by federal regulations as minimumally qualified; in fact, maybe someone could quit using minimally qualified instructors throughout BIE. Not sure what they can do about a whole department who awards a degree without any academic preparation in the field. Another ship sailed.

United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs could resolve to open the “can of worms” in BIE and ask some relevant questions. Actually, we’re thinking this is on their informal agenda already; looking forward to seeing it on their formal agenda in 2010.

Office of Personnel Management should resolve to follow the class action lawsuit filed by the Navajo Nation on behalf of Indian employees against BIE to try to determine if the “seat of your pants” decision-making in personnel should continue.

The Office of Budget and Management should look at spending to see if they can determine why costs in certain departments soar and are widely off targets set by larger universities for the same services; food services comes to mind.

Instructors should resolve to actually work a 40 hour week and maybe, just maybe, rethink their syllabus.

Higher Learning Commission should resolve to follow-up on student inquiries about processes used to cancel new degrees.

Well, that’s one resolution for each month that we hope is made and next year on this date, we hope we can provide the findings.

haskellnews Commentary December 31, 2009 Happy New Year


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