Kevin Skenandore’s Bureau of Indian Education’s SOS

Kevin Skenandore’s SOS

The Bureau of Indian Education, like all government agencies, has lots of acronyms. The highly qualified, ever-ready super management team for BIE includes best friends, best men, and an occassional well-known felon, but soon they will add one last “coup” to this team before the new director can take over.

For example, if you write the job description (like you did all the others) and you post it the required number of days and you get a certificate and if Mr. Jim Hastings isn’t on it, what do you do? You cancel the advertisement, re-write the KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities) so that they fit the person you have already selected, and you re-advertise. And you do this on speed dial to personnel so that you can get him hired before the new director is selected. That accomplished, you will have in place enough people to CYA while you wait to retire to the waterways of the Northwest.

What can Larry Echohawk do, as a political, to begin his promised change. I bet even Echohawk knows that Skenandore’s SOS (System of Support) is loving referred to as SAME OLD STUFF (okay, maybe some people replace STUFF with a different S word) everywhere in the Bureau. You would think that Echohawk would be personnel savey enough to FREEZE hiring in the BIE. Everywhere. We have been calling for a thorough investigation of such management practices and are moving our request outside of Interior now.

We think Echohawk has thrown in the towel (TNTT). This will fit right into the plans of the real change agents in Indian Country who actually believe in tribal self-determination and who are working on new ideas to RIP (Return Indian Power) the BIE out of Interior and give it to tribes, or DOE (education) or anyone with some morals and backbone.

haskellnews commentary January 5, 2009

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One response to “Kevin Skenandore’s Bureau of Indian Education’s SOS

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    snowing (Anonymous) says…

    Same old same old. What are Mr.Hastings qualifications? Is he a social worker too? These jobs need to go to people who are actually qualified for them. The Bureau of Indian Education is suppose to educate native people not dole out jobs to their friends.

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