Look’s like it is takes two people to be Haskell’s acting president while Dr.Linda Sue Warner is away.

Apparently Washington’s D.C. Bureau of Indian Education’s Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn didn’t realize what a hard job being the president of Haskell Indian Nations University really is and all the hard work that Dr. Linda Sue Warner actually put into it.

Look’s like it is takes two people to be acting president to replace one Dr.Linda Sue Warner while she is away.


Dr. Dan Wildcat with Dr. Venita Chenault ( Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn on chorus)

Venita Chenault: We can have a dream, baby.

Dan Wildcat: We can make that dream so real.

Venita Chenault: We can talk about bein’ in love with the idea of being Haskell Indian Nations University ACTING Presidents.

Venita Chenault: We can say how it really feels.

Venita Chenault: We can wish upon a star.

Dan Wildcat: We can make that wish come true, yeah.

Venita Chenault: We can stand alone in the president’s office.

Dan Wildcat: We can make the light shine through.

CHORUS (Dan Wildcat, Venita Chenault, And Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn): It takes us, baby It takes us, baby Me and you, just takes two It takes us, baby It takes us, baby To make a dream come true, just takes two, me and you.

Venita Chenault: We can have a broken heart, livin’ in misery thinkin of what livin a president’s life could really mean.

Dan Wildcat: We can really ease the pain like a perfect remedy.

Venita Chenault: We can be alone in a car, on a nights like these all alone dreamin of how to be Haskell’s next acting presidency.

Dan Wildcat: We ( Venita , I and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn) can make Haskell seem like our own by calling ourselves it’s acting presidents and pretending it is our our kingdom. It just takes two, It just takes two. Me and you.

Venita Chenault: We can move into the Haskell’s president’s office, lookin’ for some special treatment.

Dan Wildcat: We can make that single move somethin’ really kinda sweet.

Venita Chenault: We can take a walk in the moonlight, thinkin’ it’s really nice that we are so special royalty really.

Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn: But three walkin’ hand-in-hand is like addin’ just a pinch of spice.


haskellnews commentary Jan 8, 2010


12 responses to “Look’s like it is takes two people to be Haskell’s acting president while Dr.Linda Sue Warner is away.

  1. haskellnews posting for

    millie (Anonymous) says…

    You mean both Venita Chenault and Dan Wildcat signed documents on the same day as acting president of Haskell????
    That place is screwed up !!!!
    Time for it to go bye-bye.

  2. haskellnews commentary posting for

    sypeccary (Anonymous) says…

    Were they both appointed to serve at the same time? Did one of them mistakenly put the wrong date or maybe just thought they were appointed? Somebody, either in Lawrence or in BIE Land but probably both, screwed up.

    Too bad that Haskell has become a national joke and it’s going to be very hard to recover from all this. Very sad for all of those faculty, staff and students who mean well.

  3. haskellnews commentary posting for

    drillsgt (Anonymous) says…

    vc is giving promised jobs to her friends…shame on her..and making decisions on gossip and hear say…shame ..and …well she done enough damage…sorry for the students who are there now…..

  4. haskellnews commentary posting for

    ssakcaj (Anonymous) says…

    Come on guys, I can explain this one. They each only work half days, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

    My friend out at Haskell was telling me about this friday evening, Dan Wildcat was appointed by Chris Redman back in December to be assigned to the office of vice president of university services. He started that job this past Monday. So he knew he wasn’t the president when he signed the above memos. The funny thing about the Wildcat detail one was that Chris Redman sent it out as the From:, but Venida Chenault signed it. Why? I don’t know. Third base.

    He says it is like a comedy act out there. People and not just Wildcat and Chenault are putting out memos, assigning themselves titles. I guess Mike Lewis the bookkeeper has promoted himself to Chief Financial Officer. This is the same clown that got slammed by the post Warner audit for having “insubstantial to non-exisitent financial controls.” He was required to prepare a documented and reviewed policy for the auditors and then have training for anyone working with his department as well as his staff. And for Warner bashers, this guy is not supervised by her, rather he is directly supervised by the BIA/BIE.

    The other sad part he was saying is that over the next two months Dr. Warner had laid out over 20 million dollars worth of grant applications that Faculty and staff were supposed to be working on and since she left nothing has been done and in all probablity no applications will be submitted. Admittedly, an application is no guarantee of an award, but if they received even 5%, one million dollars, that would represent around ten percent of the whole universities budget.

    One last thing I remember is that he said that evidently the actiing Presidents don’t work on the weekends since every time there is a detail one ends on Friday and the next starts on Monday. I guess that way if anything happens on the weekend, it’s not anyone’s fault.

  5. haskellnews commentary posting for
    haskellfriend (Anonymous) says…

    Haskellnews you should be ashamed of yourself! To post documentation on the internet is highly unprofessional! You think you know soooo much about what goes on out there, but I think your just some Dr. Warner sider trying to make her look good! You want to talk about friends being hired out there then why did Dr. Warner appoint her former daughter-in-law out there to work with her. Not to mention that most of the people she hired were hired illegally and aren’t even qualified to be in those postions. Get your facts strait or shut up!

  6. haskellnews commentary posting for

    screen_name (Anonymous) says…

    I think it’s great that haskellnews can let the world know what’s going on Haskell. And I think Dr. Warner hired some very qualified individuals, so legal that they stood the challenge, such as the AD and both VP’s of University Services. All three of those individuals actually had extensive experience in their respective fields at other colleges or at other institutions. Too bad the same can’t be said for the current slew of “acting” people now, whose only administrative experience is their “acting” status at only 1 place – Haskell.

  7. haskellnews commentary posting for

    ndnjoe (Anonymous) says…

    vc is giving promised jobs to her friends…shame on her..and making decisions on gossip and hear say…shame ..and …well she done enough damage…sorry for the students who are there now…..

    Kind of like Warner giving jobs to the Gipp family who are employed at Haskell for when she worked “under” 😛 Gerald Gipp. Are those two like several others who got upgraded positions and both have been working for years on getting their higher educational degrees, but haven’t got them yet. If I remember there was a directive back in the late 90s that instructors were to have Masters? But yet they still keep getting promotions, but no degree. Not to focus on just them, I think there are a few others in this position as well. Shame on them.

  8. haskellnews commentary posting for

    ndnjoe (Anonymous) says…

    Forgot to metion, I do like that you did provide us with these documents. Now these are actual things that show there is some issues going on at the helm and the search for a new president needs to be moved into motion very quickly. God rest his sole, Wallace Gulluzzi wish you were still with us.

  9. haskellnews commentary posting for

    sypeccary (Anonymous) says…

    Right, screenname
    Haskellfriend the hiring has been investigated by the BIE and there was no wrongdoing. Tell us who is unqualified. Are you referring to the immediate relative of one of the interim presidents?
    Someone needs to get their facts “strait.”

  10. haskellnews commentary posting for

    millie (Anonymous) says…

    @ndnjoe The Gipp family was there long before Dr. Warner and I believe held their present positions before she arrived.

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