“Actings” destroying Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas has long been the unpopular step child of both The Bureau of Indian Affairs and The Bureau of Indian Education.

It is now completely out of hand run into the ground by The Bureau of Indian Education’s Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn a social worker, Mr. Chris Redman a person with no experience what so ever in running a university and Venita Chenault who has never worked anywhere else except when Dr.Warner had the foresight to detail her to Kansas University for a year. Same with Dan Wildcat .

We now sadly stand by and watch while without Dr.Warner’s leadership skills and education, Haskell limps along on what is surely be it’s last breathe, unless, by some miracle Three Kansas Republicans U.S. Sen. Roberts, U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback and U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins can put Dr.Warner back at the Haskell helm ( that is if she is willing to be back at the Haskell Helm ) with the full support of Washington D.C. get rid of the Haskell trouble makers and get a new Haskell Board of Regents. Some are saying even with that it may be too late for Haskell Indian Nations University.

We thought these replies to our last blog ” It takes Two Baby ” worth wild to reprint and so without further ado…

sypeccary (Anonymous) says…

Were they both appointed to serve at the same time? Did one of them mistakenly put the wrong date or maybe just thought they were appointed? Somebody, either in Lawrence or in BIE Land but probably both, screwed up.

Too bad that Haskell has become a national joke and it’s going to be very hard to recover from all this. Very sad for all of those faculty, staff and students who mean well.

8 January 2010

drillsgt (Anonymous) says…

VC (Venita Chenault) is giving promised jobs to her friends…shame on her..and making decisions on gossip and hear say…shame ..and …well she done enough damage…sorry for the students who are there now…..

9 January 2010

ssakcaj (Anonymous) says…

Come on guys, I can explain this one. They each only work half days, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

My friend out at Haskell was telling me about this friday evening, Dan Wildcat was appointed by Chris Redman back in December to be assigned to the office of vice president of university services. He started that job this past Monday. So he knew he wasn’t the president when he signed the above memos. The funny thing about the Wildcat detail one was that Chris Redman sent it out as the From:, but Venida Chenault signed it. Why? I don’t know. Third base.

He says it is like a comedy act out there. People and not just Wildcat and Chenault are putting out memos, assigning themselves titles. I guess Mike Lewis the bookkeeper has promoted himself to Chief Financial Officer. This is the same clown that got slammed by the post Warner audit for having “insubstantial to non-existent financial controls.” He was required to prepare a documented and reviewed policy for the auditors and then have training for anyone working with his department as well as his staff. And for Warner bashers, this guy is not supervised by her, rather he is directly supervised by the BIA/BIE.

The other sad part he was saying is that over the next two months Dr. Warner had laid out over 20 million dollars worth of grant applications that Faculty and staff were supposed to be working on and since she left nothing has been done and in all probablity no applications will be submitted. Admittedly, an application is no guarantee of an award, but if they received even 5%, one million dollars, that would represent around ten percent of the whole universities budget.

One last thing I remember is that he said that evidently the acting Presidents don’t work on the weekends since every time there is a detail one ends on Friday and the next starts on Monday. I guess that way if anything happens on the weekend, it’s not anyone’s fault.

haskellnews commentary Jan 10, 2010


3 responses to ““Actings” destroying Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

  1. haskellnews posting for

    ndnjoe (Anonymous) says…

    First off, your out of line to state that Haskell has been at any time a unpopular step child. You have no MOU’s or any facts to support that. Now it calls into question what other things you might have mentioned just off the cuff of your own personal opinion.

    Second, everybody alive has supporters and ney sayers, Dr. Warner does the same. It appears that there are just as many that want her out of there, students, staff, and BIE as may want her there. So your “personal statement” that without her the school will sink….highly doubtful.

    I am glad to see people in the Kansas political system stepping in to get answers, but I hope that they are for not actually flexing their muscle to bring Warner back. That would be for somebody else to do, not them. I hope that can’t be the case. They may know about the state of Kansas educational issue, but they don’t know Indian education. Let me be the grease the gets the wheels turning, but stay out of who is President at Haskell. Brownback, Roberts, and Jenkins need to know not every Native has the views of Haskellnews, nor as totally happy with thier involvement, but understand their need to address the issue.

    Sorry to whoever posted Haskell as a national joke. Like you, I talk with Native people on a daily basis across the country, and quite the opposite. They still have a high respect for Haskell, but question what is going on. One thing we all agree on, corruption and lack of leadership skills are the ills of what bring programs, schools, and organizations down, so are you all pointing your fingers at the leadership? Which by the way would have been in this order, Gipp, Swisher, and Warner. Do we throw Bob Martin in there?

    I like you do have concern with working less that 8 hours a day and have also voiced my concern to those I know about this. If I am correct, they are salary employee’s. Which means they get their pay for 8 hours of day work, anything less the need to be placed on leave without pay, be written up. Should the action continue, released. If they are with a contract program, then they have some wiggle room there, the contract is a salary for a duty to be performed, not by the hour.

    To keep up with many other collegiate teaching levels, they should be teaching at least 12 credit hours per semester, and if not in class, have office hours posted for student contact, departmental meetings, or other duties as assigned, (that statement is normally the last line of all the BIA/BIE employment job applications I have signed for the past 20 years)…so they can be assigned other duties.

  2. haskellnews commentary posting for

    millie (Anonymous) says…

    Sorry I posted that statement to the wrong blog.
    However I do agree with Haskell news that Haskell is indeed the unpopular step child of the BIE/BIA if it weren’t why detail the only person out of there who was making positive changes for the students? Why in the world would they put a social worker in charge? One of two things come to mind they are tired of Haskell and want it to fail or they simply do not care about Native people and their education. I applaud Haskell news and also the Kansas senators who are trying to make a difference.

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