Hey, Larry Echohawk look at this!

Congratulations to Haskell Indian Nations University Students who by majority vote decided to follow up on the programmatic cancellation of the Liberal Arts Degree and the Community Health degree.

The American Indian Studies( A.I.S.) club was there, yelling and trying to talk over the Senate President, but apparently there are enough unanswered questions that the students asked for follow-up by someone who will tell them the truth…….Thank-you, Janice Mendez Haskell’s Student Senate President.

They were no more outside the building than the someone started posting flyers about increased costs and a rally.

We suppose that means that they knew they were going to lose because it’s like having Superbowl Champion t-shirts made up before the game. At least Ms. Juila ( instructor, not doctor ) Goodfox is training those guys to be prepared.

So now they are spreading more rumors about increased costs to them. What is the actual cost to AIS students? The Department?

Well for starters, those people who are “forced choiced” into a default liberal arts program like AIS will now get to choose and they may not want to have a bachelors degree in an area no one can define.

Try to find another university in the world that does not have a general education degree, like liberal arts.

Now why isn’t it going to cost an arm and a leg?

Well because all the courses are delivered already, so the faculty is in place; the same is true of HSES. With Haskell’s faculty and partnerships, there would not need to be an absolute $dollar cost to Haskell.

Someone forgot to tell those traditionally prepared native students that it is wrong to spread lies; you can have a difference of opinion, which you already shared at the top of your voice, but the decision to look for better answers is not a bad one.

Good job Haskell Student Senate.

On a second note; the entire federal government in DC seems to be shut down; it’s a good thing that Dr.Venida Chenault can fly to Central Office West in ABQ and hire people like crazy this week before Larry Echohawk gets wind of what she and Kay Hayes are doing.

Central Office west says that Larry Echohawk is now micro-managing—like it’s a bad thing that he wants to know what happens. He should have frozen hiring in the entire Bureau of Education until the new director is named.

Venida Chenault is scheduled (the new term for preselection) to appoint Karen Gill as the Vice President for University Services.

Is this the same Karen Gillis responsible as the supervisor for “the worst case of hostile work environment” noted by recent reports; is it the same Karen Gillis who chauffeured around the convicted sex abuser who got sent home because he had a warrant out for him?

Fortitutious snowstorm for Chenault, but it is just calls for more shoveling out than just the white stuff.

University council attendees say that Chenault can’t even answer questions coherently; it’s a good thing Josh ( her son) is there to sit next to her and hold her hand.

Is he going to be there tomorrow for the strategic planning meeting? We hope so; because someone might ask a question. People are quickly learning not to ask questions though.

haskellnews Commentary February 11, 2010


3 responses to “Hey, Larry Echohawk look at this!

  1. haskellnews commentary posting for

    geekin_topekan (Anonymous) says…


    Follow the money guys. See what funds were to be diverted from Liberal Arts and Community Health and to where. I am guessing…AIS?? New dollars for travel, new man on payroll, new “research” projects and “PhD”s to be ventured. All of which are good things for sure but not when few benefit and hundreds…thousands pay.

    I hope that this little wake up call picks up momentum because I guarantee that there is much more diversion of $$, then advancement of Native peoples, going on.

    “those programs weren’t lost because we never had them in the first place”
    I see PF took Phil100. If that were the case then why the shouting?

    These comments are suggestive only, I know nothing.

  2. haskellnews commentary posting for

    jgaznative (Anonymous) says…

    Chenault will try to surround herself with people just like her.

    How can she make this decision? Shouldn’t a big hire like this come from the BIE?

    I have a cousin who came out of that AIS program and the degree is a joke. It was easy to get but you pay theprice for not knowing what AIS is supposed to be. Got rejected by every graduate program applied for except the one at KU and that wasnt much better. This is the fault of the student posing as a AIS teacher and the people like Chenault who allow her to get away with it. What are JuliaGoodfoxs qualifications anyway? Incompetent teachers and hack Red Alert writers need to be exposed. But it sure isn’t doing much good in this format, haskellnews.

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