There needs to be a hiring freeze at Haskell Indian Nations University.

Congratulations are in store for Haskell Indian Nations University Acting President Venida Chenault.

We would like to list a few of Venida Chenault’s accomplishments in the short time that she has been back at Haskell:

Venida Chenault held an in service day ( In service days at a university? Not done. They are a part of grade school schedules though). last Friday that was hardly announced to the Haskell campus employees, some of them didn’t even receive a notice that it was being held, it wasn’t on Haskell’s announcements either.

Not that Haskell employees really cared anyway, only about 40 or 50 of the 250 employees Haskell has, showed up.

So maybe it was a secret in service, after all Venida’s little group of supporters were there sitting it in the front row and that was about it for attendees.

Venida shut down classes for an entire day at Haskell, so 40 maybe 50 employees could show up for what?… A Venida love fest as we heard it.

We do want to note that Ms.Wildhair was there, clapping every time Venida opened her mouth. You know Ms.Willdhair you get paid the same if you clap once, twice or a hundred times and all your clapping is getting annoying.

Let’s move on to sports. Seems Venida Chenault had herself announced at the Haskell’s Men’s Basketball game as Haskell Acting President and one person clapped….Ms.Wildhair must have been there. The way Venida is the treating men’s basketball team we are surprised they didn’t boo her right on out the door.

Venida has taken away the student senate building from the students and not given them access to their own activities funds.

Venida’s second in command over at housing seems to be nowhere to be found, so what is going on with that? Maybe Venida should call her sister Nadine Milne ( who works for Venida in housing) and ask her if she has seen or heard from him, since Venida apparently doesn’t know what is going on with your own employees. With his new shift 1-10p.m. you would think someone would see him or at least hear from him.

Venida should also check up on Dan Wildcat, apparently he is so overwhelmed with his new acting position that he can’t even answer employee e-mails!

Venida has taken the Indian Leader away from its last director and handed that over to “her adopted daughter”.

Venida has let Curtis close a half hour early ( how are the student athletics suppose to eat )? and allows the Curtis staff to treat the students horribly and feed them food that most people would not feed to their dogs.

Venida has tried to tear down every good program and change that Dr.Warner put in place for the Haskell students. Clearly showing she does not have Haskell students best interest at heart, just her own agenda.

By the way what’s going on with The Red Center?

Venida tried not take the Haskell Student Senate President to the AIHEC convention in Washington D.C. this year and replaced her with the vice president. We understand the student senate president is now going …but why is the student senate vice president going and who is paying for that? Since it is always the student senate president who attends.

Venida is allowing The American Indian Studies students (some, not all) to run all over campus posting flyers(lies) about the two new degree programs. Who is telling the A.I.S. students those lies? Surely not the same instructor who sleeps with some of them and then gives them A’s in her classes is it? AIS lost the vote and now they are trying to change it, the majority of the Haskell students want those two new BA programs, the vote will stand, the programs also. AIS will lose some students to those new BA programs and they know it…too bad.

Why would any group of students on any campus not want want new BA programs( could their instructors be telling them lies about the programs)? and want to protest against them ( a protest no one showed up for.. but nevertheless) and who was passing out all the students cell phone numbers texting them and telling them to show up to protest, who has all those private numbers?

Venida and her Native sister Miss.Wildhair have also let rumors spread that the current president of Haskell’s Student Senate is a supporter of Dr.Warner’s. So what if she is..last time we checked we still live in a free country. However, it goes to show us just how much Venida and Ms.Wildhair and the rest of their cronies are out to destroy anything or anyone connected to Dr.Warner even if those things or persons are in the best interest of the students.

Teachers like Shelly Bointy whose grant will expire in June. She wasn’t told to reapply for the same job she now holds… was she?? She is one of the best teachers that Haskell has and we are watching that situation very closely, actually we are watching for any harassment of Haskell employees( who are thought be be Dr.Warner supporters) by Vendia Chenault and her little gang, we wonder how the employees in the president’s office who worked under Dr.Warner are fairing? ..Can anyone say lawsuit??

Congratulations to Venida Chenault for almost single handily destroying Haskell Indian Nations University.

Larry Echohawk, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn are you getting all of this? Venida Chenault is just an acting and a bad one at that. Why is she allowed to make any changes or hire any new employees? There needs to be a hiring freeze at Haskell.

Mr. Larry Echohawk you need to get rid of Venida Chenault and the rest of her little gang. She’s not making either you or Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn look very good.

haskellnews commentary 02/14/2010


15 responses to “There needs to be a hiring freeze at Haskell Indian Nations University.

  1. haskellnews commentary posting for

    geekin_topekan (Anonymous) says…

    “AIS will lose some students to those new BA programs and they know it…too bad.”
    Is it students that they are worried of losing or is it $$$, that they are worried about losing?
    My guess is the latter. Big plans must be in store for the diversion of those $$.

  2. haskellnews commentary posting for

    goldpurple6 (Anonymous) says…

    Friendofhaskell, you must be a friend of the current acting. No leader is perfect, however the changes Dr. Warner was trying to implement was to further the institution. Truly the misleadings and false information spread by people who are followers and the attempts to stop progress were led by people perfectly placed in positions (faculty senate, curriculum committee and the union all of whom seem to be the same people). These people do not have students best intentions in mind and are only set on furthering their own personal agendas. Let us thank Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn who clearly has no business leading the Division of Postsecondary Education for being the decison maker in allowing the current actings to act out and help run Haskell into the ground. Why didn’t she try to stop them when they canceled the accreditation visits to bring in two new bachelor programs? Oh that’s right, she has no idea what she is doing. As for the Board, can someone, anyone show me what this board has done for the school? How much money have they brought in opposed to how much money Haskell has spent on them? I wonder what those numbers looks like. Your tax dollars hard at work folks. Isn’t there anyone else at Haskell qualified to be the acting President? Come on now, there has to be other people besides the current acting that have true experience in providing leadership and can be objective and not vindictive. What about instructor in business that just finished their PhD?

    We should all be on the side of the students. Unfortunately, the current actings are making this an us against “any one who opposes us” battle.

  3. haskellnews commentary posting for

    speakyoursoul10 (Anonymous) says…

    I strongly encourage people to check their facts. If you are a true supporter of Haskell you will ask questions and not get your information from Julia Good Fox or Mike Tosee and double check information posted on this blog. Did you know you can request information based on the Freedom of Information Act? And also be careful what you say and list, slander is grounds for legal action. With that said, can erck85 and friendofhaskell prove the allegations they made against Dr. Warner or is it based on hearsay? What can be proven is a sad attempt at having an ‘in service’ day to plan for Haskell’s future did occur on Friday with a less than stellar number of people in attendance (this is my opinion). As a taxpayer and concerned supporter of Haskell it is upsetting to know how much time and money was wasted on Friday. Isn’t is true Haskell already had a day off due to the weather when other local postsecondary institutions still held classes? Don’t the majority of Haskell students live on campus? Will students ever get this time back? Back to Friday’s meeting, when will the information obtained from this planning meeting be made public? How many employees were in attendance? Were they required to sign in to prove they were in attendance making them accountable? What as the agenda? What were the objectives? How is this going to benefit Haskell in the near future? How as the information about the meeting communicated? Were employees encouraged to give feedback and was it received objectively? The current actings need to understand they aren’t just answering to Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn but to other concerned supporters. In my estimation, if you have 50 faculty at GS-11 salaries and they spent 8 hours at an all day meeting that was not planned well the total money that was used for that one day would total roughly to $15,000 to $20,000 depending on their step and types of benefits. The statement made in the above blog mentioned not all faculty were involved. Is this how we want our tax dollars spent, toward the progression of nothing? What about the other 200 employees, how did they spend their day? In the end a big waste of time and money.

  4. haskellnews commentary posting for

    millie (Anonymous) says…

    I was at the ” in service” day it was a joke. Should have been called Venida Chenault Day. I love the way friendofhaskell (Ha)! and erck 85 are trying to take the attention off of all the mess that Haskell is currently in due to Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and Venida Chenault and her group. Could they be Venida and Julia?
    About 45 Haskell employees were at the in -service and I know for a fact that not all employees were told about it, except by the students!
    haskellnews keep up the good work these people need to be exposed and if their “friends” don’t like it maybe they should stay off of this blog

  5. haskellnews commentary posting for

    sunshiny (Anonymous) says…

    There will always be opinions that vary, but rarely can they get the facts to change. If saying you are going to sue someone for slander or libel is bullying, and they continue to slander and libel, then they asked for it. Someone needs to stand up and I hope Warner does. Otherwise we will be back to doing this all over again in a regular cycle; they did this to Swisher, Martin and Gipp. The same bunch that now calls Swisher crying….
    Sorry but I thought that comment about the Board was kinda funny (send in the clowns).

  6. haskellnews commentary posting for

    oklahomandn (Anonymous) says…

    The only good thing is that we know Venida will NEVER be the real president of Haskell. She’s screwed up so bad, no one in their right minds will give her the job now.

  7. haskellnews commentary posting for

    jgaznative (Anonymous) says…

    Warner is not the only person these people have tried to destroy. Clear intent to ruin reputations and careers is a crime. Should be interesting when the lawyers step in.

  8. haskellnews commentary posting for

    millie (Anonymous) says…

    @ jgaznative It was Geoge Tiger ( Haskell Board of Regents Pres) crying because he had a garage sale and raised a few dollars for something for the students instead of lobbying in Washington D.C. like he should have been.

  9. haskellnews commentary posting for

    Hektor (Anonymous) says…

    Why can’t Haskell be shut down?

    It’s 2010 not 1810. I don’t see any teepees around town. The whole tribal scheme is a dangerous fiction that, for all I can see, just keeps a group of people in perpetual poverty.

  10. haskellnews commentary posting for

    snowing (Anonymous) says…

    @ Hektor If Venida Chenault and her little gang don’t get booted out of there soon that is exactly what is going to happen.
    You are right…all Haskell is right now is a place for employees to come and pick up their paychecks, even the anti U.S. government ones.

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