Haskell Indian Nations University Acting President Venida Chenaults attempt to stifle free speech.

Image Haskell News Commentary obtained this document written by Haskell Indian Nations University ACTING President Venida Chenault.

Let’s take a look at it shall we…

Transitions in leadership…well Chenualt is right about that because there is currently NO leadership at Haskell and Chenault needs to remember that she is an ACTING.

Some level of disagreement…….well that would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.

The lack of civil discourse in some of these discussions…DAN WILDCAT CANCELED the accreditation visit for the two new BA programs what do you expect?

No employee or representative of Haskell has the authority to report these degrees have been approved….well NOT NOW that DAN WILDCAT has canceled the accreditation visit…maybe you should go talk to him and by the way why are you talking to the media? Why have YOU not been fired for that?

Haskell Employees will be held accountable for making false statements…as determined by WHOM? YOU? False statements….why didn’t Janice Mendez go to Washington D.C…..explain that…talk about false statements.

Veiled threats to Haskell Indian Nations University Employees free speech? You decide………

Haskell News Commentary 03/10/2010


32 responses to “Haskell Indian Nations University Acting President Venida Chenaults attempt to stifle free speech.

  1. NMXeagle (anonymous) says…

    “Employees will be held accountable….” This would be funny if it wasn’t so disgusting. The acting and her supporters have engaged in slander against Warner, numerous Haskell employees and others outside of the school with the clear intent of destroying careers and reputations.

  2. screen_name (anonymous) says…

    Civil discourse begins at the top. If there is no civil discourse that is inclusive of the ENTIRE campus (not just being civil to your flunkies, and putting on a good show for others), then there will be a definite lack of civil discourse throughout the entire organization. And yes, I read the implied threat about spreading false rumors. She is such a joke and must be really tired of these blogs. But what goes around comes around.

  3. geekin_topekan (anonymous) says…

    The rez has come to Lawrence, Ks.

    Why all this talk about native value and progress when the actings are doing nothing but providing the students with the absolute best that the reservation has to offer? Where is the incentive to come to Haskell? It surely must not lie on education and breaking the cycle of poverty. They can get the same corruption and abuse of powers back home and save themselves the trip.

    Giving one Indian authority over another Indian is a sure fire path for corruption, not to mention that it is not what could be considered, “Native Philosophy”. Self determination and education should be beautiful thing but the actings are unable to control their urges and maintain anything that resembles the intent of Haskell as a university. They prefer the boarding school philosophy where they are guardians of the students rather than servants to those same students. They are unable to adjust to the university environment and yet they are placed n power over many Indians and gubment monies, all of which is like watching two garbage trucks collide in slow motion.

    Like kids in a candy store and have gubments funds which are intended for students (which is why they prefer the boarding school philosophy as guardians of funds instead of servants) yet they wield power over students and funds and can pick and choose who gets the funds (Student Senate VP travels instead of President) and who gets nada (hot dogs/no buns).

    To Be Con’t….

  4. geekin_topekan (anonymous) says…


    In short, it is all about the money. Who gets to handle it, who gets to play with it and most of all who gets to spend it. Haskell employees of old are unable to adjust to the university philosophy and so they maintain the BIA preferred culture of Indian vs Indian. There is no end to the dog chasing its tail and that’s the way the gubment likes it. Keeps those Indians quiet. The actings fall right into this trap and play it to the hilt. Parents see their kids off to Haskell thinking that they are going to attend a great school with many choices of disciplines and emerge a player in the world stage but the actings are simply using the unwary students as pawns for their game of money, diverted funds, mo’money and more abuse of students rights to an education. It is a an old strategy and one that works.

    Why would Haskell want to teach AIS as a major anyway? Indians know who they are and if they don’t, it could be offered as a minor. Why not save the money for real world areas like Health Services, Technology, Science and Business? Here’s why, those disciplines demand education and expensive instruction. AIS does not. Therefore, a strong AIS program means plenty of extra cash for fun things like travel and off campus meetings! Real world focused programs require that money to be spent on pesky things like professors with real degrees and student supplies. AIS requires minimal education (obviously) which means that teachers (not professors) can run around the country and teach things they are not qualified to teach and tell the students how good they can feel about the free education that they are getting, being how its a law and yadayadayada….

    AIS leaves plenty of spare cash for fun things like travel and off-campus meetings with little to no accountability. Real world degrees require that same money to be spent on instructors and student’s needs. It is not that difficult to figure out, it;s all about the Benjamins.

    Of course, this is my opinion only. Which I admit, openly, may be flawed.

  5. roamingnome (anonymous) says…

    This is unbelieveable, incredible!!! Chenault is a creative writer. Did anyone read the entries on the Native American Professor list-serve that she alledgely wrote while she was on detail??? They were hateful, vicioius, and vindictive…this lady has deep inner thoughts of evilness.

    Maybe she should review the minutes of the Board of Regents meeting last year when the AIS students stormed in and accused Dr. Warner and the Board of considering doing away with the AIS program. When asked where they got this unfounded information, they wouldn’t say…hmmm…maybe Chenault needs to address the AIS faculty??? One AIS student told me that Goodfox and Wildcat are they main culprits, last year she said they canceled class so students could demonstrate…hmmm…Chenault really needs to question the AIS faculty. OH – that won’t happen because they are her friends!!!!

  6. screen_name (anonymous) says…

    I read those entries. I especially loved how she got her butt handed to her by a sitting Native judge and law professor who told her that her entries were slanderous/libelous at the very least, career damaging at the most and that if she were smart she would have facts to back up her accusations so she wouldn’t be facing a lawsuit.

  7. ivalueamerica (anonymous) says…

    Once again, I really wish someone else other than Haskell News was speaking for the opposition. The level of incompetence of this editorialist is equal to the level of incompetence of the current disadministration.

    I am beginning to think it is time to fire and / or expell them all and start over because both sides are actiing childish and ignorant.

  8. screen_name (anonymous) says…

    At the time this dialogue on the listserve took place was when Venida was going to the tribes in KS, delivering her propoganda and asking for their support and assistance in getting Warner removed, which everyone believed was inappropriate. I think the memo and then the entries from the listserve speak for themselves and i am very glad they’ve been made public. It’s just been the word of posters on this blog against the propaganda that Venida et al have been churning out for months on end. Now readers can see it for themselves in her own words.

  9. millie (anonymous) says…

    Thank-You for posting.

    Venida Chenault needs to be removed immediately by security of the Haskell campus.

    Clearly she is not only a danger to Dr.Warner, but others as well.

    Venida threatens employees who talk badly of her, but now we see the truth in black and white about how she tried to destroy Dr.Warner.

    The truth comes, we can all see Venida’s true colors.

  10. Olympics (anonymous) says…

    Value wrote….”Once again, I really wish someone else other than Haskell News was speaking for the opposition. The level of incompetence of this editorialist is equal to the level of incompetence of the current disadministration.”

    I agree with you.

    I keep hoping for a balanced, well written Haskellnews blog. It can be critical of current administration, but I just hope for more coherent arguments. I hope.

  11. blue73harley (anonymous) says…

    Here is another ditto to what ivalueamerica said. Evidentally they don’t teach debate at Haskell. These blogs just get lost in rambling details. I “get” there are problems at Haskell. But that is about all.

  12. bearded_gnome (anonymous) says…

    I worked with Dr. Warner for a short time. I was quite impressed with her professionalism and her care for studens.

    seems obvious that the “change” she was bringing to Haskell was upsetting somebody’s applecart.
    and they in turn fomented strife. all of which did nothing to actually help haskell students succeed.

  13. monk3ybusiness (anonymous) says…

    Can someone explain why you would say you can’t put out misleading information…..this whole memo…..and then reference the education trust responsibility for Haskell. I do not believe there has ever been a determination(by someone who would actually have the credentials or legal authority to know) that anything other than elementary school is an actual requirement for the government to fund.
    Maybe she got this from her lawyer-son.

  14. NMXeagle (anonymous) says…

    This exchange was not “messed with” acomabrown. You can go straight to the source of the nativeprofs list–Michael Wilson–who manages it from the U of Wisconsin. Or, just ask any of the 100s of people who read it.

  15. roamingnome (anonymous) says…

    The Haskellnews may not post everything accurately, but my close relationship and communication with some Haskell faculty and staff, I learned that Haskellnews comes pretty darn close! You know the old saying “The truth hurts.”

    Venida’s son, is actually a nice guy. He wasn’t raised by her, but by his Hispanic father and family. He is pretty level headed and supported Dr. Warner when she was there. Remember, it isn’t the children’s fault how the parents are. However, with a law degree, why isn’t he practicing law???

    I do not know very many Prairie Band Potawatomi. It is my hope that all Prairie Band Potawatomi people are not like Venida Chenault.

  16. screen_name (anonymous) says…

    I read it when it came out and its exactly the same as I remember. Wish I would have saved it. But I remember feeling a great disappointment in Venida when I read it back then.

  17. screen_name (anonymous) says…

    Back in 2008 Venida posted a link to the LJW with one of the articles questioning Dr. Warner’s leadership at Haskell. I wonder if she posted the most recent article from the LJW that does not shed HER leadership at Haskell in the most flattering light. Oh yeah, I forgot…THAT article is ONLY a result of people at Haskell giving out “false” information that is damaging Haskell’s reputation.

  18. goldpurple6 (anonymous) says…

    Why is this person still in serving in an acting administrative capacity at Haskell? Her agenda becomes more clear everyday. Again is it not coincidence that her close personal friends, people she calls her ‘family’ currently serve as an acting administrators, and members of faculty senate, curriculum committee and the Union and even Board members? These people continue to make a mockery of higher education and are only serving their own personal agendas. They are destroying all opportunities for an institution that was established 125 years ago and could potentially be a leading university for American Indian and Alaska Native students to gain equal access to quality education. Is it true Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and one of her assistants were on the Haskell campus this week? Is the deputy director of postsecondary education for the Bureau of Indian Education whose limited experience in higher education and educational background in social work going to do something about the current state of Haskell? Has Secretary Salazar’s office provided answers to the Congressional Offices yet?

  19. enoughalready (anonymous) says…

    How is this memo stifling free speech? Haskell administration/faculty should not mislead their students or the public implying more programs are being offered when they are not. It is an ongoing process. Why is it a threat that a person be accountable for mispresentation of facts to students or the public. The memo is straightforward.
    haskellnews its too bad you do not put your efforts into more positive “blogging” on Haskell than your continued rants against Dr. Chenault. Take the higher road will ya! Enough already… cuz believe me Dr. Warner is not somewhere having a pity party for herself. She is continuing on just as everyone does when faced with adversity. She isn’t hanging on your every typed word just to make her day…(yippeeeeee I have love and support)… you think? Not likely… sorry.
    If our ancestors survived boarding school days at Haskell and continued adversity … and we as indigenous peoples and Nations are continuing on in our respective ways.. i’m confident Haskell will too!!! onward haskell!!!

    • ivalueamerica (anonymous) says…

      roamingnome (anonymous) says…
      The Haskellnews may not post everything accurately, but my close relationship and communication with some Haskell faculty and staff, I learned that Haskellnews comes pretty darn close! You know the old saying “The truth hurts.”

      Roaming, that is exactly why I would like to see them straighten up. Dr. Warner came in to make some much needed changes. She failed pretty bad, she could not play the politics…but her ideas were sound and Haskell News has a very valid point to make.

      That is why is is so important that they make their points clearly, accurately and professionally and they do not do that…Like Dr. Warner, they want what is best for Haskell, but like Dr. Warner, they are unable to get the message across for everyone to jump on board.

  20. ppspo12 (anonymous) says…

    This is scarey Ms.Chenault is arguing with a Native American judge who is clearly trying to tell her to stop what she is doing.
    However, it does not appear to sink into her head.
    A person like this needs to be stopped.
    Is she still on the Haskell campus?
    Seems to me that she is clearly a threat to Dr.Warner.
    Who put her in this position? Were they aware of her thought process?
    Not making fun but Ms.Chenault appears to need some help.

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