Kansas Senator Pat Roberts arranges for visit to Haskell Indian Nations University by Mr. Larry Echohawk.

Senator Pat Roberts along with the rest of The Kansas Delegates including: Senator Sam Brownback, Rep. Lynn Jenkins, and Congressman Dennis Moore,have arranged for a visit by Mr. Larry Echohawk ( Interior Department’s 11th Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs) to Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas this coming Thursday or Friday ( April 1st or 2nd).

Senator Pat Roberts seems to have done the impossible and we credit his strong work ethic with getting this visit accomplished.

Mr.Echohawk was sworn into office May 22, 2009.

We are looking forward to, and are hopeful that with Mr. Echohawk’s upcoming visit that he will be able look into, and identify many of the issues and problems facing Haskell Indian Nations University today.

We would like to encourage those of you who have frequently ask the writers of this blog when a visit by Mr. Echohawk to The Haskell Campus would be occurring, to make time and try to speak with him.

We would also encourage you NOT to let the current actings take control of this visit, nor to depend on them for the exact dates and times that Mr. Echohawk will be on the Haskell campus.

Try calling Nedra Darling at 202-219-4152 for the dates and times of his visit then try to set up meetings with him for yourselves.

We would like to point out a few issues that we feel that Mr.Echohawk should look into:

Why was the leadership at Haskell so abruptly dissolved?

Who and why canceled Haskell’s two new Bachelor’s Programs?

How is course content evaluated?

Why were Dr. Linda Sue Warner (Haskell Indian University President) and Dr. Jeff Hamley ( Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute President ) given specific directives (do it or get fired ) from at that time actings Stephanie Birdwell and Kevin Skenandore to write a letter to congress canceling the demonstration projects on their campuses?

Why does the Bureau of Indian Education continue to hire unqualified people?

Why does no one ever follow up on independent investigations with findings for discipline or removel of Haskell Employees?

Why does the Haskell Board of Regents not have accountability to tribes?

Why does The Haskell Union get to run the campus?

Where does the kitchen get all of the monies they are presently spending?

Why are major initiatives like Healthier Haskell and the Red Center not presently being funded?

Why does Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn get to spent Haskell’s monies on travel for her non-Haskell staff?

Why does The Bureau of Indian Education encourage an organizational climate of bullying?

Why was Personnel and Financial supervision removed from the Haskell president ?

Why is the current acting administration allowed to return grant monies to granting agencies?

What is Mr.Echohawk going to do to ensure the safety of Haskell students?

Is Mr.Echohawk intending to close Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute and Haskell Indian Nations University by creating issues in accreditation by having an unqualified director in post secondary and allowing her to micro-manage? Actions prohited by North Central Accreditation.

Why does Bureau of Indian Education personnel help employees fill out unemployment papers, when they get grants that they could use to buy out their time with? Then don’t report the grants to unemployment. Isn’t that unemployment fraud?

Why doesn’t Mr.Echohawk have a Forensic Audit from Oct 2009 to current of Haskell Appropriates and The Haskell Student Bank?

What is Mr.Echohawk going to do to support the current formally elected student senate on such issues as Stidham Union, access to their student fees, etc?

What is Mr.Echohawk going to do about the consistent and repeated violates of : Title 22: Foreign Relations PART 1203—EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES AND CONDUCT Subpart B—Ethical and Other Conduct and Responsibilities of Employees: By Haskell Employees?

What is Mr.Echohawk going to do about Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn violating the negotiated bargaining agreement, by changing students schedules when she canceled all those classes?

Why has Mike Lewis been allowed to leave $40K from Creek Nation that still sits untouched in the Student Bank, for nearly FIVE years?

What are the primary benefits of a union in an educating setting?

We offer up this schedule for Mr. Echohawk:

9:00 A.M. Talk with Dr. Linda Sue Warner on how to run a university from 10,000 miles away.

10 A.M. How to explain the definition of academic incest with Venida Chenault.

11 A.M. How to disregard all federal rules on Political activities abroad (The Hatch Act) with Crazyhair.

12:00 P.M. Lunch with Barbara Stumblingbear: How to have a high calorie lunch or wiennes with no bun on federal funds.

1:00 P.M.Talk with Theresa Milk on “How not to become Repossessed when you don’t pay your Exorcist”.

2:00 P.M. Meet Mike Tossee on “How to get paid time off for never finishing your Ph.D.for years and years”.

3:00 Seminar by Dan Wildcat on “How to claim you are a climate control expert and get grants when you have no expertise in that field”.

4:00 Speak with Mike Tosee and Kay Hayes on “How to get unemployment benefits and grants at the same time with help from government personnel”.

5:00 Seminar by George Tiger “How to help yourself to free travel on Haskell’s monies for 25 years”.

Again we applaud Senator Pat Roberts for all the hard work that he has done in order to arrange this visit while trying to help Haskell Indian Nations University during this time of uncertain leadership at the school.

haskellnews commentary 03/29/2010.


One response to “Kansas Senator Pat Roberts arranges for visit to Haskell Indian Nations University by Mr. Larry Echohawk.

  1. sypeccary (anonymous) says…

    Also add: How is course content evaluated?

    “We would also encourage you NOT to let the current actings take control of this visit, nor to depend on them for the exact dates and times that Mr. Echohawk will be on the Haskell campus.”

    How do you think this will NOT happen?

    Blackbird, student body president, Warner’s secretary/assistant, at least, all need to get on the agenda.

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