Haskell News Commentary Would to Thank Senator Pat Roberts and Mr.Larry Echohawk.

It was with great anticipation that students and employees of Haskell Indian Nation’s University waited for Mr. Larry Echohawk’s visit to the Haskell campus last week.

They were not disappointed.

Mr.Echohawk held meetings with both students and staff, toured at least one dorm and even ate in the school’s cafeteria (anyone brave enough to do that has to have some moxie in them)!

He held an open forum for all interested parties.

The only glitch in the visit seemed to be that people who went to meet briefly with Mr.Paul Tsosie on Friday, were in returned harassed by Venida Chenault and her little gang.

That was pretty brazen.

Mr.Echohawk seemed genuinely interested in the current problems that face Haskell.

And now we wait with great anticipation to see Mr.Echohawk start to work on those problems. We know the problems are many and the solutions will not be over night.

But like we said he seemed an sincere man and we now have high hopes that he will not simply walk away from Haskell….he did not impress us as that type of a person.

Again we thank Senator Pat Roberts for all of his help and Mr. Larry Echohawk for the visit.

haskellnews commentary 04/06/2010.


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