Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Venida Chenault and Dan Wildcat here you go……

We thought we would throw our hat in the ring and give Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Venida Chenault and Dan Wildcat a few exemplary examples of Haskell Indian Nations…Enjoy!!!

George Tiger: The current President of Haskell’s Board of Regents, with so much love from his own tribal members ( Link:–transparency-in-govt.aspx.)(

After being unfortunately unopposed in the last election, Tiger currently serves as a National Council Representative Seat A of Creek District. ( Hopefully, with all the concern and outrage over his performance, this next election will be his last.

We are sure Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Venida Chenault and Dan Wildcat love the way Tiger continues to do nothing but sponge off of Haskell the same way he has for the last 25 years. The only time he has come close to contacting Congress about Haskell, and even then not about funding, was to complain that Senator Roberts had the nerve to wonder why there was no one in charge at Haskell. Imagine that, what nerve to expect some smidgen of accountability.

American Indian Studies ( A.I.S.) program: Anyone need a job? The job requirements are pretty stiff. You have to have your degree in a totally unrelated field, promise to use tests and handouts from twenty years ago, that students have literally passed down from father to son. Is that what they refer to when they talk about the history of Haskell? Would you be willing to promise to take $30k plus dollars to finish your doctorate and take off a year to do the work and then… nothing. What? You were expecting me to say they finished their doctorate? C’mon, this is Haskell. If you can do any and hopefully all of those things then you can be selected to teach A.I.S. at Haskell without a degree in that field and earn at least 60,000 of our tax dollars a year. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that you will at least once a semester be required to sleep with one of your students. Retirement, Life and Health Insurance are also included.

Princess Crazyhair: A.I.S. Instructor Julia Goodfox helps students from Haskell (a government run school) arrange trips to Palestine and anti-Israel programs in New York( and listen to her go on and on about The United States( and it’s not good) and The United States Military (it’s not good either) which MANY of our Native American people have and do serve in. Evidently she feels that the service of Native Americans is disgraceful as evidenced by her comments. It is sad that she thinks the services of Native Americans from the Code and Wind Talkers of World War Two, on to the present day up to and including the sacrifices by Lori Ann Piestewa and others were meaningless.

Princess Crazyhair ( Since you seem NOT to like the freedoms you enjoy while living in The United States, (those protected by our men and women in the armed services) and resent the federal government from whom you still cash the check paid for with our tax dollars to teach a subject at Haskell Indian Nations University that you do not even have a degree in, may we kindly suggest that you change your residence and go reside and “teach” in Palestine.

“Acting” and by that we do mean “pretending to be” Administrators at Haskell and the BIE: Become a social worker, and then go apply all of those theories to running Haskell, just like Venida Chenault and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn do. You have Birdwell-Bighorn who thinks cancelling academic programs and using university funds as a personal piggy bank to travel, literally, across the width and breadth of the United States, not coincidentally occurring at the same time and location as major national sporting events. Don’t be concerned, she had her husband the basketball referee to accompany her as security.

And then we have Venida Chenault, also know by her rap name of VCEM, who thinks that she whipped both the social work and the rest of the academic programs into shape, even though the last degree offered was over twenty years ago. (Okay, technically not twenty years. But does anyone think that under the current administrators any degrees will be added before we hit the twenty year mark? No, (We don’t either).

Haskell’s student bank: It’s a place where students must go and beg, again literally, for their money and then may not get it. Examples: This year’s student senate and all the monies that the Creek Nations gave Haskell for STUDENT programs that was never used and never returned. Oh yeah, and this bank pays zero interest. We know the current interest rates are low, but nobody pays zero interest. Not only that, but since Warner’s departure, there have been discussions of charging students to keep their money in the bank. So now not only can you not get your money, they want to charge you for the privilege of them holding it for you. Nice!

Haskell’s boarding school room checks: It is one of the last remaining leftover from thirty years ago and proof that the Haskell boarding school mentality still exists. What other university checks to see if students have CLEAN rooms? It’s college for g sake!

Campus Dining Services: And the wonderful healthy food that Haskell continues to serves its students:

redcrow (Anonymous) says…

“Am I mad, yes I am. You know what they gave me for lunch yesterday. A wienie. Yeah, a wienie. No bun, nothing else.

The lunch lady, really was the lunch dude now that I think of it, put a wienie on my plate. I asked where the bun was and he said he didn’t know and that there was bread over there if I just had to have it. If I just had to have it?

Then when I go to dinner to eat their dog food on a plate I look over in the leftover bins and see what looked like tater tots ground up in barbecued brisket and the wienies from lunch.

And this is what almost made me throw my plate at the dude. They had packages and packages of buns! I asked him why we didn’t have the buns at lunch and he said no one wanted to go back and get them. That is some bull. Even when I worked at the king, if we would have done something like that, they would have fired me.

Then I am all happy because I think we are going to have taco salad for lunch and when I get there, there is this big line and they scan my card and I am like 57 in line.

Before I even get my food, they tell us they ran out of the taco shells for the salad. How can you run out before you even give 57 (me) people a taco salad?

Did you only think 30 people were going to show up”?

Academic Fraud: Be a climate expert with no degrees in that field whatsoever, just like Dan Wildcat. Not only that, please apply for grants with other universities and sell out your heritage for cold hard cash. Please do a workshop on that Dan; We are sure Stephanie birdwell-Bighorn can tell you how to run that scam.

Our list could be much longer, but the deadline is tomorrow.

We do want to acknowledge the hard work of many of The Haskell Indian Nations University students and staff. However, we can no longer turn a blind eye to what is really happening at the university and the fact that starting with Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn the institution now runs dangerously close to falling off the cliff, from which it currently teeters.

haskellnews commentary April 22, 2010.
By haskellnews

April 22, 2010


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