New Mexico Senator Tom Udall Calls for Indictment of all Bureau of Indian Education ( BIE) / Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Officials Who Let BIE Schools Get Into a State of National Emergency.

Parts of this story are reprinted with permission of New Mexico’s Channel 13’s KRQE’s (CBS affiliate) reporter Larry Barker.

After visiting almost all Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools in New Mexico, Senator Tom Udall has called for an indictment of all federal officials who let BIE schools get into such a tragic mess that most, if not all are unsafe for their Native students (Links: and

After calling the situation a NATIONAL EMERGENCY and NATIONAL DISGRACE from the United States President on down, Senator Udall states the U.S. government has failed to ensure and assist Native American students in receiving educational benefits equal to the standards and opportunities that are available to other students in America.

How high does BIA/BIE school scandal reach?

The Bureau of Indian Affairs runs one of the country’s biggest public school systems, but its negligence in protecting children’s safety is a national disgrace, U.S. senator Tom Udall said after reviewing a probe by KRQE News 13 investigative reporter Larry Barker.( Link:

After a two year investigation by Channel 13’s KRQE’s reporter Larry Barker, Senator Tom Udall, has expressed his outrage and concern about Bureau of Indian Education schools. As have Kansas Senators Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback have along with Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins, and Kansas Congressman Dennis Moore.

Many questions remain unanswered such as why unqualified people like Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn are hired to manage one the the largest United States school districts, with only a master’s in social work, and with no educational qualifications.

Is Ms. Birdwell-Bighorn simply a political Senior Executive Service appointee? We must ask what is going on here?

There is a continued Bureau of Indian Education policy of placing so called, unqualified people are put into “acting” positions and giving them free rein to actively destroy existing programs and schools, as if they actually have the job. Then after one year they are deemed good enough for whatever the job is and placed into it, while lacking the needed qualifications. This policy has allowed disintegration of Native American programs and schools. Which leads us to wonder why the lack of qualified personnel? And why does Washington D.C. allow this oversight in the Native American educational system?

Why is a person with a master’s degree even interviewed for the position as the new Bureau of Indian Education director? When a Harvard educated Ph.D has also applied or two Penn State Grads also with Ph.D.’s and a he!! of a lot of experience in education appiled.These things simply make no sense and would not happen in other American school systems. Please tell us, we are wrong and a man with a master’s, who can’t even qualify for a state superintendent’s certificate, isn’t about to become the new director. Native Americans deserve better and are tired of settling for second best. Especially when they have the best among their own people.

During the interview with Larry Barker, Larry Echohawk is seen, crying about under funding ( well, not literally this time). Extended Interview: ( Link:

President Barack Obama you promised change.

Where is the change for Native American Education, President Obama?

And may we make this suggest to Larry Echohawk, stop crying and do something about this” NATIONAL EMERGENCY and NATIONAL DISGRACE”.

Our hats off to Larry Barker of Channel 13, KRQE for his two year investigation into this matter, we know it was a lot of hard work, he promised us not to give up and we believe him:

( Link: Two yr investigation reveals NM scandal
Link: Senator Udall on BIA School safety
“It is a national is a national disgrace.” ( Link: Extended interview with New Mexico Senator Tom Udall on BIA school safety … Larry Barker Investigates BIA schools, placing children in peril . ( Link: Updated: Friday, 30 Apr 2010, 7:02 AM MDT Published : Thursday, 29 Apr 2010, 10:30 PM MDT

Reporter: Larry Barker for KRQE, New Mexico. Producer: Mark Corey for KRQE, New Mexico. Web Producer: Bill Diven for KRQE, New Mexico.

haskellnews commentary 05/05/2010


One response to “New Mexico Senator Tom Udall Calls for Indictment of all Bureau of Indian Education ( BIE) / Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Officials Who Let BIE Schools Get Into a State of National Emergency.

  1. haskellnews (anonymous) says…
    haskellnews commentary posting for
    leeoates says..

    Believe me, its nothing new to Indians. We have been putting up with mismanagement and legalized racism for the last 100 years or so.

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