Will the Haskell Indian Nations University’s Union Protest At This Year’s Graduation?

They cared not about the graduating students last year.

Princess Wildhair (Julia Goodfox) even gave her three or so students who actually showed up extra credit and a trip to Palestine!!!!

Nadine Milne, Venida Chenault’s (VCEM) sister was there protesting the number of dorm staff Haskell had at the time and we quote her “the number of aides has been cut by 50 percent.” Really, maybe she should go protest tomorrow because the number of dorm staff is down even more, with the loss of at least four of the dorm staff and no replacements.

But, oh, yeah her sister the evil midget is acting president right now (however, we hear not for much longer) so, Nadine probably won’t show up, this year.

We could save her a lot of trouble and worry about the dorms and advise her that the next time she is kidnapped by a UFO to take VCEM with her and just stay wherever the heck they take alien abductees.

Think we are exaggerating with the alien abduction story? Ask Nadine to tell you it some time.

So let the aliens come back and take both of them. What the UFO’s don’t want them?

Well, we don’t either!!!

And while Squrriel runs around trying to find his paperwork ( hey ,even a blind squrriel can find his nuts, so paperwork should not be that hard)! The rest of the housing staff is still trying to find Tom Spottedhorse, this semester ( now there’s something to protest about)!

And Sonya Bonga, well she’s too busy these days looking for Pat Melody somewhere, after all she misses her soooo much…run Pat, run!!!!

Not to mention spending hours at a time over at Curtis Hall doing her old boss’s work for her. Her old boss gets over $80K a year to prepare menus of chicken tenders and spaghetti three times a week but she needs Sonya to come over and do her work for her and to tell her who all has complained to the union so the Cook Foreman can pass the info onto VCEM. Isn’t anyone in the business department paying enough attention to notice that students in the Business Department can never find the clerk when they need her.

So, was it a real protest or just a way to harass Dr. Warner and act like little children?

We will let our readers decide.

haskellnews commentary 05/06/2010.


One response to “Will the Haskell Indian Nations University’s Union Protest At This Year’s Graduation?

  1. Camry (anonymous) says…

    This article is so true. Haskellnews some of the things you post is pretty good but this one tops it. You can never find a employee in there post position. I do believe Haskell needs to have everyone accounted for and appear to work dressed and ready to go. I see staff out partying with students or dating students or marrying students. Oh the list I have can go on and on. We do need some fair and accurate leadership for Haskell. I just hope they can do it soon. I read a article in Kansas City Star and it is referring to Haskell’s problems. For the sake of the land and buidlings I hope something can get done ASAP. I love Haskell and I love the relationships I made with all the students and staff. I sure would hate to see this place become a ghost town. Good luck to all the Graduates and Congratulations! Onward Haskell

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