Breaking News: Is The Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents Trying to Vote Out Dr.Warner?

Apparently, this afternoon The Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents in concert with Venida Chenault( VCEM), Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Mike Lewis, George Tiger and who knows who else, have tried to vote Dr.Warner out of Haskell and G.. help us all, name Venida Chenault ( VCEM) as permanent president.

First of all Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, who does not know her foot from a hole in the ground, needs start worrying about important things like are students at Haskell and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute getting a real education? Hopefully, Senator Tom Udall knows about Sipi’s mess. Senator Pat Roberts certainly knows about Haskell’s.

And can Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute hold on to it’s accreditation ? All of this bull about a Haskell PR campaign, is just that.( Link: Surely, Stephanie does not think that Senator Roberts is dumb enough to fall for this?? Because we are thinking…NOT!!!!

How will putting lip stick on a pig actually help?

Venida Chenualt ( VCEM) with no experience outside of Haskell and a degree in social work…and like her name says EVIL midget, well, what more can we say?

George Tiger..his own tribe doesn’t want him !!!! (Link:http://www.thevoicesofcourage/

And Mike Lewis, oh, please !!!!! Someone, please, do investigate him !!!!

Back in March when Kansas Senator Pat Roberts called called for the Obama administration to investigate complaints involving mismanagement and ethics violations at Haskell, we somehow don’t think this is what he was talking about.

None of this surprises us, this is the way the Bureau of Indian Education is apparently running things, pretty soon not only will Dr.Warner be gone, but at this rate so will Haskell’s entire athletic department.

haskellnews commentary 05/06/2010.


10 responses to “Breaking News: Is The Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents Trying to Vote Out Dr.Warner?

  1. millie (anonymous) says…

    1. Did they vote on anything else?
    2. Were they just at Haskell to take a vote against Dr.Warner?
    3. How educated is this board?
    4. Do they pay taxes on the money they get from Haskell?
    5. How much money do they get, from Haskell?
    6. George Tiger run unopposed in his tribal elections, that why he won. But he is really a tribal outcast.
    7. Did they do anything about the two new BA programs?
    8. Have they sought additional funds for Haskell? That is their job.
    9. Have they rescheduled the North Central accreditation visit?
    10. Did they set term limits for themselves?
    11. Are they going to require the board to be better educated and get the good old boys club out of there?
    12. Did they go to the residential halls and see what the rooms looked like?
    12. These people ( including Stephanie Birdwell, Venida Chenault(VCEM),Mike Lewis and Dan Wildcat) need to wake up and go to the psyche ward.

  2. ssakcaj (anonymous) says…

    The biggest laugh for me was the following comments that appeared in the Kansas City Star:

    Haskell chief financial officer Mike Lewis told regents the university would have to leave about 24 positions vacant and cut several coaching contracts because of an expected shortfall of more than $3.4 million in the budget for the coming school year. The school’s operating budget has grown about $1.6 million in the last four years.

    So let me get this straight, at the end of the last fiscal year under Linda Warner the Haskell budget was balanced. No announcement about the institution being over budget, everything was fine. Now with the new people in place we get this announcement that they are not slightly in the hole, they are $3.4 million. That is $3.4 million on a total budget of $14.5 million. Think about that for a moment, this “CFO” Mike Lewis has allowed projected expenses to rise to $17.9 million dollars. How do you allow that to happend without losing your job. He has approved a years worth of expenses over a period of ~9 months. This is the dream team that Stephanie Birdwell has managed to assemble for Haskell.

    Then they throw out this Athletics straw man:

    She said the funding problems mean the university will have to make hard decisions about how much money to continue spending on athletic programs. Athletic funding at Haskell has increased by 53 percent from 2006 to 2010; funding for academic programs grew 14 percent over the same period.

    One irrefutable fact remains which is that under the Warner administration the budget was balanced and athletics was at its current level of funding. How was Warner able to accomplish this, yet the current idiot squad seems unable to do so.
    May 7, 2010 at 5:33 p.m.

  3. Boston_Corbett (anonymous) says…

    Since the Board has no actual role in governance of the university, why is this news?

    The only thing I can conclude from reading all those posts from students is the place should have a top to bottom housecleaning, including at least some faculty. That housecleaning should include Mr. Tiger.

  4. devobrun (anonymous) says…

    Sounds like the people who are intimately involved with Haskell have clearly stated their disapproval of Linda Warner. Sounds like the federal government has responded by doing….nothing.

    And how is it that I should trust the government to run my life?

    Native, indigenous peoples of America, loose the government.
    Immigrants, gringos, all people of the United States, work to free yourself from government interdiction in your lives. If you need government, then you need to change. If you must rely upon government, you are toast.

    The details of Linda Warner or the BOIE are unimportant.
    The problem is the federal government.
    Become free from its grip.

  5. just_another_bozo_on_this_bus (anonymous) replies…

    The Federal Government has treaty obligations to maintain. If the Feds butt out, to whom should the check from the Federal Government be made payable? Should a lump sum be negotiated, or a smaller amount paid out yearly?

  6. goldpurple6 (anonymous) says…

    Two sides to every story. Unfortunately President Warner abides by the rules yet Birdwell Bighorn and her acting administrators continuously violate her directive of not talking to the media. Again, let us remind the readers that this board collectively has brought in no dollars to the school. There are board members who have sat on this board and have been ineffective for over 20 plus years. How sad the new members who some had a little faith in basically gave in to peer pressure and did not try to seek out the facts. if anyone should have a vote of no confidence it should be the students in the current board. The current boards resumes should be public record. While other institutions have actual requirements and seek to have professionals, educators, and advocates on their boards Haskell is left with members who still think this is a high school and trying to relive the glory days! The vote comes as no surprise, the President basically quit catering and pampering this group. As one ‘blog’ asked the question, has this board passed background checks? For all the travel and funding this board receives, do they receive 1099’s and are reporting their information to the IRS?

  7. NMXeagle (anonymous) says…

    Removing Warner is not going to take the heat off of the Board or the current actings. Too many people know exactly what they are about. Haskell has become a national embarrassment. At this point it would actually be an insult to any person with standards and dignity to be supported by the ignorant, do-nothing Board. Warner should not be unhappy about this idiot “resolution.” Seriously, who would really want to work with these people?

  8. screen_name (anonymous) says…

    WHY does the press continue to speak to that idiot George Tiger? He needs to reminded AGAIN that its impossible to “usurp the authority” of a board that does not actually have any authority. It would be disastrous for Haskell if the current BOR served as the search committee for a new president. And he thinks alot of himself if he believes that he, or any board member, should be involved with the selection of the new BIE director.
    I also heard that someone also needs to look into Mike Lewis’ “budget” that he presented to the BOR showing that athletics had such a significant increase in funding over academics. There have long been rumors about him “cooking the books” and his “budget” is said to be another product of his imagination…or of VCEM’s.

  9. askellrises09 (anonymous) says…

    It is embarrasing the kind of leadership we have in the bie/bia. It is understood that Mr. Salazar has bigger fish to fry what with the Trust settlement and now the oil spill, but Larry Echohawk has no excuse. He hired an inexperienced, relatively untested individual for BIE director at a time when our schools and colleges are in-crisis. I hesitate to suggest that this is cronyism, but the connections to athletics and the good old boy network are suspicious. This is all a backdrop for suggesting that the ill-advised leadership in BIA/BIE are listening to certain voices within Haskell and from the BOT when their track records strongly indicate, powerfully point to, the fact that they should not be listened to – and in fact that they are the main reason Haskell is sinking. And now we see that Stephanie Birdwell, with her win-at-all-costs attitude, is trying to paint a pretty smile on the graffitti that is Haskell. Nice try…

    How about swallowing your pride and bringing back Dr. Warner. I’m not sure why she would want to return to the mess you’ve left Ms. Birdwell, but maybe she would. At the very least, STOP listening to Wildcat, Chenault, Tiger, etc. They talk as though they inherited a mess that Warner created. The truth is… well, you know the truth. And you can ignore it only so long. The sickening thing about what you all are doing is that it hurts students. They have limited options as it is, and now they are becoming more limited. Ridiculous.

    The Board of trustees and the current acting administration of Haskell should receive a no-confidence vote from anyone who really cares about Haskell. Mr. Tiger, you never answered the questions that have been asked of you. How much money has been raised for Haskell under your “leadership.”

    It’s hard to blame the relatively “new” board members for this mess, but the long-time board members should be blamed and accept responsibility. And quit believing everything the acting administration and Stephanie Birdwell tell you! They are in a position to paint the picture however they like putting together partial facts and half-truths and selectively using information to make it appear as though Dr. Warner is in the wrong. Think about it, they’ve had a year to find every manner of wrong doing and have come up with nothing substantial or even worthy of so much as a 2 day suspension.

    Wake up Mr. Echohawk. Before it’s too late.

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