Breaking News: Venida Chenault’s Goes Back to Being Haskell Indian’s University’s V.P. of Academics.

Venida Chenault’s (VCEM ) 120 days reign of terror is over.

Now, can Larry Echohawk please do something about Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn?

On Haskell Indian Nations University’s intranet:

Dated 05/12/2010

Mr.Chris Redman is currently Haskell’s new acting president.

Today, in a letter over Haskell Indian Nation’s University’s employees intranet, Ms. Venida Chenault ( VCEM ) stating the following:


To the Haskell campus from Venida Chenault:

Please be informed that my 120 day appointment for Haskell Indian Nations University has ended as of 5/10./10. I have returned to my office in Navarre hall and my position of record as VP of Academics. I have truly appreciated the opportunity to serve the university in this capacity and will continue working with Mr. Chris Redman on projects on behalf of Haskell, including strategic planning and propose modifications to the organization chart.

My primary focus will be on addressing the needs of academic programs and faculty, including preparation for further accreditation visits, the resumption of academic program reviews and assessment.

I have greatly appreciated the support of Haskell employees and the many words of encouragement I’ve received since returning. I look forward to continue service to our university , employees our students and alumni.

Thank-You, Venida Chenault

haskellnews commentary wants to thank Senators Pat Robert, Sam Brownback Congressman Dennis Moore and Lynn Jenkins for staying on top of this situation.

Also, New Mexico Senator Tom Udall who is holding an investigation into The Bureau of Indian Education schools this week in Washington D.C. with The Indian Affairs Committee and New Mexico reporter Larry Barker who has worked on the Bureau of Indian Education school problems for the last two years.

Remember ” Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t help”.

haskellnews commentary May 12, 2010.


8 responses to “Breaking News: Venida Chenault’s Goes Back to Being Haskell Indian’s University’s V.P. of Academics.

  1. sbobandme (anonymous) says…

    I am glad they removed VCEM.
    However, that move is not far enough, what about ALL the way out of the door and she can take Dan Wildcat, Mike Lewis, Princess Crazyhair and Stephanie Birdwell with her.
    Maybe Princess Crazyhair can arrange jobs for them in Palestine.

  2. likeymikey (anonymous) replies…

    I started reading haskellnews about a year ago. At first you guys were informative, now we get nothing but hate and misinformation. I went to Haskell’s graduation and Pow-Wow last weekend just to see for myself what was going on. Things at Haskell are good, everybody is not picking sides (acting vs Dr. Warner) Seems to me you need a hobby or something. Heres a thought , maybe you should do your jobs and and keep away from wally-world while your on duty. If your a student, study, maybe you can get a good job like many hard working alumni. Haskell can give you a good education if you try…..

  3. Millie (anonymous) replies…
    Haskell can give you a good education if you try…..

    If you try what??
    Let’s see sleeping with the instructors?? Now there’s a good education…sex ed !!!

    Or maybe going up in a U.F.O. with Venida Chenault’s sister? I sure hope she’s not taking those trips on Haskell’s dime, like she does on the ones she takes to Wal-Mart.

    Or,hey, maybe a field trip with Princess Crazyhair to Palestine!!!

    Yea, Haskell can sure give you a good education if you try !!!!!

  4. likeymikey (anonymous) says…

    Haskellnews, is this really breaking news. Everybody else new in 120 days ago. (120 day appointment) You guys are right on top of things!!!?

  5. sunshiny (anonymous) says…

    This was “breaking news” to Dr. Chenault since she has to give up camping out in someone else’s office.

    Congratulations to Mellon fellow Dr. Mike Tsoee and colleague Dr. Goodfox.

    I agree that Warner wasn’t cut out to run Haskell; it was pretty clear from the beginning. She had all kinds of strikes against her. She had degree in “administration” and experience in “education” and all kinds of awards, not to mention she actually Has a vita. She was definitely ill equipped to run a psych ward.

    I think Birdwell-Chenault are much closer to the right qualifications. Social work studies dysfunctional behavior. But, you still might consider changing the name.

  6. Millie (anonymous) says…

    Dr.Warner was just too good for the place.

    Too well educated.

    Too much of a hard worker.

    Poor woman probably thought she had been hired to run a real university!

    I hope she refuses to go back.

    Let them clean up their own damn mess.

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