Bureau of Indian Affairs/Education employee Julia Goodfox goes on a tirade about:

Bureau of Indian Affairs/Education employee Julia Goodfox goes on a tirade about: “Old School Bureau of Indian Affairs/Education.” ( Link:http://naisa.org/node/247 )

Here’s a heads up for Senators Pat Roberts, Sam brownback, Congressmen Dennis Moore and Lynn Jenkins:

Princess Crazyhair (Julia Goodfox) has recently written some very interesting things and we quote, “Is Native American and Indigenous Studies Association the Academic Version of “Old School”Bureau of Indian Affairs/Education?”

Along with “And most recently, HB2281 equates Ethnic Studies with high treason. Taken separately, there is obvious cause for alarm.

Together, however, these signal a cause for meaningful action and solidarity.”

Let’s take a look at HB2281:






Not sure where Crazyhair gets that this Bill equates Ethnic Studies with high treason?

We do see where she would be concerned about this bill effecting her work.

Does Goodfox advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government in her classes?

Does Goodfox promote resentment towards a race of peoplein her classes?

Are Goodfox’s classes designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group?

Hmm,we are not sure.

Wouldn’t you have to ask the Kansas University exchange student who was told that as a white student they weren’t welcome in Goodfox’s class?

Do her classes advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treatment of students as individuals?

Based on the fact that Goodfox regularly refers to Che Guerva (Marxist Revolutionary) , she refers to him in her May 1st blog entry:

She calls it, her May day call.

With that and all her other communist buzz words we wonder why she just doesn’t come right out with it and call for the formation of a tribal communist state?

We, aren’t sure how you can get from a tribal form of government to soviet communism, but, Ms. Goodfox seems to have found the map.

She doesn’t stop there. Princess Crazyhair puts down Arizona’s Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer.

Question why is Princess Crazyhair so worried about what is happening in Arizona?

Could it be that she fears it is catching up with her?

After all she is an instructor at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, a Bureua of Indian Affairs/Education school.

She has been on anti-U.S. government rants for so long that we can’t believe her believe her BIA/BIE bosses Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn and Venida Chenault (VCEM) haven’t let her go because of it.

Or, that, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, herself ,hasn’t been fired because she has never stopped Princess Crazyhair, say from recruiting Haskell Indian Nations University students to go to Palestine.

Or ,( and President Barack Obama you might want to take note of this) teaching them that serving in the U.S. armed services is wrong.

We know Goodfox is a silly twit and only does what she does because she is starved for attention and we are okay with that.

We just don’t think our tax dollars should go to supporting her silliness, because it is dangerous for The Bureau of Indian Affairs/Education and their students.

President Barack Obama and Larry Echohawk, do you even know who you have working for you?

Here’s another heads up for Senators Pat Roberts, Sam brownback, Congressmen Dennis Moore and Lynn Jenkins: Maybe?? Homeland Security needs to take a look a Princess Crazyhair and no, we are not kidding.

Didn’t Dr.Warner try to get rid of her at one point? Oh, silly us, Dr.Warner is one of the few people at Haskell who have any sense, along with experiance in Indian education and a Ph.D…..

Apparently the BIE/BIA doesn’t want people who have any sense running Haskell.

The BIE/BIA needs to put this on their new employment applications: If you have any sense, are smart, have a Ph.D.and experiance in education, or want to make good changes at BIE/BIA schools please do not apply.

However, if you have no sense, dislike the United States government, want to send BIE/BIA students to Palestine , hold only a master’s degree or lower, have no experiance in education, don’t want to make any good changes for the BIE/BIA students and hold a degree in social work and are/or previously have been a basketball coach, then please do apply.

Also, anyone in their 40’s is encouraged to apply, so that they may be put in The SES program like Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn was.

And in Julia Goodfox’s own words:

“Submitted by goodfox on Sat, 05/08/2010 – 09:52 “(I posted this on my blog last week; you can read it in its entirety at http://lastwoman.net under “Arizona Statement.”)”

Remember putting lip stick on a pig doesn’t help.

Haskellnews commentary 05/29/2010.


9 responses to “Bureau of Indian Affairs/Education employee Julia Goodfox goes on a tirade about:

  1. sunshiny (anonymous) says…
    I know that blogs are opinions, and I know it is okay to have an opinion that someone is a silly twit and that individuals who work for the govt are used to be criticized in this paper (take Warner, for example), but I don’t think Dr. Goodfox is a silly twit. I think she is a lost soul who has no idea what decolonization rhetoric is about or how to teach it. This is a conclusion I have drawn after reading her “scholarship” which consists of blogs in another sphere and wondering all along why she isn’t interested in helping Indians in this country. Last time I checked there were some very real problems on this side of the ocean. I don’t think Warner tried very hard to get rid of her, because she’s still there. Robert’s office can ask Billy for the pictures he took if he wants a real reason to send her packing.

    And when all is said and done; one instructor is not the problem at Haskell. She is a huge symptom, though.

  2. sbobandme (anonymous) says…
    It’s just shows what a sorry state of affairs the BIE is in.
    That they have a person like this teaching in their schools.
    ” why she isn’t interested in helping Indians in this country”.
    Why isn’t she?
    Why is she encouraging Native youth to go to Palestine against U.S. warnings??
    Where is Stephanie Birdwell in all of this? Is she her boss?

  3. friendofhaskell (anonymous) says…

    Here’s a heads up Senator Roberts, Senator Brownback and Congressman Moore. This site is being used to destroy the reputations of federal employees who are required to report, investigate or take corrective actions when violations of federal rules have taken place or are believed to be taking place. This blog is little more than retaliation and reprisal against these employees, as well as friends and family of these employees. Is it a coincidence these attacks and the blogs went viral at the same time Linda Sue Warner was detailed to SIPI to help write their self-study? The LJW is complicit in this campaign by continuing to support this blog. Wake up.

  4. Caesarea (anonymous) says…

    You have to have a respectable reputation in order for one to be destroyed. This site has repeatedly called for federal officials (Salazar, Echohawk and congressmen) to investigate what is going on at Haskell, so they don’t seem to be at odds with “friend” of haskell. Blogs are still opinions and if there are opinions that differ from those that sit on the front row and applaud while the school’s programs are flushed, then they have a right to those opinions. The hypocrisy of blaming Warner or anyone else who asked for the same investigations seems a little over-the-top. And the LWJ is complicit because????they print blogs you don’t like.
    I believe others before me have said this. Don’t read it or you can always spend your time presenting your version of why some federal employees don’t have to pay attention to rules (like you can’t speak to the press) and others are required to do so. Why some federal employees (well other agencies or even other sites in BIE) get fired for illicit relationships with students and at Haskell they don’t. Why some federal employees who make contracts with the agency (uh, I’ll finish my PH.D so I should get paid leave) have to pay back money and “friends” of Haskell don’t. Why some people get overtime for performing their jobs because they don’t show up during regular hours and “friends” of haskell don’t, in fact, if others do get overtime, then they have it garnished the next paycheck.
    Why “friends of Haskell” can harass entire departments so that they are eliminated from the organizational chart (athletics) and leadership (Juneau) dismantled even with a legal contract; was that really only about using the gym at noon? Why “friends of Haskell” spend more time with cookouts and breakfasts and taking George Tiger to lunch than they ever do trying to think of ways they can help Haskell.
    These blog writers live in the same free country that “friends” of Haskell work against, the same one that gives the “friends” the right to say “viral” things about Warner who is less of the reason now and more of a symbol.
    And just to be bi-partisan, why does haskellnewscommentary even keep pointing out that warner never made any mistakes. She did, after all, fail to fire some of the worst federal employees in the US government. And, the way it works, if Warner failed, then Birdwell failed, then Echohawk failed, and Salazar.

  5. drillsgt (anonymous) says…

    i know billy hoskinson..we played football together for a year..he was going with julia…he told me he got good grades..i wonder why…she hates people who were in the services..why? she told us we could get extra credit by going out to help the union protest dr warner..i did not do it cause i worked for my grades through studying ..i think that when we played noonball and juneau ask everybody to clear the court..Tosee got mad and started cussing at him…so i think he told george tiger and thats were all that started…i just shoot hoops in the other gym…but in all this i think i will transfer to Oklahoma state and study Native American studies..i like that better than american indian studies…and then join the ROTC..and serve in the navy…i want to be a native veteran…so dont hate me julia..mike, or george..im doing what i want to do..

  6. 10.
    ssakcaj (anonymous) says…

    Roberts and company are fully awake. And that should concern every right thinking Haskell employee because when you look at Haskell objectively, what are the Native Americans getting for their money, and it is their money. Every dollar going into the pocket of a Haskell employee that isn’t producing value is a dollar that could have been better spent. After talking to my friends, and I am pleased now to say friends since from talking with my original Haskell friend I have met other employees as well, who talk of the things mentioned in the blog as well as other items just as serious that have not been mentioned. From those conversations, I don’t think you can save Haskell just by changing the President. It seems to be a form of organized corruption that is systemic at the institution. In discussing this in passing with one of my attorneys he stated that if they weren’t a federal institution and federal employees he would make a case that is a violation of the RICO act. At first I thought he was joking but after going through the grounds of the charge in excruciating, and I might add boring, detail I could see his point. And admitedly as a former federal prosecutor I will have to defer to his experience on this one.

    Really? Really? Whose reputation is being destroyed? Tell us the who and the how. What statements made were not true. Let’s take the Goodfox blog as an example, what in the above was not true? The sad part is that the readers of the blog can actually go read Goodfox’s blog and see that everything listed above is true.

    Retaliation and reprisal? Who is retaliating and reprising and against whom? Are you saying that Chenault, Redman, Birdwell are retaliating against the employees? Because the employer and supervisor is the person who retaliates and reprises. Are you accusing Warner of this? I don’t know if you are aware of this but she has been reassigned and is no longer your supervisor so she couldn’t engage in retaliation and reprisal if she walked up to your front door and cursed you out in front of your neighbors. At this point Warner is just a fellow employee.

  7. ssakcaj (anonymous) says…

    And as an employee at Haskell why are you even commenting? You do realize your boss stated that employees of Haskell are not to be commenting to or through the press about the situation at Haskell. Are you reporting, investigating, or taking corrective action against yourself for that? Doubt it.

    And you can’t retaliate or reprise against friends and families of employees. Dang, are all the Haskell nut jobs as ignorant as you are. Please tell me you aren’t involved in any personnel, union or labor related activities or classroom instruction. Your ignorance of the law is legion.

    And no it isn’t coincidence that these blogs went “viral” at the same time Warner was removed, albeit temporarily. As long as Warner was there at Haskell there was a sense of hope and optimism that there might actually be a change, and students might actually receive some benefit. After she was pulled it obviously became apparent that the hope was gone and employees who had sat quietly on the sidelines for 30 years decided to speak out about the cancers in their midst.

    The sad part about all this is, and this is my psychic prediction, is that Warner won’t return. A new president will be selected. One who will be a part of the “get along gang,” and the students will be the ones who suffer. Meanwhile because of the actions taken against Warner and the legal liabilities created, she will go on to win a sizeable settlement against the BIE/BIA as all employees who sue them do, and take her powerball sized settlement and ride off in the sunset to a real academic institution that actually values knowledge.

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