It’s Back to Pick-a-President Day at Haskell Indian Nations University .

Here we ago again…

Will the Haskell Indian Nations University, Bureau of Indian Education presidential merry go round of no leadership ever stop?

Chris Redman is back as acting president Tuesday-Thursdays, which opens the question of who is in charge on Mondays, Fridays and weekends?

Evidently it must be Venida Chenault, VCEM, since she is holding meetings with Haskell Union reps while Mr. Redman is away.

It’s back to Pick-a-President at Haskell day. Maybe, Dan Wildcat and Venida Chenault can both be in charge on the same days again… Remember that one? That was weird.

Or here’s an idea, just throw names in a hat and the winner, actually more like the loser, is picked as president of Haskell for the day.

Oh, and don’t forget to have Spike Bighorn put the good word in again and throw Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn’s name in the hat. Might as well… Between Dan Wildcat shilling his book in the Pacific Northwest, and Haskell being $3.4 million over budget…

What can we say, some things never change… Our dime is still on Senator Pat Roberts.

Remember “Putting Lip Stick on a Pig Doesn’t Help”.

haskellnews commentary 5/25/10.


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