Has The Bureau of Indian Affairs Left Southwestern Indian Polytechnic In The Dust?

As haskellnews commentary previously reported it seems Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute is in accreditation trouble.

What have the people in charge (mainly, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Senior Executive Service appointment deputy director for policy, evaluation and post secondary education) been doing the last 18 months or so to save Sipi? Having leadership conferences for high school kids at Haskell and doing P.R. campaigns to try and fool Native Americans into believing all is well at Haskell (sorry, Stephanie we don’t think anyone is falling for it), while leaving Sipi in the dust.

Does this mean Stephanie will finally get her wish and give Native American students, certificates instead of degrees? She,let Dan Wildcat, and Venida Chenault, cancel the accreditation visit for Haskell’s two new degree programs.

What is she doing?

At this point we are pretty sure that Keith O. Moore should be begging Dr. Warner to return to Haskell and just as sure that Dr. Warner should turn down that invite!

This was recently posted on Southwestern Indian Polytechnic’s public website:

Current students/prospective students:

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic (Sipi) is an accredited institution. As such, Sipi, is currently taking part in the accreditation process of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Initial reviews have reported findings that could possibly lead to sanctions/adverse actions by the HLC. In light of these reviews SIPI is re-evaluating the reports and institutional information to address all areas of concern.

As the accreditation process concludes, we anticipate a final decision by the end of June or early July.

Dr. Sherry Allison President, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

haskellnews commentary, wishes, the best too all of the Sipi students.

Haskellnews commentary
June 27, 2010


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