What is Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institution’s Fate?

Thanks, to Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Haskell Indian Nations University’s sister’s college has lost it’s accreditation and now the school struggles to try and get other schools to accept it’s students credits.

Unfortunately, it is also losing students and Jaslynn Begay, it’s student body president.

And the school’s bad luck continues, with the tragic death of a two-year-old child, left in a hot car for almost three hours in one of the school’s parking lots on July 14th, underscores the need for change.

Come on, Bureau of Indian Affairs, time for Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn to go.

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haskellnews commentary July 16, 2010

Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn fully supports Haskell Indian Nations University’s Board of Regent President:George Tiger.

Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn fully supports Haskell Indian Nations University’s board president, George Tiger:

Mr. George Tiger pled guilty to the charges enclosed.
It is also fact, that Mr. Tiger wanted the minutes of the meeting in Bristow,
2006, to be CHANGED reflecting the money he received from Bristow
community had not been received. This has been recorded. Minutes may
not by Tribal Law, be changed at later dates for any reason.
He took the money along with Mr. Roger Barnett as the canceled checks in
2006 show. The check copies for $299.99 are on page 15. The reason the
checks were for $299.99 is because any amount over $300.00 must go to a
vote of the Community. It is a shady, underhanded way to get money.

Okmulgee Indian Community
Highway 75 at Loop 56
Okmulgee, Okla. 74447

Dear officers and members,
I was disappointed to hear the content and outcome of your recent meeting with United
States Attorney Linda Epperly. Since the U. S. Attorney will not be pursuing criminal
prosecution I now feel I am able to give you certain information that may further illuminate this
situation :
1. I first received the Okmulgee Indian Community documentation in September
1995 after the Muscogee Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had
possession for several months.
Upon Initial review I met with Assistant United States Attorney Linda Epperly
(Nov. 1995)and presented a case overview and supporting documents. .
At that time Linda Epperly assured me it was a prosecutable case and gave me
specific instructions to proceed. It was at this initial meeting with Linda Epperly
that I first expressed my concerns of the sensitive nature of the investigation.
George Tiger was now an elected National Council member of the Muscogee
Creek Nation National Council with close personal ties to Chief Beaver. and I
was personally Jeopardizing my Job to pursue this investigation unless she was
sure this case was going to be prosecuted.
After interviewing witnesses, securing certain financial documents and other
documentation as instructed by Linda Epperly, I presented her a prosecution
report dated 10-17-96. At that time she assured me the case looked good and she
would proceed.
(Feb. 1997) I was contacted by Special Agent Craig Cormier of the Muscogee
Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and advised he had interviewed.
Matt Tiger( George Tiger’s brother), secured a confession and co-operation to testify against George Tiger.
(March 1997) I was contacted by Special Agent Craig Cormier of the Muscogee
official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and advised he had interviewed
George Tiger and George had confessed to theft and agreed to enter a plea of guilty
to the grand jury in order to avoid a lengthy trial.
(April 1997)Linda Epperly informed me George Tiger had contacted he~ office
and was given the opportunity to have a court appointed attomey which he
During the next months that followed (at least 5 times) Linda Epperly assured me
that the case would be going to the Grand Jury at the next available docket.
(July 1997)Linda Epperly advised me George Tiger was avoiding contact with her
office, and when finally contacted. he advised would need a court appointed
(Feb. 1998)Linda Epperly advised me ,George Tiger avoided contact with her office
until he was threatened with immediate filing with the court and starting Grand
Jury proceedings. George’s attorney contacted Linda Epperly’s office that day
and a plea bargain agreement was worked out to avoid a trial.
(March 98) I was contacted by FBI agent Craig Cormier and advised the statute
of limitations had run out on the Okmulgee Indian Community case.
From the beginning my pursuit of this investigation was based on the good faith
assurances from Assistant United States Attorney Linda Epperly that:
a. A crime had been committed.
b. Sufficient documentation exists to prove the crime.
c. Sufficient documentation exists to validate the Okmulgee Indian Community as
an Indian organization.
d. The amount of money taken from the Okmulgee Indian Community met
minimum standards to qualify for Federal prosecution.
At great personal risk to my own job security I took responsibility to pursue this
investigation when the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not because I believed a great
wrong has been perpetrated against the Okmulgee Indian Community by George Tiger, Matt
Tiger and Vicky Watashe. While the risk to my own job security no longer exists within the
Muscogee Creek Nation, unfortunately the risk to my reputation as a credible and competent
investigator still does. I still believe a great wrong had been committed upon the Okmulgee
Indian Community and unfortunately it has been doubled by the lack of commitment to the
members of the Okmulgee Indian Community by the United States Attorney Office.
If I may be of any assistance to you in this matter please do not hesitate to call.
Thank: you
Carla Cantrell, Police Officer
Choctaw Nation Tribal Police
1-800-522-6170 ext. 366
cc: Leah Harjo-Ware

Case #951111 _ …. – – – –
Violation of 18 US.C.A Sec. 1163 Embezzlement and theft from Indian Tribal organizations,
specifically Okmulgee Indian Community, and Okmulgee Indian Community Smoke Shop,
P.O. Box 113, Okmulgee, Okla. 74447

On November 10, 1995, I was contacted by Muscogee (Creek) Nation Assistant Attorney
General Kenneth Yates and advised that a possible theft of funds had occurred from the checking
accounts of the Okmulgee Indian Community from the years of 1989 through 1994. On November
20,1995 he provided me with canceled checks written on the Okmulgee Indian Community and
the Okmulgee Indian Community Smokeshop and a copy of his personal review of the checks.
The review of those checks by assistant Attorney General Kenneth Yates raised questions about
possible fraudulent actions by members of the Okmulgee Indian Community and asked for
further investigation by this office. Most notable of the questionable checks written on the
Okmulgee Indian Community accounts were checks written between 1989 and 1994 to Johnson
Tiger and endorsed by Johnson Tiger totaling $14,320. Other significant checks written on the
Okmulgee Indian Community Accounts were checks written between 1989 and 1994 to George
Tiger, George Tiger/KOKL, TFT-George Tiger-TFT Sponsor, Original Turf Sports, George
Tiger/KQl.L, KOKL/George Tiger, OTSP-George Tiger and endorsed by George Tiger totaling

Upon review of the canceled checks of the Okmulgee Indian Community and the Okmulgee
Indian Community Smokeshop, written minutes of the Okmulgee Indian. Community regular
business meetings, signature authorization cards for the Okmulgee Indian Community Smoke
Shop checking account, Constitution, By-laws, and Charter of the Okmulgee Indian Community,
and Muscogee (Creek) Nation Legislation, I find the following information:

Okmulgee Indian community was created as a result of Muscogee (Creek)
Legislation NCA-83-11, an ordinance of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation
establishing a procedure to issue tribal charters to organized Muscogee (Creek)
Indian Community Organizations. Okmulgee Indian Community applied for and
received a charter signed by the Principal Chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation
on 12-8-1985. This charter was granted by the Principal Chief as a result of
Okmulgee Indian Community organizing and writing a constitution and by-laws
following guidelines set forth by NCA-83-11. As a result of this Tribal legislation
and Charter granted by the Principal Chief, the Okmulgee Indian Community has
the status of the Muscogee Nation as to all tax exemptions,sovereign immunities
and any other protections and powers as provided by tribal ordinance. See NCA-
83-11, Okmulgee Indian Community Constitution, By-Laws, and Charter).
3. Canceled Checks for Okmulgee Indian Community (acct.# 18986) and
Okmulgee Indian Community Smokeshop acct. # 33829 written on the First
National Bank of Okmulgee, were provided on 11-20-95 to this officer (Carla
Cantrell, Criminal Investigator) by Kenneth Yates, Assistant Attorney General of
the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and were logged as evidence and have been in the
continuous custody of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Light Horse Police evidence
facility. A review of those canceled checks shows that between 1-1-89 and 1-1-94
checks were written to Johnson Tiger totaling $14,320.00 and GeorgeTiger and
various business endorsed by George Tiger totaling $33,015,00. The majority of
the checks were co-signed by Vicky Watashe, then treasurer of the Okmulgee
Indian Community ,and Matt Tiger( George Tiger’s brother), then Chairman of the Okmulgee Indian
4. Written minutes of the regular business meetings of the Okmulgee Indian
Community were provided on 1-4-96 to this officer (Carla Cantrell, Criminal
Investigator) by Betty Gray, then Secretary Of the Okmulgee Indian Community
and were logged as evidence and have been in the continuous custody of the
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Light horse Police evidence facility. A review of the
monthly business meeting minutes does not indicate members of the community
were aware of checks written to Johnson Tiger and George Tiger.

While on duty at the Light horse office appx. 11:50 a.m. Craig Cromier from the
Muscogee office of the FBI came by to advise of his interview earlier that morning with Matthew Tiger of Morris.
Craig advised me that Matthew Tiger had confessed to allegations concerning a embezzlement of the Okmulgee Indian Community during the years of 1989-1994.
Craig stated that not only had Matthew confessed and agreed to plead guilty, but to turn evidence on his brother,
George Tiger concerning the same embezzlement Craig had given Matthew the opportunity to work a deal.

Statements from Vicky Watashe show that she had signature authority on the Okmulgee Indian
Community Checking accounts between 1988 and 1994. She stated she wrote checks to Johnson
Tiger and George Tiger upon their request and did not receive receipts or expense reports, she
also stated she was aware that Chairman Matt Tiger an Johnson Tiger were the same
person, and since George Tiger was Matt Tiger’s brother she did not refuse or question his
requests for funds. (See Interview Vicky Lynn Watashe) (11-20-98.)

Statements from James Brewer, General Manager of Radio Station KOKL, show. that George
Tiger never had signature authority to cash checks for the radio station.
Statements from Steve Ferndez, acting General Manager of Radio Station KQLL , show that
George Tiger never( had sign authority to cash checks for the station).
Statements from Jerri On-The-Hill show that she co-signed a check written to KOK.L/George
Tiger to cash because at the time she had a checking account and he did not. She also stated
Johnson Tiger and Matt Tiger is the same person and brother of George Tiger.

Forged Social Security Numbers – George Tiger Used:
Checking with OLETS 000-00-0000, social security number used by George Tiger to endorse,
checks, belongs to Randy Leon Case; P.O. Box 52412,Tulsa, Okla. DOB 3-17-57 White Male
Checking Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship Board, George Tiger ,DOB 3-2-50, shows
Social Security number 000-00-0000. OLETS shows 000-00-0000 checks to George Palmer Tiger,
DOB 10-13-61, 5620 S.Quaker, Tulsa, Okla. Indian Male
OLETS shows George Phillip Tiger. DOB 3-22-50, OLN 000-00-0000, P.O. Box 763, Sapulpa,
Okla. Indian Male
Checking with OLETS, 000-00-0000, social security number used by Johnson Tiger to endorse
checks, belongs to Johnson Tiger, DOB 7-28-47. P. O. Box 271, Morris, Okla. Indian Male

George Tiger has sat on the Haskell Indian Nations University Board of regents for 26 years and is it’s
current board president does he really consider himself Haskell’s Native studies best friend? We know scary, isn’t it?
Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn fully supports George Tiger. Again, scary isn’t it?

We have three questions:
1. Why under George Tiger’s watch has money sat in the Haskell bank, that the Muscogee Creek Nation gave Haskell for satellite programs. That money has been there for at least 5 years, if indeed it is still there.
Where is the Muscogee Creek Nations 40,000?
2. George Tiger took two no confidence votes against Dr. Warner????
3. Does George tiger have access to board members social security numbers?

haskellnews commentary
July 8, 2010.

BIE’S Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Has It’s Accreditation Withdrawn.

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute( Sipi), in New Mexico, a National Indian Community College and Land Grant Institution serving American Indian and Alaskan Native students and Haskell Indian Nations University’s sister college, had it’s accreditation withdrawn on July 3th, 2010, by The Higher Leaning Commission. What this means for it’s current and future students, we do not know.

With Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn in control, will this also happen to Haskell Indian Nations University? After, all, Haskell already lost it’s accreditation visits for two of it’s new BA programs under the “leadership” of Stephanie Birdwell- Bighorn, it is time for Stephanie to go, before Native American education does.

Native American leaders and The U.S. Senate on Indian Affairs committee need to take a good look at this and ask some hard questions and demand some answers.

Like how did Stephanie get this job to begin with? She should have been disqualified for this job from the get go. You shouldn’t be able get a job like this because you married Spike Bighorn.

Why are unqualified people given jobs in Native American Education? When there are plenty of qualified Native American people applying for them (Harvard grads,etc).

In Native American education, do qualifications and experience in the field, give way to who you know? Or who you date? Or who you marry????

We would like to see Stephanie apply to run Kansas University, or the New Mexico school system. Do you think they would hire her? No. Then why did Native American students get stuck with her? Don’t they deserve better?

Surely, some Native American leader out there cares enough about their people’s education to call for Stephanie’s resignation.

Link: http://www.ncahlc.org/download/_PublicDisclosureNotices/PDN_1508.pdf

haskellnews commentary
July 7, 2010.

CC: U.S. Senate on Indian Affairs: CC: United States Committee on Indian Affairs: Byron L. Dorgan, Chairman (ND) Daniel Inouye, Member (HI) Kent Conrad, Member (ND) Daniel Akaka, Member (HI) Tim Johnson, Member (SD) Maria Cantwell, Member (WA) Jon Tester, Member (MT) Tom Udall, Member (NM) Al Franken, Member (MN) John Barrasso, Vice Chairman (WY) John McCain, Member (AZ) Lisa Murkowski, Member (AK) Tom Coburn, Member (OK) Michael Crapo, Member (ID) Mike Johanns, Member (NE).

NATIONAL CONGRESS OF AMERICAN INDIANS: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PRESIDENT Jefferson Keel Chickasaw NaDon FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT Juana Majel Dixon Pauma Band – Mission Indians RECORDING SECRETARY Theresa Two Bulls Oglala Sioux Tribe TREASURER W. Ron Allen lamestown S’Klallam Tribe REGIONAL VICE-PRESIDENTS ALASKA William Martin Central Council Tlingit & Haida EASTERN OKLAHOMA Cara Cowan Watts Cherokee NaDon GREAT PLAINS Marcus D. Levings Mandan, Arikara and Hidarsa Nation MIDWEST Matthew Wesaw Pokagon Band of Potawatomie NORTHEAST lance Gumbs Shinnecock Indian Nation NORTHWEST Brian Cladoosby Swinomish Tribal Community PACIFIC Don Amold Scotts Valley Band of Porno Indians ROCKY MOUNTAIN Scoll Russell Crow Tribe SOUTHEAST Archie lynch Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe SOUTHERN PLAINS Robert Tippeconnic Comanche Nation SOUTHWEST JoeCarcia Ohkay Owingeh WESTERN Irene Cuch Ute Indian Tribe EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jacqueline Johnson Pala Tlingit.

The Kansas Delegation: Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Sam Brownback, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, Congressman Dennis Moore.

President of The United States: Barack Obama

We would also cc The Bureau of Indian Education people, but they don’t really seem to care about Native American Education.

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Considers Surrendering Their Tribal Jurisdiction To The State of Oklahoma.

While, The Muscogee (Creek) Nation considers surrendering their tribal jurisdiction to the state of Oklahoma, it gives us pause to remember when The United States government decided to educate Native American children and we all see where that got us!

Reprinted with permission from The Voices of Courage: The Voices of Courage published a new entry entitled “A. G. ROGER WILEY, GIVING MEMORANDUM as ORDERS.” on 7/1/2010 4:31:53 PM, written by Voice2. A. G. ROGER WILEY, GIVING MEMORANDUM as ORDERS.

What is a memorandum worth to citizens? Or even to the Chief or Supreme Court Justice, et al.

“As of today, “since we will no longer have a sitting D. C. Judge”, that will have serious consequences. (Duh!)

Especially in the area of child protective services: his office will issue emergency orders: 1. When necessary to seek an emergency order, OUR ATTORNEY (who might that be?) will contact a S. C. Justice for issuance of an order & also request a setting for a show cause hearing.

If no S. C. Justice will consider request for emergency order, I have directed our attorneys to contact the STATE OF OKLAHOMA DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES & ASK THE STATE to proceed with the matter in State District Court. (He will give away our sovereignty along with the take-away of our children by the state.)

It is unfortunate & quite alarming that we should ever have to consider surrendering our jurisdiction to the St of Oklahoma, however our 1st responsibility & obligation is to the children & families of this Nation (blah blah), Without any adequate forum to proceed in within the MCN, no alternative (blah blah).”

This is the direction of the thought process of the AG, with the advice of the NC. Not even a care or concern for the Nation. If the AG is that concerned, he should proceed directly to the Federal Courts. But NO, he knows where that trail will lead. Still protecting his behind and that of those rogue Council Members. Or else, he now knows that he hasn’t a snow-ball’s chance in Hades chance to be the Judge he so wanted to be. (Revenge?) Is this the advice of the NC or NC’s Counsel? We regret that we don’t believe that the Speaker has that type of far-reaching mind.

They are directly disobeying and disregarding the Supreme Court’s directive of 6/30/10, which stated that Judge Moore is to stay in place UNTIL a formal replacement is made pursuant to the MCN nomination and confirmation process. The NC and the AG are going to proceed as if to spit on the Supreme Court.

Roger Wiley — (Tele) 918-295-8720 FAX: 918-756-2445) Tell him he has been overstepping his boundaries for quite a while, but now he has sold the Creek Nation down the proverbial river. NC needs to hear this too.




Gathering of Unity… Please join other citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation on Tuesday, July 6th from 5pm until 7pm for a gathering of unity in front of the administration building parking lot.

If you are indeed concerned about the latest decisions that our government has made and the path that seems to have created confusion and division within our political system, come out and join us in a moment of silent protest and prayer. Please bring your children. They are the next generation to inherit our tribe and they should know if they are going to inherit a healthy prosperous tribe or a disaster.

Again if you are really concerned for our beloved nation and its direction, please join us…this is a grass-root effort so please pass this message on… My email is eligrayson@gmail.com My cell is 760-534-1632

I would especially ask the ceremonial ground leaders to come join us and speak their minds….. Mvto

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Again, we ask the question: How much involvement does George Tiger have in all of this?

haskellnews commentary
July 2, 2010