Lack of Leadership at Haskell Indian Nations University Equals 11 Arrests in 4 1/2 weeks.

With no real leadership at the school, Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas has had eleven arrests in 4 1/2 weeks.

Haskell has an approximate enrollment of 950 students this semester.

Not a wonder Haskell has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country, at 9 percent. Those details were released in Washington Monthly’s list of 50 four-year public and private not-for-profit colleges with low graduation rates.

Is Haskell doomed to follow in the steps of its, sister college, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who lost accreditation by The Higher Learning Commission in July 2010?

Someone needs to be posing these questions to Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Deputy Director for Policy, Evaluations and Post-Secondary Education for The Bureau of Indian Education.

1. Booking#: 10-4344 Date/Time: 2010-09-16 15:10 CHRINumber: 68045

Name#: Name removed. 163592 Name:
11/12/1986 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD; RM 129B , Lawrence , 66044

2. Booking#: 10-4217 Date/Time: 2010-09-08 13:45 CHRINumber: 67994

Name#: Name removed. 163255 Name: DOB: 11/26/1988 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD HALL; RM 313 , Lawrence , 66046

3. Booking#: 10-4154 Date/Time: 2010-09-04 03:17 CHRINumber: 67967

Name#: Name removed. 163408 Name: DOB: 11/29/1991 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD HALL; RM 213 , Lawrence , 66047

4.Booking#: 10-4133 Date/Time: 2010-09-03 05:35 CHRINumber: 67958

Name#: Name removed. 163390 Name: DOB: 03/30/1992 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD; RM 1033 , Lawrence , 66044

5. Booking#: 10-4113 Date/Time: 2010-09-02 04:06 CHRINumber: 67947

Name#: Name removed. 163377 Name: DOB: 01/01/1990 Address: 155 INDIAN AV; OK HALL; RM 2021 , Lawrence , 66046

6.Booking#: 10-4034 Date/Time: 2010-09-01 12:30 CHRINumber: 61236

Name#: Name removed. 151241 Name: DOB: 04/12/1991 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; RM 2 , Lawrence , 66046

7.Booking#: 10-4082 Date/Time: 2010-08-31 05:34 CHRINumber: 63523

Name#: Name removed. 153724 Name: DOB: 09/29/1978 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; OK HALL RM 1095 , Lawrence , 66046

8.Booking#: 10-4050 Date/Time: 2010-08-29 02:03 CHRINumber: 67922

Name#: Name removed. 162782 Name: DOB: 11/18/1990 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; BLALOCK HALL , Lawrence , 66046

9. Booking#: 10-4034 Date/Time: 2010-08-28 06:45 CHRINumber: 61236

Name#: Name removed. 151241 Name: DOB: 04/12/1991 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; RM 2 , Lawrence , 66046

10. Booking#: 10-3858 Date/Time: 2010-08-20 10:05 CHRINumber: 66887

Name#: Name removed. 160544 Name: DOB: 09/25/1985 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE BLAYLOCK #110 , Lawrence , 66046

11. Booking#: 10-3854 Date/Time: 2010-08-20 03:04 CHRINumber: 67843

Name#: Name removed. 163147 Name: DOB: 10/29/1988 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; RM 476 , Lawrence , 66047

haskellnews commentary Sept 22, 2010.

*haskellnews commentary removed the names of the students who were arrested and because of space issues, shorten the arrest reports, which may be read in full on the Douglas County ‘s Kansas Sheriff’s department’s site.


15 responses to “Lack of Leadership at Haskell Indian Nations University Equals 11 Arrests in 4 1/2 weeks.

  1. roamingnome (anonymous) says…

    Everyone should care. Especially if you are Native and want to project a positive image of our people and defeat the on going stereotypes. It is especially embarrassing to Native people who are permanent residents of Lawrence when this negative image of Native people is a result of the behavior of some Haskell students who are here for a short while. Is this the caliber of students has accepts? If so, it is the lack of leadership.

    This reminds me of the recent blog about how many students show up with “hickies.” Haskell is certainly not a place where I will allow my children to attend when they are ready.

  2. sbobandme (anonymous) says…

    @ geekin_topekan And those are just the on-campus students. That’s the same thing my wife was saying. It is a lot of arrests for a small campus and in a short time span.
    But seriously, who cares? We think that is the problem. As tax payers, we care. Here is a school in our very own community, that has one of the lowest graduations rates in the United States and now look at the number of arrests. We believe that is one of Haskell’s biggest problems, it appears from the top of the BIA on down, that none of them care. To us Haskell is looking like more of a hotel then a school. So where is the leadership? Who’s in charge? Taxpayers should be outraged.

  3. Practicality (anonymous) says…

    Unfortunately, I do not think this is something new to this year. I would be willing to wager that this is quite typical at the beginning of the year at most colleges, and without exception, Haskell as well. I believe if one went back 20 years they could find a high rate of Haskell students being arrested in the early fall.

    I do agree that the Haskell leadership and most of the faculty need to be fired immediately. The results point to incompetence. Even if it isn’t incompetence, they have failed at their mission of educating their students. Fire them now, even if they have to be replaced by “Anglos”.

  4. Ricky_Vaughn (anonymous) says…

    So people got arrested…how is that the administration’s fault? These people are adults right? Responsible for their own actions? Maybe Haskell students need to look in the mirror. Waiting for someone else to show you the way? Don’t hold your collective breath.

    Maybe the free ride creates a sense of apathy among Haskell students? It’s not like the students stand to lose anything or go into debt if they fail.

    And once again, Indians are from INDIA, not North America! Why do you still call yourselves Indians? Are you happy Columbus showed up? Want to keep the name he gave you?

    • rooster (anonymous) replies…

      —Usage note
      Because Christopher Columbus mistakenly believed that the Caribbean island on which he had landed was the subcontinent of India, he called the inhabitants Indians.

      And Ricky Vaughn you are an idiot.

  5. katatnite (anonymous) says…

    Can they can justify keeping Haskell open any longer ? They have failed to produce graduating students. What type of students do they accept? What happens to the ones who get in trouble? Are they sent home? Haskell needs too close its doors and send their remaining “students” elsewhere. The current “leadership” failed badly here. They do need to be fired.

  6. sbobandme (anonymous) says…

    We don’t think you can blame others for this. It is simple poor, poor leadership. If you can even call it that anymore. It might be time to say good- bye to Haskell, they are not graduating students. We as taxpayers need to demand results here, or else close the school. It is becoming an embarrassment for Lawrence and a waste of our hard earned tax dollars.

  7. katatnite (anonymous) says…

    Looks like the “white european settlers” are paying for Haskell with their tax dollars. But why? So ten of their students can go out and hold signs on 31st Street? They certainly are not doing what they are there for…..get a degree and move on with their lives. Who is responsible for making sure that happens…the leadership, if not then the ones who are paying ( tax dollars) for this mess.

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