Did the rape victim at Haskell Indian Nations University leave the school?





Did the rape victim from Saturday night’s attack leave Haskell Indian Nations University? If so where is her attacker? Does he remain in the dorms? Is this becoming status quo for Haskell? Are students who get in trouble there being told not to worry about it, because the head of Haskell’s student court will work with them? Are Haskell’s current administrators choosing to keep the wrong students at Haskell?

A brutal rape, four arrests in one night, all on the small campus of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas. One could argue it can happen anywhere, but for such a small campus as Haskell’s, four arrests in one night, is a lot, isn’t it?

Could it be that some Haskell housing staff and the current administrators are not doing their jobs? Are some housing staff allowed to bring their friends to work with them for entire shifts? Are those friends allowed to check the status of the dorm? While the employee makes quilts?

Or could it be that this all starts at the top? From President Barack Obama who is in charge of The Bureau of Indian Education, down to Larry Echohawk, Keith Moore, Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, to Haskell’s current administrators ( Venida Chenault) and Board of Regents ( George Tiger).

Shouldn’t Kansas Educators be yelling from the roof tops? After all Haskell is in Kansas is it not? Can government officials, educators, and the public at large simply turn their heads and look away because this is a government school for American Indians?

Did Larry Echohawk cry big tears at a talk he gave at Haskell over a year ago promising to make things better there, never to be heard from again? Now, he has a real reason to cry. Someone’s daughter, friend, granddaughter, Haskell student was brutally raped at one of his schools Saturday night. The much talked about change never came. Now at least one Haskell student is scarred for life.

It is against federal law for campus crimes not to be reported to the cleryact@securityoncampus.org. Are Haskell’s current administrators reporting the campus crimes? If not they are putting any Haskell student who receives federal student aid in jeopardy from being cut from that program.

The boarding school mentality of keeping everything bad that happens at Haskell a secret, is coming to a swift end.

It is our hope that Senator Pat Roberts is still working on his uphill battle to bring real leadership to Haskell, but, wait, could it be too late for that?

haskellnews commentary Oct 26, 2010.


4 responses to “Did the rape victim at Haskell Indian Nations University leave the school?

  1. drillsgt (anonymous) says…

    this is all under the venida’s watch..her hand picked employees..her housing leader..her policy…her reports to birdwell..oh , it’s all at Roe cloud…not OK hall..like she told everybody in the University Council meeting..so maybe it’s not the athletes …it’s the lack of her ability to know how to run a university…again she has no leadership or experience….why was she even put in charge? Isn’t there a chain of command we are supposed to follow…as alumni I will be getting hold of the Senator Pat Roberts again to let him know what I hear…

  2. katatnite (anonymous) replies…

    Venida is not a leader. I looked up the arrests on The Douglas County Sheriff’s site there were four arrests the night that this rape happened three at the dorm Roe Cloud and one at the dorm Blalock. I didn’t see any for that night at OK dorm. Are Haskell’s University Council minutes posted for the public? They should not be a secret. Why is Venida in charge of anything?…there’s a good question. I will contact Senator Pat Roberts office also.

  3. katatnite (anonymous) replies…

    Yes, you are right ” It is a travesty if the victim has been intimidated out of pursuing charges against the perpetratpr” did anyone outside of Haskell step forward to help her? Who knows? Is it true that she was” intimidated out of pursuing charges against the perpetratpr ” and has since left campus ? Who knows, but that is what some people are now saying. DaGuGi would be a good resource for her…if she is still around.

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