President Barack Obama takes on crimes against American Indian Women.

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President Barack Obama signed an act into law last July, The Tribal Law and Order Act. A federal law aimed at combating crime in Indian country.

*“The statistics in Indian Country regarding violence against women are disturbing to say the least. It’s incumbent upon us to take appropriate action,” said Wizipan Garriott, policy adviser to Assistant Interior Secretary of Indian Affairs.”

President Obama and Larry Echohawk may want to take a look at Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas. A government run school, that they are in charge of. What are Haskell’s statistics  on crime against women and the crime on Haskell’s campus in general? Are the current administrators reporting it to the F.B.I. as required under Compliance of The Clery Act? Link:

We want to acknowledge The Lawrence Journal World for bringing to light the latest in a long list of crimes at Haskell.

We also want to acknowledge any Haskell staff who helped the rape victim last Saturday nmorning and the Lawrence Police Officers who responded to the call.

*Link to the full story :

Haskellnews commentary October 27, 2010


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