Dr. Linda Sue Warner leaves Haskell Indian Nations University; Accepts new post.

Dr. Linda Sue Warner has accepted a new post within the Bureau of Indian Education and resigned as President of Haskell Indian Nations University, in Lawrence, Kansas. The announcement was made earlier today by Mr. Larry Echohawk, Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs and months ago by George Tiger.

In the time that she was on campus, Dr. Warner tried to make vast improvements at Haskell, which were often met with criticism from The Haskell Board of Regents, who twice took a vote of no confidence against her. (We wonder how many times Dr. Warner took a vote of no confidence on them). However, this is a Board of Regents (many of whom themselves hold less then a bachelor’s degree and have been on Haskell’s board for way too many years), who since Dr.Warner’s departure from campus over a year ago, have stood by and let graduation rates drop to less than any other post-secondary institution we can find, the same Board of Regents that expected to get paid the minute they set foot on campus and the same Board that let the crime on Haskell’s campus get out of hand. You can thank Stephanie Birdwell and Larry Echohawk for supporting the Regents.

Improvements at Haskell somehow threatened them, and other members of the Haskell faculty (especially the ones who were called on the carpet for not doing their jobs).

Dr. Warner was way ahead of her time for the Haskell bureaucracy, at least she tried. Today the country will try to right itself as it elects new leaders; it is too late for Haskell and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

We tip our hats to Dr. Linda Sue Warner and wish her the best in her new endeavors.

haskellnews commentary Nov 02, 2010


9 responses to “Dr. Linda Sue Warner leaves Haskell Indian Nations University; Accepts new post.

  1. Practicality (anonymous) says…

    So, they get rid of Warner because she tried to actually make changes that everyone but the Haskell Board of Regents and the Haskell Faculty can clearly see need to be addressed?Brillant!!!! What a bunch of worthless Bureaucrats.

    “While my visit was in the midst of challenging circumstances, I was nonetheless encouraged and inspired by the commitment, dedication and perseverance of the students, administration, faculty and staff of the university,” Echo Hawk said.

    Clearly the problem starts with this guy. With a 10% graduation rate this guy is “inspired”. Wow! Talk about pathetic standards. Clearly the removal of Mr. Echo Hawk is the first step that needs to be made.

  2. Horace (anonymous) says…

    How can they only have a 10% graduation rate? I’m guessing the curriculum is equivalent to that at Central Junior High and the students get their bill paid for by Uncle Sam.

    Shut that place down.

  3. sbobandme (anonymous) says…

    Excuse us, Dr. Warner is out??? My wife and I will tell you who should be out: Larry Echohawk, Stephanie Birdwell, all of Haskell’s current administrators, most of their dorm, food service and teaching staff. Larry Echohawk does not care about Haskell, why do you think Dr.Warner is gone? She came too Haskell and made it a better school and in the process, she made some people unhappy boo-hoo. Problem was the Bureau of Indian Education didn’t want to be bothered with all of the boo-hooing, so instead of standing behind Dr.Warner, they let her go. And now what do they have? A nine percent graduation rate, rapes and other crimes on their campus. Why look for a successor???? Haskell is not a school, its a boarding house and employment opportunity for those who could otherwise not find employment……close the place it is a waste of our hard earned tax dollars. Mr. Larry Echohawk you are a liar.

  4. shootitstrait (anonymous) says…

    I was suprised to see the comments on LJWorld about Larry Echo Hawk. From what I have read about him, he seems to be a very accomplished leader. Former Attorney General of Idaho, Served in the Idaho State Legislature, a former Idaho Governor canidate who lost a very close race, law professor and now the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs (Confirmed by the US Senate). I dont know very many people in Indian country with that type of proven leadership and it would be interesting for people to comment on that.

    I like to be a realist and not someone who just complains (unlike many on here who make unfounded statements). I put my faith in him as the leader Indian Country has, and trust that the decision to remove Dr. Warner was supported by reasons the public may not have the privilage to know. I know for example certian personnel issues are protected by laws. I know its easiest to point the blame to others but in the end Dr. Warner was responsible to lead that university but maybe she was not equipped to successfully lead Haskell. In my opinion no matter how much people want Dr. Warner back, she is gone and the University needs to move forward, which is what I think Mr. Echo Hawk’s statements say.

    I am sick of seeing reports on the 9% or 10% graduation rate at Haskell. I myself and part of that 91% that started at Haskell and didn’t graduate. I started my education at Haskell and transfered to the University of New Mexico after two years where i got my B.S. and M.A. Is my success ever captured in these numbers or I am considered to be a drop out?

  5. ssakcaj (anonymous) replies…

    The graduation rate doesn’t report your success, it reports the universities success or lack thereof. Here is an explanation or definition of the IPEDS graduation rate:

    “The graduation rate tracks a cohort of students (defined as new-entering, full-time, first-time, degree-seeking) from their time of initial enrollment in a four-year institution until they complete a bachelor’s degree or less within 150% of normal time to program completion at the same institution. For a four-year bachelor’s degree program this means students who graduate within six years are successful completers and are included in the rate.

    Graduation rates are influenced by a variety of factors. Students who transfer in or transfer out of an institution are not included in the graduation rate. Students who start full-time, and are included in the initial tracking cohort, may subsequently enroll part-time; prolonging their time to completion. In general, institutions which are more selective in whom they enroll have higher graduation rates than institutions that are not very selective.”

    If you entered the school and said you were a bachelor degree seeking student and then left then you are not reflected in the graduation rate. Why? Because you didn’t graduate from the institution. The 9% number reflects students who said they were going to the institution to graduate and then did so. That means 91% of their cohort didn’t graduate.

    It is a brutal number but it is the actual graduation rate.

  6. ssakcaj (anonymous) replies…

    To your general points I would say this, Echo Hawk’s career to me doesn’t neccesarily show any “proven leadership.” I don’t consider his elected positions neccesarily reflecting any notable leadership and as you pointed out, his attempt to win a leadership position, Idaho Governor, was rejected by his fellow citizens.

    I fail to see how you can say you are a realist and then say you are putting your “faith” in Echo Hawk. Additionally, you state that Warner was removed where the press release specifically states that Warner accepted another job. Not removed, or reassigned, she accepted another job. Although they would probably not state if an employee was removed, reassigned has no negative stigma and if she was reassigned, they could plainly state so. It seems to me more likely that Warner, realizing the deteriorating conditions at the school and the mass exodus of quality faculty and staff, she decided to cut her losses and leave.

    One item that hasn’t been brought out to the general public is that the 9% graduation rate was based on the 2002 cohort. Add six years to that and you get 2008 for the numbers to all be in. That means that as of today, there should be numbers for 2003 and 2004 which which should show the improvement or lack thereof in the institution’s graduation rate. Or maybe, the BIE has that number already and that was a factor in Warner deciding to leave. One rumor going around is that the BIE is considering closing both SIPI with its loss of accreditation, and Haskell with its 9% graduation rate and after adding money to their previous combined budget totals awarding $20,000 grants to individual Indian students and allowing them to attend the University of their choice. Again, that is just a rumor floating around.

    Finally, unless you declared yourself to be at Haskell to obtain a two year degree and did so, the reality is that yes you are a Haskell drop out. You are not however, and my compliments to you, a college dropout.

  7. sbobandme (anonymous) replies…

    My wife and I agree with you. They could not keep Dr. Warner and now the graduation rate is at nine percent, we are tired of hearing about that too. What a tax payers waste, close the place.

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