Funding is once again being cut at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Tecumseh Hall, Haskell Indian Nations University

Funding is once again being cut at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

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“Current Events – Funding is once again being cut at Haskell, this time to the peril of several sports teams. But one group is banding together to raise the funds to keep athletics going at Haskell”.

What can we say? Congratulations to Venida Chenault?



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Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, lands on CBS Money Watch Hall of Shame.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas,  lands on CBS Money Watch Hall of Shame.

For the second time in less than a year (Feb 2, 2011) Haskell Indian Nations University has been placed on a list of the top 25 universities with the lowest graduation rates in the country. This time earning its place in CBS Money Watch Hall of Shame, after earning it’s spot at # 14 on the list with a one percent graduation rate. Down from a previously reported nine percent graduation rate from Washington Monthly’s worst college rankings (

Lynn O’Shaughnessy a contributor for CBS Money Watch made the discovery after researching the federal education database called IPEDS.

She States” you are probably more likely to find a $100 bill laying on the sidewalk than earn a diploma from these schools in four years” and “These schools surely have not shown an institutional will to help students actually earn degrees, which makes me wonder what purpose they serve.

We too would like to know what purpose Haskell serves, when they are only graduating one percent of their students.

For more information:

Photo used with permission of  Ms. Lynn O’Shaughnessy

haskellnews commentary


Haskell moves

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The formal exit of Haskell’s president may not be a positive move, but at least it clears the way for a permanent appointment to that office.

The leadership issue at Haskell Indian Nations University has been clarified but not in a particularly positive way.

In a letter dated Nov. 1, a U.S. Department of the Interior official notified members of the Haskell community that the school’s current president, Linda Sue Warner, had taken another position within the Bureau of Indian Affairs and would not be returning to her job at Haskell. Larry Echo Hawk expressed his appreciation for Warner’s service and indicated that Chris Redman will continue to serve as Haskell’s acting president. In the meantime, the vacant position will be advertised, and the search will begin for a permanent replacement for Warner.

It’s unfortunate that Haskell will lose the able leadership of Warner, but it is positive news, in a way, that federal officials finally have clarified the leadership position at Haskell. Warner had been shipped away from the Lawrence campus for more than a year while filling BIA positions in other states. During that time, Haskell has had three different acting presidents. The lack of stable, capable leadership hampers Haskell’s progress in many ways.

Warner, who came to Haskell in 2007, encountered resistance from some members of the Haskell community, including the Haskell Board of Regents which voted twice to seek her removal as president. It’s hard to know exactly what triggered their disapproval but such a response isn’t unusual when a university leader wants to make significant changes.

After the second “no confidence” vote last May, the president of the Haskell regents said, “It’s time to move on” from Warner’s leadership. It seems the regents now will get their wish.

Recent actions and policies by some at Haskell have placed the university’s continued academic accreditation in jeopardy. Warner tried to improve and broaden the academic offerings of the school but was rebuffed by those who wanted to keep Haskell’s traditional academic environment.

Haskell could be this country’s foremost academic institution for American Indians. However, there will have to be strong, visionary leadership from the president’s office, and the Haskell regents will have to be motivated by what is in the best interests of preparing college-age American Indians for stimulating, productive roles in today’s society. Members of Congress also most provide more than just minimal fiscal support for the school.

It’s regrettable that Warner was removed and that federal officials took so long to clarify Haskell’s leadership situation. Now, however, that has happened, and BIA officials should move as quickly as possible to fill the vacancy at Haskell with a visionary and capable leader who can help move the American Indian school forward.

Education at all levels of this country is facing severe challenges and none is as acute and pressing as the situation at Haskell.

Larry Echohawk’s Empty Promises.

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Quote from Larry Echohawk:“We have also made strides in improving the delivery of education to Indian country, both within the BIE’s 183 schools and two universities that serve more than 42,000 Indian students, and within the traditional public school system that serves 95 percent of Indian students”.

Really, Mr.Echohawk ? Ninety one percent of Haskell Indian Nations University students in Lawrence, Kansas are not graduating, crimes are high for such a small campus, and when Dr. Linda Sue Warner was detailed off of  The Haskell campus, leadership at Haskell went with her. Since, then, on almost a week by week, basis, Haskell has had new “Acting administers” and we are using that term loosely.

Quote from Larry Echohawk:“Improved public safety in Indian country is important to establish a climate where students can focus on their education and economic growth can take root. That is why we launched the most aggressive recruiting and hiring effort for BIA officers in history, to bridge the serious gap in officer staffing in Indian country”.

Improved public safety in Indian Country, should that not include Haskell Indian Nations University? The very university that Mr. Echohawk is in charge of ?  Or do American Indian students not count? Haskell’s safety officer, Debra Thompson is now gone from Haskell, her talents and skills lost to Haskell, forever. Is there now yet another acting???

Mr. Echohawk’s big tears and promises of help for Haskell apparently had no true meaning. What has he done for Haskell and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)? Detailed of one the best President’s Haskell Indian Nations University ever had, along with one of it’s best safety officers’ and teachers like Dr. Russell Blackbird, let graduation rates plumb it to almost zero, students are being raped and one even put into a coma, put Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn in charge of  The Bureau of Indian schools.

Let Southwestern Indian Polytechnic lose their accreditation!

Mr. Echohawk and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn cut loose a lot of Haskell’s best employees and held on to a lot of the not so good ones, including it’s Board of Regents speared headed by George Tiger (for more information on Mr.Tiger go to: The voices of Courage .com) a lot of the board members (not all) only hold two years degrees, if that, and have been sitting this board for many years.

What do they do? Their traveling expenses to come to Haskell are paid for by Haskell, along with lodging and board (can some empty dorm rooms not to found for them? Can they not eat at Cutis)?  They are paid for their time there and ran to Wal-Mart by Haskell employees. All the while crying to The Haskell students, Haskell has no money!

What does Haskell’s Board of Regents do for the Haskell students? Take away four year degree programs and sometimes ride on a float….too bad they don’t just float off of the Haskell campus.

Who put Larry Echohawk in charge? Oh, yes, President Barack Obama, we would like to thank him too.

How big is a mess, when U.S. Senators have to become involved and try to clean it up?

By the way we sincerely want to thank Senator Pat Roberts who continues trying to clean up Larry Echohawk’s and Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn’s mess.

Keep crying Mr. Echohawk…your tears mean nothing anymore.

Larry Echohawk’s quotes and full article can be found at:

haskellnews commentary

October 30, 2010.

Lack of Leadership at Haskell Indian Nations University Equals 11 Arrests in 4 1/2 weeks.

With no real leadership at the school, Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas has had eleven arrests in 4 1/2 weeks.

Haskell has an approximate enrollment of 950 students this semester.

Not a wonder Haskell has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country, at 9 percent. Those details were released in Washington Monthly’s list of 50 four-year public and private not-for-profit colleges with low graduation rates.

Is Haskell doomed to follow in the steps of its, sister college, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who lost accreditation by The Higher Learning Commission in July 2010?

Someone needs to be posing these questions to Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Deputy Director for Policy, Evaluations and Post-Secondary Education for The Bureau of Indian Education.

1. Booking#: 10-4344 Date/Time: 2010-09-16 15:10 CHRINumber: 68045

Name#: Name removed. 163592 Name:
11/12/1986 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD; RM 129B , Lawrence , 66044

2. Booking#: 10-4217 Date/Time: 2010-09-08 13:45 CHRINumber: 67994

Name#: Name removed. 163255 Name: DOB: 11/26/1988 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD HALL; RM 313 , Lawrence , 66046

3. Booking#: 10-4154 Date/Time: 2010-09-04 03:17 CHRINumber: 67967

Name#: Name removed. 163408 Name: DOB: 11/29/1991 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD HALL; RM 213 , Lawrence , 66047

4.Booking#: 10-4133 Date/Time: 2010-09-03 05:35 CHRINumber: 67958

Name#: Name removed. 163390 Name: DOB: 03/30/1992 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; ROE CLOUD; RM 1033 , Lawrence , 66044

5. Booking#: 10-4113 Date/Time: 2010-09-02 04:06 CHRINumber: 67947

Name#: Name removed. 163377 Name: DOB: 01/01/1990 Address: 155 INDIAN AV; OK HALL; RM 2021 , Lawrence , 66046

6.Booking#: 10-4034 Date/Time: 2010-09-01 12:30 CHRINumber: 61236

Name#: Name removed. 151241 Name: DOB: 04/12/1991 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; RM 2 , Lawrence , 66046

7.Booking#: 10-4082 Date/Time: 2010-08-31 05:34 CHRINumber: 63523

Name#: Name removed. 153724 Name: DOB: 09/29/1978 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; OK HALL RM 1095 , Lawrence , 66046

8.Booking#: 10-4050 Date/Time: 2010-08-29 02:03 CHRINumber: 67922

Name#: Name removed. 162782 Name: DOB: 11/18/1990 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; BLALOCK HALL , Lawrence , 66046

9. Booking#: 10-4034 Date/Time: 2010-08-28 06:45 CHRINumber: 61236

Name#: Name removed. 151241 Name: DOB: 04/12/1991 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; RM 2 , Lawrence , 66046

10. Booking#: 10-3858 Date/Time: 2010-08-20 10:05 CHRINumber: 66887

Name#: Name removed. 160544 Name: DOB: 09/25/1985 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE BLAYLOCK #110 , Lawrence , 66046

11. Booking#: 10-3854 Date/Time: 2010-08-20 03:04 CHRINumber: 67843

Name#: Name removed. 163147 Name: DOB: 10/29/1988 Address: 155 INDIAN AVE; RM 476 , Lawrence , 66047

haskellnews commentary Sept 22, 2010.

*haskellnews commentary removed the names of the students who were arrested and because of space issues, shorten the arrest reports, which may be read in full on the Douglas County ‘s Kansas Sheriff’s department’s site.

The Higher Commission Sites Lack Of Leadership At Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

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The Higher Commission sites Lack Of Leadership At Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

In a letter to Dr. Sherry Allison, president of Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute ( SIPI). The Higher Learning Commission sites several factors that contributed to SIPI’s lost of accreditation including, but not limited to: “The college has had four presidents and four interim presidents in the past ten years, which is a pattern of turnover that has failed to provide stable, long term leadership for the college”.

In Larry Echohawk’s response he states” Sipi failed to meet the first four of five criteria the commission uses for all post secondary institutions”.

Read the full The Higher Learning Commission Letter, and Larry Echohawk’s letter to the tribes at: Link:

Echo Hawk Addresses SIPI’s Change in Accreditation Status.

Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn fully supports Haskell Indian Nations University’s Board of Regent President:George Tiger.

Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn fully supports Haskell Indian Nations University’s board president, George Tiger:

Mr. George Tiger pled guilty to the charges enclosed.
It is also fact, that Mr. Tiger wanted the minutes of the meeting in Bristow,
2006, to be CHANGED reflecting the money he received from Bristow
community had not been received. This has been recorded. Minutes may
not by Tribal Law, be changed at later dates for any reason.
He took the money along with Mr. Roger Barnett as the canceled checks in
2006 show. The check copies for $299.99 are on page 15. The reason the
checks were for $299.99 is because any amount over $300.00 must go to a
vote of the Community. It is a shady, underhanded way to get money.

Okmulgee Indian Community
Highway 75 at Loop 56
Okmulgee, Okla. 74447

Dear officers and members,
I was disappointed to hear the content and outcome of your recent meeting with United
States Attorney Linda Epperly. Since the U. S. Attorney will not be pursuing criminal
prosecution I now feel I am able to give you certain information that may further illuminate this
situation :
1. I first received the Okmulgee Indian Community documentation in September
1995 after the Muscogee Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had
possession for several months.
Upon Initial review I met with Assistant United States Attorney Linda Epperly
(Nov. 1995)and presented a case overview and supporting documents. .
At that time Linda Epperly assured me it was a prosecutable case and gave me
specific instructions to proceed. It was at this initial meeting with Linda Epperly
that I first expressed my concerns of the sensitive nature of the investigation.
George Tiger was now an elected National Council member of the Muscogee
Creek Nation National Council with close personal ties to Chief Beaver. and I
was personally Jeopardizing my Job to pursue this investigation unless she was
sure this case was going to be prosecuted.
After interviewing witnesses, securing certain financial documents and other
documentation as instructed by Linda Epperly, I presented her a prosecution
report dated 10-17-96. At that time she assured me the case looked good and she
would proceed.
(Feb. 1997) I was contacted by Special Agent Craig Cormier of the Muscogee
Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and advised he had interviewed.
Matt Tiger( George Tiger’s brother), secured a confession and co-operation to testify against George Tiger.
(March 1997) I was contacted by Special Agent Craig Cormier of the Muscogee
official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and advised he had interviewed
George Tiger and George had confessed to theft and agreed to enter a plea of guilty
to the grand jury in order to avoid a lengthy trial.
(April 1997)Linda Epperly informed me George Tiger had contacted he~ office
and was given the opportunity to have a court appointed attomey which he
During the next months that followed (at least 5 times) Linda Epperly assured me
that the case would be going to the Grand Jury at the next available docket.
(July 1997)Linda Epperly advised me George Tiger was avoiding contact with her
office, and when finally contacted. he advised would need a court appointed
(Feb. 1998)Linda Epperly advised me ,George Tiger avoided contact with her office
until he was threatened with immediate filing with the court and starting Grand
Jury proceedings. George’s attorney contacted Linda Epperly’s office that day
and a plea bargain agreement was worked out to avoid a trial.
(March 98) I was contacted by FBI agent Craig Cormier and advised the statute
of limitations had run out on the Okmulgee Indian Community case.
From the beginning my pursuit of this investigation was based on the good faith
assurances from Assistant United States Attorney Linda Epperly that:
a. A crime had been committed.
b. Sufficient documentation exists to prove the crime.
c. Sufficient documentation exists to validate the Okmulgee Indian Community as
an Indian organization.
d. The amount of money taken from the Okmulgee Indian Community met
minimum standards to qualify for Federal prosecution.
At great personal risk to my own job security I took responsibility to pursue this
investigation when the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not because I believed a great
wrong has been perpetrated against the Okmulgee Indian Community by George Tiger, Matt
Tiger and Vicky Watashe. While the risk to my own job security no longer exists within the
Muscogee Creek Nation, unfortunately the risk to my reputation as a credible and competent
investigator still does. I still believe a great wrong had been committed upon the Okmulgee
Indian Community and unfortunately it has been doubled by the lack of commitment to the
members of the Okmulgee Indian Community by the United States Attorney Office.
If I may be of any assistance to you in this matter please do not hesitate to call.
Thank: you
Carla Cantrell, Police Officer
Choctaw Nation Tribal Police
1-800-522-6170 ext. 366
cc: Leah Harjo-Ware

Case #951111 _ …. – – – –
Violation of 18 US.C.A Sec. 1163 Embezzlement and theft from Indian Tribal organizations,
specifically Okmulgee Indian Community, and Okmulgee Indian Community Smoke Shop,
P.O. Box 113, Okmulgee, Okla. 74447

On November 10, 1995, I was contacted by Muscogee (Creek) Nation Assistant Attorney
General Kenneth Yates and advised that a possible theft of funds had occurred from the checking
accounts of the Okmulgee Indian Community from the years of 1989 through 1994. On November
20,1995 he provided me with canceled checks written on the Okmulgee Indian Community and
the Okmulgee Indian Community Smokeshop and a copy of his personal review of the checks.
The review of those checks by assistant Attorney General Kenneth Yates raised questions about
possible fraudulent actions by members of the Okmulgee Indian Community and asked for
further investigation by this office. Most notable of the questionable checks written on the
Okmulgee Indian Community accounts were checks written between 1989 and 1994 to Johnson
Tiger and endorsed by Johnson Tiger totaling $14,320. Other significant checks written on the
Okmulgee Indian Community Accounts were checks written between 1989 and 1994 to George
Tiger, George Tiger/KOKL, TFT-George Tiger-TFT Sponsor, Original Turf Sports, George
Tiger/KQl.L, KOKL/George Tiger, OTSP-George Tiger and endorsed by George Tiger totaling

Upon review of the canceled checks of the Okmulgee Indian Community and the Okmulgee
Indian Community Smokeshop, written minutes of the Okmulgee Indian. Community regular
business meetings, signature authorization cards for the Okmulgee Indian Community Smoke
Shop checking account, Constitution, By-laws, and Charter of the Okmulgee Indian Community,
and Muscogee (Creek) Nation Legislation, I find the following information:

Okmulgee Indian community was created as a result of Muscogee (Creek)
Legislation NCA-83-11, an ordinance of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation
establishing a procedure to issue tribal charters to organized Muscogee (Creek)
Indian Community Organizations. Okmulgee Indian Community applied for and
received a charter signed by the Principal Chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation
on 12-8-1985. This charter was granted by the Principal Chief as a result of
Okmulgee Indian Community organizing and writing a constitution and by-laws
following guidelines set forth by NCA-83-11. As a result of this Tribal legislation
and Charter granted by the Principal Chief, the Okmulgee Indian Community has
the status of the Muscogee Nation as to all tax exemptions,sovereign immunities
and any other protections and powers as provided by tribal ordinance. See NCA-
83-11, Okmulgee Indian Community Constitution, By-Laws, and Charter).
3. Canceled Checks for Okmulgee Indian Community (acct.# 18986) and
Okmulgee Indian Community Smokeshop acct. # 33829 written on the First
National Bank of Okmulgee, were provided on 11-20-95 to this officer (Carla
Cantrell, Criminal Investigator) by Kenneth Yates, Assistant Attorney General of
the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and were logged as evidence and have been in the
continuous custody of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Light Horse Police evidence
facility. A review of those canceled checks shows that between 1-1-89 and 1-1-94
checks were written to Johnson Tiger totaling $14,320.00 and GeorgeTiger and
various business endorsed by George Tiger totaling $33,015,00. The majority of
the checks were co-signed by Vicky Watashe, then treasurer of the Okmulgee
Indian Community ,and Matt Tiger( George Tiger’s brother), then Chairman of the Okmulgee Indian
4. Written minutes of the regular business meetings of the Okmulgee Indian
Community were provided on 1-4-96 to this officer (Carla Cantrell, Criminal
Investigator) by Betty Gray, then Secretary Of the Okmulgee Indian Community
and were logged as evidence and have been in the continuous custody of the
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Light horse Police evidence facility. A review of the
monthly business meeting minutes does not indicate members of the community
were aware of checks written to Johnson Tiger and George Tiger.

While on duty at the Light horse office appx. 11:50 a.m. Craig Cromier from the
Muscogee office of the FBI came by to advise of his interview earlier that morning with Matthew Tiger of Morris.
Craig advised me that Matthew Tiger had confessed to allegations concerning a embezzlement of the Okmulgee Indian Community during the years of 1989-1994.
Craig stated that not only had Matthew confessed and agreed to plead guilty, but to turn evidence on his brother,
George Tiger concerning the same embezzlement Craig had given Matthew the opportunity to work a deal.

Statements from Vicky Watashe show that she had signature authority on the Okmulgee Indian
Community Checking accounts between 1988 and 1994. She stated she wrote checks to Johnson
Tiger and George Tiger upon their request and did not receive receipts or expense reports, she
also stated she was aware that Chairman Matt Tiger an Johnson Tiger were the same
person, and since George Tiger was Matt Tiger’s brother she did not refuse or question his
requests for funds. (See Interview Vicky Lynn Watashe) (11-20-98.)

Statements from James Brewer, General Manager of Radio Station KOKL, show. that George
Tiger never had signature authority to cash checks for the radio station.
Statements from Steve Ferndez, acting General Manager of Radio Station KQLL , show that
George Tiger never( had sign authority to cash checks for the station).
Statements from Jerri On-The-Hill show that she co-signed a check written to KOK.L/George
Tiger to cash because at the time she had a checking account and he did not. She also stated
Johnson Tiger and Matt Tiger is the same person and brother of George Tiger.

Forged Social Security Numbers – George Tiger Used:
Checking with OLETS 000-00-0000, social security number used by George Tiger to endorse,
checks, belongs to Randy Leon Case; P.O. Box 52412,Tulsa, Okla. DOB 3-17-57 White Male
Checking Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship Board, George Tiger ,DOB 3-2-50, shows
Social Security number 000-00-0000. OLETS shows 000-00-0000 checks to George Palmer Tiger,
DOB 10-13-61, 5620 S.Quaker, Tulsa, Okla. Indian Male
OLETS shows George Phillip Tiger. DOB 3-22-50, OLN 000-00-0000, P.O. Box 763, Sapulpa,
Okla. Indian Male
Checking with OLETS, 000-00-0000, social security number used by Johnson Tiger to endorse
checks, belongs to Johnson Tiger, DOB 7-28-47. P. O. Box 271, Morris, Okla. Indian Male

George Tiger has sat on the Haskell Indian Nations University Board of regents for 26 years and is it’s
current board president does he really consider himself Haskell’s Native studies best friend? We know scary, isn’t it?
Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn fully supports George Tiger. Again, scary isn’t it?

We have three questions:
1. Why under George Tiger’s watch has money sat in the Haskell bank, that the Muscogee Creek Nation gave Haskell for satellite programs. That money has been there for at least 5 years, if indeed it is still there.
Where is the Muscogee Creek Nations 40,000?
2. George Tiger took two no confidence votes against Dr. Warner????
3. Does George tiger have access to board members social security numbers?

haskellnews commentary
July 8, 2010.

If Chief A.D. Ellis Can Do It, Why Can’t The Bureau of Indian Education?

“A.D. Ellis, the chief of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma, recently fired the top two executives at the tribe’s economic development enterprise and dismissed four board members”. (Link:

We, applaud, Chief A.D. Elllis, for what was a hard thing to do.

Should, it really be this hard to get rid of people who need to go?

Apparently it is.

We have been calling for Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents President, George Tiger, to be removed for nearly a year (Hello, The Five Civilized Tribes who appointed him), and he is not the only person who needs to go.

Bureau of Indian Education( BIE), Washington, DC.,(Senior Executive Service) Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn needs to be sent back to social services, from which she came and where she can really help people. She will be the end of the two BIE colleges( Haskell Indian Nations University and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute) , if left in charge of them much longer. Maybe, it is already too late.

How, hard is it for BIE people like Larry Echohawk, Keith O. Moore, and Michael Black, to call for an investigation of Haskell Indian Nations University and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute? Not just one department, the entire operations of both schools.

They sit back and make deals with Nike, hold a P.R. campaign for Haskell ( that’s really going to fix things),and let Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn hold leadership conferences at Haskell (now there’s a joke) while their schools are falling apart.

Are they are that afraid to get rid of people who need to go? If so maybe they should be enlisting some help from Muscogee (Creek) Nation,Chief A.D. Ellis, Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Sam Brownback, Congress persons, Dennis Moore, Lynn Jenkins and New Mexico, Senator Tom Udall.

This morning haskellnews commentary received an e-mail from Senator Chuck Grassley, in part it said this: “Chuck Grassley was named the hardest working Member of Congress in The Hill newspaper today, based on a survey of lawmakers, aides and other officials. The Hill wrote that Grassley’s “work on government oversight remains consistent regardless of which party controls 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.” Maybe he can be added to the list of people who might help clear The BIE and Haskell of people it does not need.

In his book Standing for Something, former, LDS, President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “The problem with most of us is that we are afraid to stand up for what we believe, to be witnesses for what is true and right. We want to do the right thing, but we are troubled by fears. So we sit back, and the world drifts about us . .. ” (Link:

haskellnews commentary 6/09/2010.