Breaking News:Haskell Indian Nations University announces the gutting of its football and volleyball programs.

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Breaking News: Haskell Indian Nations University announces the gutting of its football and volleyball programs.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, has announced the gutting of its football and volleyball programs beginning next fall.

Could this effectively cut Haskell’s enrollment by a 150 students and signal the end of Haskell’s sports programs altogether?

This comes on the heels of The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Mr. Larry Echohawk’s announcement on Feb, 9, 2011 that the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools will participate in the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Challenge inspired by the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative and commemorating the Let’s Move! one year anniversary. PALA is a six-week long physical fitness challenge managed by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition (PCFSN) and is part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign to end childhood obesity within a generation.

This certainly seems to imply that Mr. Larry Echohawk is still out of touch with the Bureau of Indian Affairs schools that he is supposed to be running.

By gutting these programs Haskell will lose some of its best students. These are the students held to standards of The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, these are some of Haskell’s most disciplined students, the ones who get up at six a.m. everyday to work out, try and eat right (as much as they can at Curtis) and the ones who win or lose continue to try with no big sponsor name ( lets say like Adidas ) behind them.

Didn’t Haskell’s Board of Regents President George Tiger get to play ball while he was at Haskell? Now he sits idly by and watches sports at Haskell slowly become eliminated.

How can Haskell possibly be called a university after this?

Someone will jump up and down and say it’s a matter of funding. Yet other programs, like the ones Venida Chenault is in charge of fair no better. Don’t those students get credit for protesting for better working conditions for Haskell employees? (While their fellow students are attending one of the biggest moments of their lives..their graduations), attending convocation, protesting for beavers and doing internships that amount to following Dan Wildcat around?

Let’s us help. You can start making some of these cuts and the leave the sports programs alone.

Cut employees, employees, employees and start with the ones who supported getting rid of Haskell’s sports.

Then cut your board get a new one that you don’t have to pay, get rid of Curtis Hall and just give the kids the money used to run that place so that they can actually eat healthy food.

Again, Mr. Larry Echohawk you just keep making Senator Raud Paul’s case for closing The Bureau of Indian Affairs stronger and stronger.

Maybe if Haskell can’t even afford sports, it should no longer seek to exist.

haskellnews commentary 02/28/2011

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The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Considers Surrendering Their Tribal Jurisdiction To The State of Oklahoma.

While, The Muscogee (Creek) Nation considers surrendering their tribal jurisdiction to the state of Oklahoma, it gives us pause to remember when The United States government decided to educate Native American children and we all see where that got us!

Reprinted with permission from The Voices of Courage: The Voices of Courage published a new entry entitled “A. G. ROGER WILEY, GIVING MEMORANDUM as ORDERS.” on 7/1/2010 4:31:53 PM, written by Voice2. A. G. ROGER WILEY, GIVING MEMORANDUM as ORDERS.

What is a memorandum worth to citizens? Or even to the Chief or Supreme Court Justice, et al.

“As of today, “since we will no longer have a sitting D. C. Judge”, that will have serious consequences. (Duh!)

Especially in the area of child protective services: his office will issue emergency orders: 1. When necessary to seek an emergency order, OUR ATTORNEY (who might that be?) will contact a S. C. Justice for issuance of an order & also request a setting for a show cause hearing.

If no S. C. Justice will consider request for emergency order, I have directed our attorneys to contact the STATE OF OKLAHOMA DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES & ASK THE STATE to proceed with the matter in State District Court. (He will give away our sovereignty along with the take-away of our children by the state.)

It is unfortunate & quite alarming that we should ever have to consider surrendering our jurisdiction to the St of Oklahoma, however our 1st responsibility & obligation is to the children & families of this Nation (blah blah), Without any adequate forum to proceed in within the MCN, no alternative (blah blah).”

This is the direction of the thought process of the AG, with the advice of the NC. Not even a care or concern for the Nation. If the AG is that concerned, he should proceed directly to the Federal Courts. But NO, he knows where that trail will lead. Still protecting his behind and that of those rogue Council Members. Or else, he now knows that he hasn’t a snow-ball’s chance in Hades chance to be the Judge he so wanted to be. (Revenge?) Is this the advice of the NC or NC’s Counsel? We regret that we don’t believe that the Speaker has that type of far-reaching mind.

They are directly disobeying and disregarding the Supreme Court’s directive of 6/30/10, which stated that Judge Moore is to stay in place UNTIL a formal replacement is made pursuant to the MCN nomination and confirmation process. The NC and the AG are going to proceed as if to spit on the Supreme Court.

Roger Wiley — (Tele) 918-295-8720 FAX: 918-756-2445) Tell him he has been overstepping his boundaries for quite a while, but now he has sold the Creek Nation down the proverbial river. NC needs to hear this too.




Gathering of Unity… Please join other citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation on Tuesday, July 6th from 5pm until 7pm for a gathering of unity in front of the administration building parking lot.

If you are indeed concerned about the latest decisions that our government has made and the path that seems to have created confusion and division within our political system, come out and join us in a moment of silent protest and prayer. Please bring your children. They are the next generation to inherit our tribe and they should know if they are going to inherit a healthy prosperous tribe or a disaster.

Again if you are really concerned for our beloved nation and its direction, please join us…this is a grass-root effort so please pass this message on… My email is My cell is 760-534-1632

I would especially ask the ceremonial ground leaders to come join us and speak their minds….. Mvto


Again, we ask the question: How much involvement does George Tiger have in all of this?

haskellnews commentary
July 2, 2010

HINU Board President George Tiger Needs To Go.

George Tiger recently wrote a resolution against Muscogee (Creek) Nation Principal Chief A.D. Ellis. Why? Could it be because Mr.Tiger has recently announced that he will be running for Principal Chief of The Muscogee (Creek) Nation?

Chief A.D. Ellis just won a court battle against his own Trade and Commerce Department, that’s a hard and brave thing to do. You have to hand it to him, he saw corruption and went after it. So, who to vote for???? A man ( George Tiger) who allows 40K from his own tribe, (which was to be used for Haskell Indian Nations University students), to continue to sit in the Haskell Bank some five years later. Office of Inspector General what doing? Or a man (A.D. Ellis) who see’s corruption and goes after it? Maybe we could get Chief A.D. Ellis to come and sit on The Haskell Board of Regents as President !

The bad news for Haskell is that after 25 years, George Tiger still sits on their board of regents and now as president. Whoever has the authority over that board needs to set term limits along with minimum degrees of education requirements. Do any other colleges set term limits and education requirements? Upon on checking we found George Tiger’s very own College of the Muscogee Nation does. Why is he not sitting on that board as their president? Could it be that he does not hold the required master’s degree?

Can anyone answer these questions:

George Tiger was on The Creek Nation Council, while a department called Trade and Commence misused tribal funds. Did that department then ask George Tiger to step in for them, when they were all told to step down?

How much money has George Tiger bought into Haskell over the last 25 years?

How much money has Haskell paid out to George Tiger over the past 25 years?

Does George Tiger make his monthly reports to The Five Civilized Tribes , as he is suppose to do?

Why has he let 40K from his own tribe sit in the Haskell bank for 5 years?

Has he reported why those funds are still sitting there to The Five Civilized Tribes? Or to his own tribe who donated them?

Does he regularly contact the students he is supposed to be helping at Haskell?

Do all of those students know how to contact him?

Did Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn give him money to go out and talk up Haskell? And at those same places has he been chatting up his run for tribal chief?

The Five Civilized Tribes appointed George Tiger to The Haskell Indian Nations Board of Regents twenty five years ago, do they even realize that? Surely they have a better candidate then George Tiger.

Therefore, haskellnews commentary ask The Five Civilized Tribes to remove George Tiger from the Haskell Indian Nations Board of Regents.

In his book Standing for Something,LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “The problem with most of us is that we are afraid to stand up for what we believe, to be witnesses for what is true and right. We want to do the right thing, but we are troubled by fears. So we sit back, and the world drifts about us . . . ”

haskellnews commentary 06/05/2010

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